Dubbalos to Carmelo Hayes after finding out he chose to sign with the evil fed over le wholesome dub

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2021.10.20 17:18 KyleKKent Out of Cruel Space, Part 150

The Dauntless

“To be honest I expected these earlier.” Admiral Cistern remarks as he overlooks the designs of the many, many different styles of space stations that had been handed to him in an overstuffed folder with a USB drive taped to the side.
“Apologies sir, everyone we tapped in to help went off on their own tangents and before we realized what was going on we had fifty designs rather than five designs with ten people at the helm. Everyone’s interested and you’ll see more than a few designs from popular science fiction. If I hear one more Star Trek joke....” Agent O’Brian mutters before sighing. “Apologies sir. I’ve been bombarded with the same joke until it became tedious at best.”
“You should hear all the SHODAN cracks for being named Janet Polido.” The good doctor remarks and Agent O’Brian chuckles.
“Fair enough ma’am.” He says politely as Admiral Cistern allows only a tight smile.
“Very well, I do hope you’ve cobbled together something exceptional with the additional time you’ve taken the liberty of awarding yourselves.”
“Apologies sir.” Agent O’Brian says somewhat nervously.
“We’ll skip the disciplinary actions this time Agent and Doctor. This time. I’m rather eager to get to the results.”
“Thank you sir. Now, as to our final design, it’s on the very top as is only appropriate. You’ll notice that it’s in fact two designs, both wildly different but of incredible potential.”
“I’m seeing two wheel like structures designed to rotate in a vacuum. Hardly revolutionary.” Admiral Cistern remarks as he scans the rough blueprints.
“They work in tandem sir. Powerful magnets and basic rail systems can be used to launch and catch shuttles into and out of Cruel Space in order to facilitate the movement of goods and people with a minimum of fuss. With some fine tuning we could have these structures so close to one another that it would be a simple matter to shuttle people from the first station to the second without any Axiom based technology. These would function as a two step last stop system for leaving Cruel Space. With these small controlled shuttles we can stop anything stupid like a stowaway getting themselves killed with Null exposure and maintain a steady stream. Think of it like a buss or bullet train system.” Doctor Polido explains and Admiral Cistern nods.
“From the looks of it you think the idea of having numerous such stations and travel between each one being a primary goal. One dedicated to mining, one to commerce, another to residential areas, training and other such things.”
“A city in space sir. Each station a district by itself rather than a singular massive construct. It also means that there are several layers of redundancies, as each station will have some bare essentials allowing it to subsist alone. Effectively each one will be perfectly functional alone and massively more efficient as a unit.” Agent O’Brian explains and Admiral Cistern nods before frowning somewhat.
“That leaves a fairly large weakness in the form of the shuttles themselves. It’s a good idea, allowing for modular void based habitation and construction, however an offensive force can do ruinous damage to the community if they target these shuttle lanes. How do you propose to get around that?” Admiral Cistern asks.
“Sir?” His desk com goes off. He presses the button to let them know he’s listening. “Speaker incoming.”
“Oh dear, I advise you both to stand aside. Hurricane Ticanped is a feathery menace. Generally the bookcases are at a safe distance.” Admiral Cistern advises the two as he closes the folder and sets it aside. Agent O’Brian and Doctor Polido quickly back away just in time to avoid the... Lady Ticanped does not charge in but rather stands in the doorway.
“Grand Admiral Garfield Cistern! First of The Undaunted!” She announces dramatically and receives only a mildly raised eyebrow in response.
“Lady Jacquelyn Ticanped, Speaker of the Council.” He returns and her tail puffs out as a cascade of white feathers. “Why are you here, interrupting a meeting with my subordinates?”
“I am... wait what?” Lady Ticanped cuts herself off and leands into the room to see O’Brian and Polido staring back at her. “I wasn’t told about a meeting.”
“You ignored everything I said as you puffed yourself up and preened before opening the door!” Admiral Cistern’s Secretary protests.
“Uh... yes... yes, I did.” She remarks with surprising humility, this piques Admiral Cistern’s curiosity. This is a rapid shift in behaviour if there ever was one. He turns it over in his mind and lands on Trooper and Nerd Squad member Amadi Adegoke and his relationship to Lady Ticanped’s cousin, Miss Abigail Ticanped.
“What is this about madam?” Admiral Cistern asks politely.
“I understand that with you humans you usually have the men ask for the woman’s hand in marriage, however as I highly doubt you will ever ask for mine, I am asking for yours instead.” Lady Ticanped says grandly.
“Excuse me?”
“I am asking you to marry me. I understand that marriage means something different for humans, however I am asking for a more Pavorus style marriage. I don’t expect your love, I don’t expect anything from you aside from the right to claim that we are married and to help me in the mothering of my children. If anything happens to dissolve the marriage the fault will automatically be considered...” Lady Ticanped’s explanation/pitch is interrupted by Admiral Cistern raising his hand for silence.
