26M..Uh hii.. look here.. maybe looking for [chat] [friendship]

2021.10.20 16:23 JustDuckyCharms 26M..Uh hii.. look here.. maybe looking for [chat] [friendship]

Hi people... or aliens if that's what you truly are. I'm here looking for chill vibes and just to have random chats and discussions... and you know possibly make a friendship if that's something you're into.
A little about me... First off.. I'm just a weird, socially awkward guy. I'm into gaming, photography, listening to music, anything horror or conspiracy related...
I mean.. I like tacos (fun fact) I have a boat load of dad jokes that would probably sink the ship (yes I know I'm lame)
If any of this sounds interesting of just intrigued you in some sort of way.. feel free to DM me I'll answer everyone
I'll talk to anyone about anything. I don't care if you're an alien from the planet gloopenglop or if you believe you're being mind controlled I'll respond to all! If not I hope you are doing well and hope you have a wonderful week
Also I have discord if it's easier, and yes I also have a cringy Tiktok 馃憠馃憟 (Discord server suggestions welcome) Feel free to drop you discord and I'll add you. I also run my own server if you'd like to check that out ask well.
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2021.10.20 16:23 Registeelurgirl adults, would want to have a lot of free time but bored or fill their time at a job and be tired?

say a self employed person has a business going and it barely enough to pay the rent and all necessities. however, it is very volatile. some months they do well, some months are very slow. essentially the business depends on customers and out of their control, so the rest of the day this said person has the free time and don't know what to do with it. he gets really bored, constantly trying to make his business do better and finding new ways to make it work. he cant go get another job because he has no education or any credentials. no social life because the only interaction he has is online on his computer.
or, would you be in a secure job 9-5. be in an office setting, enjoy talking to coworkers , enjoy the occassional night out, know how much money is coming in, can get promotion. when in a relationship your partner will be comfortable with your stable income and prestige of working for a corporation. you talk to someone you can be comfortable with your job title and you don't get a stark attitude that you're just some freelanncer (code for unemployed/not stable income) , but yoou always come home tired and only free time is in the weekends.
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2021.10.20 16:23 TheVintageMeme The best-preserved dinosaur ever discovered: A 112 million years old fossilized Nodosaurus

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2021.10.20 16:23 Objective_Two_2516 Suggestions

I want to get into this genre. What are good shows to start with?
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2021.10.20 16:23 danementzer EDC General Admission 3day pass for sale

I figure I'd give it a shot. I'll next day it to you if you're not in the Eugene, OR area. $100. Hollar back.
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2021.10.20 16:23 Thickdaddy117 New player looking for a group or someone to play with.

I have started the hobby early this year and have paved a way to build almost a full 2000 point team. Granted I have never played a game, I would like to find some local people in the PNW area. Possible help guides me into the experience, as this is my first step into tabletop gaming.
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2021.10.20 16:23 lvingsmonelseslife Why do I turn pain into stress?

So I recently watched some content about unsupressing emotions and I tried it myself, I intensely felt a feeling that felt more like stress than like pain, it was from a bad experience that I relived and wanted to process, so I can move on. I tried it a couple of times and the outcome was the same, the feeling didn't get better, I even felt like I am making the problem worse by giving it more attention, so I don't know what to do. I can feel this kind of stress really intensely and my body starts sweating, I feel hot and uncomfortable and also the quality of my skin decreases drastically(acne). I hate the feeling and I hate it even more that my appearance suffers from it.
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2021.10.20 16:23 GroundbreakingBad273 How is Crypto Taxed?

I heard 50% of capital gain is taxed. But at what rate? Also are we taxed when we sell or only when we need to provide a tax report? Any ways to minimize taxes? Thanks
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2021.10.20 16:23 redwhiterosemoon Czes艂awa Kwoka was a Polish Catholic girl who died at the age of 14 in Auschwitz.

