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2021.10.20 16:11 blue_trackerbot WoW | Blizzard Entertainment in 9.1.5 Character Customizations: New and Improved You

General Discussion » 9.1.5 Character Customizations: New and Improved You
Blizzard Entertainment

With the release of the 9.1.5 content update, players will have access to new character customizations for select races allowing you to create a new version of your hero to take on the dangers of Azeroth.
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2021-10-20 11:07:08
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2021.10.20 16:11 SuccotashWorried9124 The Altered Hours - Thistle

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2021.10.20 16:11 Psychological_Low754 Y know you’re High when..

You’re looking at a video from YouTube with a guy reading up from a book with the book “roswell alien interview revisited” and you’re 2:48:00 hours in the video
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2021.10.20 16:11 Express-Rope1339 Chance me for Fall 2022

International Applicant (India)
Major Choice: CS
APs not offered by Intl school.
Academics: Top 5% of class(highest rigor classes), Haven't been able to give SAT/ACT due to cancellations (applying optional)
Extra-Curriculars: Helped 1000s get vaccinated with the help of bots I programmed, published an academic guide on amazon, research interned with professor at a Top 10 college in USA, 1000+ hours of Model UN, published and developed personal websites, game development, 2 solid internships, taught 100ish students stuff related to cs and a few clubs/drama/event org
Recommendations: Very Solid
Essays: Hopefully Solid and specific
Also, should I apply EA without SAT or try taking the December one and doing RD?
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2021.10.20 16:11 Heartbreaker03 [QUESTION]

Hey guys, can someone recommend the best metal tone preset mods for peavey vypyr vip-2? Cheers.
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2021.10.20 16:11 WiseRead3930 LonDefy($LDF) | 300BNB Hard Cap | 200BNB Soft Cap|

Introducing Londefy, a truly reliable rebase token solidified by professional people and a community of real investors. A rebase token is an elastic supply smart contract that works in a way whereby the circulating supply expands or contracts due to changes in
token price. Londefy rewards holders in a true rising star of the defi space, Londex, and by holding Londex you’ll also receive BEP20 Ethereum reflections.
Rebase explained: Rebase is an increase or decrease in the total supply of a token across including all holders and LP’s. This is done in order to adjust the token price, without affecting the value of anyone’s share of coins. This increase or decrease in supply works
with a mechanism that adjusts the supply algorithmically. One of the benefits of a rebasing token is a chart that never falls due to the consistently rising price floor, and this in turn can provide great advertising for the project.
The best way to measure the value of your rebasing token is to follow the value of the market cap. If the market cap is going up, the value of your holdings will go up, and if the market cap is going down, the value of your holdings will do down.
By adding rewards to rebase Londefy is the combination of two of the best mechanisms in crypto. Unlike other rewards tokens that reflect in coins people just sell, Londefy decided to give rewards in a token we believe will also 100x very soon, Londex. Rebase on rewards on rewards, with insane trajectory, insane profits and price stability.
LonDefy will have a supply of 1 quidrillion:
Token Economics :
✅Buy/sell Tax 7%
✅1% LDX rewards
✅1% Marketing
✅2% Buy Back
✅2% Dev fee
Soft Cap : 200 Bnb
Hard Cap : 300 Bnb
🚀 Contract Address: 0x85f613c6522888c5ed722dcf816d605dc2d5d3ee
🚀Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.20 16:11 Facade04 This whole sub with the bread joke

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2021.10.20 16:11 Whores-are-nice69 Is the British media as bad as portrayed in the show?

Ted Lasso and a lot of other American media portray british media as being rude vultures who will eat you alive over anything. Is there any truth to this stereotype/generalisation ?
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2021.10.20 16:11 Godhemself What is a work smart not hard way to make some money?

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2021.10.20 16:11 AedrinM Best creed quotes

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2021.10.20 16:11 Glittering-Feedback1 Funny thing that I do.