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2021.10.20 16:23 ArtisticHoney101 what was this car bc i wanted to knnow for years

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2021.10.20 16:23 PERKZ_LUL Bloodwork question

Hi, I am a 28 year old male and I want to check my test levels. I have been working out for few years and have never taken any gear. I am just courios about my test levels. I know that I need to check test, free test, shbg. Is there anything else imoortant related to test that I should include?
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2021.10.20 16:23 cactusmyllama Would you trust these mushrooms? Not dirty just discored

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2021.10.20 16:23 ilikecups3 Rule

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2021.10.20 16:23 Stunning_Orange6857 Fed, dressed and healthy

That鈥檚 all I got today. My 2 month old and 20 month old have been fed, are in clean outfits and healthy.
How do things stay clean? how do I go back to work? How do you play and get chores done? What do you let go? What are the priorities?
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2021.10.20 16:23 toolrules Call to assemble -- Contact Relief and demand they support their investors.

The amount of fear, uncertainty, and doubt propelled by their business partner NRXP has been very impactful.
We need reassurance that RLF-100 is progressing in all and every channel/region/trial -- otherwise the SP will continue to decline -- on nothing.
We need RLF to be more active then they have been, we need action from them.
Why aren't they protecting the stock price. Why haven't they updated their website to market the pipeline better.
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2021.10.20 16:23 thephdgirlwhobakes Baked the cutest pumpkin, orange and raisins cake today. Swipe to see the mould 馃槏馃巸

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2021.10.20 16:23 Vrush-S Post rain autumn hike // Sony A7C Samyang 14mm F4.0

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2021.10.20 16:23 StarForgePainting Darth Vader out for a casual stroll on Lah'mu!

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2021.10.20 16:23 Sherlock__Gnomes Chicken teriyaki donburi

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2021.10.20 16:23 Ok-Breakfast1 Guys, I quit my job at McDonald鈥檚 today! I am rich again 馃挵

After the April crash, I was broke so had to get a job at Mickey D鈥檚. Even though my boss Ronald was a straight up clown and the pay was shit, there were good perks like all the free fries and milkshakes you wanted. Even though I didn鈥檛 have healthcare, by only eating McDonalds and sleeping in the PlayPlace instead of renting an apartment, I was able to DCA my way into 1 BTC. Today as soon as we broke the ATH, I announced over the loud speaker that I was rich again and that I quit. My boss Ronald McDonald was not happy and he and his thug crew chased me out of the store. Moral of this story is to DCA because in 5 months you too can be rich.
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2021.10.20 16:23 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - How Bangladesh tries to heal a religious rupture | Christian Science Monitor

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2021.10.20 16:23 LetsTalkAboutVex If anyone is interested in a very well written long-form piece of fiction set in a Kaiserreich timeline, "The Pale Horse" by XTrapnel on AlternativeHistory.com explores a Chechen-like religious insurgency in Montana during the 1990s as the Combined Syndicates of America collapses in on itself

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2021.10.20 16:23 adityaka8543 Need a laptop for a couple days

My laptop is currently getting repaired. And I was wondering if anyone had a spare laptop they would be willing to lend for a couple of days?
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2021.10.20 16:23 Yash_as_8 "Cancel Culture" hysteria amoung rich celebrities in a nutshell

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2021.10.20 16:23 Brilliant_Jump_960 Kompilacje wideo online android tv na tablet

Z nami mo偶esz ogl膮da膰 telewizj臋 na 偶ywo.
Telewizja online android na urz膮dzenia z systemem Android - Polishtvcompany, dla fan贸w film贸w, kresk贸wek i seriali telewizyjnych, kt贸re mo偶na ogl膮da膰 w dowolnym dogodnym czasie i tak d艂ugo, jak chcesz, lub po prostu do ogl膮dania telewizji, co pozwala ca艂kowicie zapomnie膰 o jego istnieniu i cieszy膰 si臋 filmem, nawet po obejrzeniu go.
Oferujemy Pa艅stwu serial online, jak to jest w naszym portalu, mo偶na ogl膮da膰 ten program przez ca艂膮 dob臋, za darmo. R贸wnie偶 w tej serii, b臋dzie opowie艣膰 o 偶yciu dw贸ch braci bli藕niak贸w, kt贸rzy nieustannie rywalizuj膮 ze sob膮.
Kana艂 telewizyjny nadaje programy rozrywkowe, informacyjne i dotycz膮ce spraw bie偶膮cych, a tak偶e programy o kulturze i historii ich rodzinnego regionu.
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