Who else has just put fortunate Son on and use the napalm airplane and just bombed the shit out of every city that you see and start shooting the forest and blowing up the trees in the most Vietnam way you could ever play a far cry game I just wanna know if I’m the only person that does that certainly feels like it
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2021.10.20 16:11 BigShmoke1 Looking for a Mid Strip Shuttle Pass

I just need one mid strip shuttle pass for EDC 2021! I’m in the LA area but willing to pay for overnight shipping etc…
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2021.10.20 16:11 Hairy_Office_420 [Recruiting] Assam Emperors

Clan name: Assam Emperors Clan level: 16
Rebuilding clan. Looking for new members to join th12+.
•CWL •B2B wars •Clan games •Max donations
We are a clan looking for new members th12+. Must be friendly, active both in game and in chat. Must be respectful to other members.
Clan tag: #LCG8C2CQ
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2021.10.20 16:11 TMGxxMIAMI 2 Things I'd love to see.

1.) If we could see our selected skins on loading screens.
2.) EYEBROW OVERHAUL. (Especially Cap)
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2021.10.20 16:11 DAZW_Doc What’s the best place in Watchtower 3?

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2021.10.20 16:11 Bandwidth-controller ¿una persona que tarda en entender y aprender algunas cosas es menos inteligente?

esa persona soy yo, aprender me cuesta mucho, me tardo mucho, necesito mucha practica mucha experiencia mucha prueba y error, algo tengo que dejar muy claro, (no puedo aprender mediante la forma tradicional osea lectura y escuchar clases porque asi no entiendo nada no puedo imaginarme en la mente como es algo que me explican con palabras, no exagero y no miento es totalmente imposible) es muchisimo mas facil aprender usando los sentidos que el cerebro logico, osea aprender viendo algo fisicamente o algun video o a alguna persona haciendolo podria aprender a fabricar un triciclo de carga solo viendo a otra persona hacerlo varias veces e intentadolo yo mismo y agarrando experiencia, pero si tratan de enseñarme a dividir por varias cifras sera muy dificil tomara mucho tiempo y no lo dominare lo olvidare muy rapido, en conclusion solo aprendo combinando 2 cosas: ver y hacer, no ver letras sino ver imagenes o demostraciones en video o en persona.
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2021.10.20 16:11 SzegedNewsBotka Lázár János felháborodott: becsapta a kormányt, becsapta a magyarokat a Continental

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2021.10.20 16:11 Devastate- H:face breaker plan W:price check

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2021.10.20 16:11 banjuz Students, what are some of the funniest online lesson incidents that you have experienced?

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2021.10.20 16:11 AffectionateInsect76 Any word on energized Superman gold label?

I’m looking at over 30 preordered figures currently…. just in the dc world from McFarlane and the only release recently has been the 5 piece last knight mega pack.
We were supposed to see Energized Superman last Sunday and Azrael on Halloween.
Suicide Squad seems forever ago
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2021.10.20 16:11 FrainBreez_Tv Sum up a list

So i was trying the following:
SumList :: List -> Integer SumList l = sum l
What am I doing wrong?
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2021.10.20 16:11 Zealousideal-Box8044 We lives so

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2021.10.20 16:11 ToiletDestroyr [Recruiting] TOILET WARRIORS #LUQ908YG | RESTARTING AND LOOKING FOR LEADERSHIP & MEMBERS | TH10+ | LVL 10 | WAR

Are you interested in being in the leadership of a clan putting in the effort to build it back up getting warring again? Or perhaps you just like to war and like the idea of the energy/chaos that comes with a clan that is forming and warring. TW could be just the empty clan with potential you are looking for
DM me here on Reddit or in Discord: if you would like to discuss.
Here is what I am looking for in TW leadership and members

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2021.10.20 16:11 Ariscottle20 What's something you regret selling or giving away?

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2021.10.20 16:11 Stainandsteel “Sir, there is 1h of trading left and the apes are holding the line, shall I release the SHORTIN?”

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