“Madam, while I understand that the Marriages of Centris are practical for the Galaxy at large and are in fact a continuation of very common practices that most races perform. I’m afraid that there’s an enormous culture clash occurring. Not only have I not entered any form of Centris Marriage, but none of my men have or likely will.” He explains and Lady Ticanped looks dejected for a moment. “We prefer more passion and affection in our marriages. What you have proposed to me is more akin to forming a clan with a single male participant as the hub around which the entire social structure turns. Such a thing is not overly disagreeable, however, it is not a marriage as nearly any human alive would consider it.”
“So you accept?” She asks.
“If my first wife will agree, then we shall try.” Admiral Cistern remarks and Lady Ticanped looks shocked before her mind visibly races.
“Ambassador Nikta Tal of Bruel. Hmm... very well.” Lady Ticanped muses. “Excuse me. I need to make a call.”
With that she leaves the door way and Admiral Cistern watches her fetch her personal communicator out of her cleavage as the door closes.
“That was unexpected.” Agent O’Brian remarks and Admiral Cistern shakes his head. “Am I missing something Sir?”
“Lady Ticanped is a Pavorus. Once she sets her mind to something then there is little if anything she won’t do to achieve it. It appears that she considers being wed to me her next main goal, which means she will be both persistent and shameless in her wooing of me. I have little doubt she will achieve what she wants, however, if it takes the form she imagines I will be most surprised.”
“Much like her political career I imagine.” Doctor Polido says with a bit of a smirk.
“Indeed, she’ll find being in a relationship with a human man to be a bit more work than she expected.”
“Greater work, greater reward Sir.” Agent O’Brian says blandly before holding up a finger. The door opens again and Lady Ticanped struts into the room with an enormous smile.
“Your wife would like to speak with you hubby.” She coos as she holds out her gilded communicator to Admiral Cistern.
He holds it up and then brings up his own to transfer the call over to his system, a trick that had taken an irritatingly long time for Philip to teach him. From his communicator he places things into projection mode and a holographic representation of Nikta appears.
“So she IS right there with you. How interesting.” Ambassador Tal says.
“While I understand that there is no form of ceremony for such things this still seems rather...” Admiral Cistern is cut off by a coffee being placed to his side by Sir Philip who had pointedly NOT been there moments prior. “Thank you Philip.”
“It’s fine. I’ve already accepted a few concessions from her and told her exactly how she’s going to behave like this. After all, all three of us are very busy, very important people. While it would be nice to indulge every now and again we must put our duties first. The burden of command.” Ambassador Tal explains as Admiral Cistern takes a sip of the steaming hot drink and thinks.
This is good, but still something he struggles to grow used to. Yes. Effectively seducing and marrying the Speaker of the Council is politically a slam dunk. Her power may be ceremonial almost exclusively, but power is power and should not be scoffed at. Regardless, the idea of having to do so himself... He buries that thought before it can fully form. The leader that would issue commands they themselves are unwilling to perform is a poor one indeed.
“Very well. I appear to have been argued into a corner. But I wish one thing to be clear with you madam.”
“And that would be?” Lady Ticanped asks with a sultry look over Admiral Cistern.
“Not a single one of us is going to be some simple trophy, nor a status symbol. This is a partnership of equals. We are each and all expected to behave with decorum and for the betterment of our peoples. Be you of Bruel, Centris of The Undaunted.” Admiral Cistern says and Lady Ticanped looks somewhat surprised before smiling.
“Agreed, however, I would also like to stipulate that you should consider a revitalising coma, I do like the matured aesthetic you have going but if you are brought low by something so very easily countered and contained it would be... most unfortunate. If this relationship with myself, yourself and Ambassador Tal is to last then it must be allowed to last and truly last in a practical scale and not the primitive short lives that your people have been regretfully subjected to.”
“Very well, now I don’t wish to be rude... my dear... however I was in the middle of a meeting with Agent O’Brian and Doctor Polido when you arrived. If you don’t mind?” Admiral Cistern asks.
“Perhaps the madam would care to see your quarters Sir? If she’s going to be a common sight on The Dauntless then it would behoove her to have an understanding of the ship and its layout.” Sir Philip offers and Admiral Cistern nods.
“An excellent idea, I do need to go over these blue prints further.” Admiral Cistern says gesturing towards the folder and before he can say anything else Lady Ticanped grabs it and glances inside. He takes a sip of the steaming hot coffee so as not to say something he might regret, although there is a definite twitch around the eyes.
“Oh, a transit system between multiple space installations. Interesting, it will certainly serve as excellent training and employment for a great many beginner pilots just getting used to flying in a vacuum.” She says and Admiral Cistern pauses and considers. She has knowledge of value in this regard? Interesting.
“It will indeed. What Agent O’Brian and Doctor Polido have been proposing is designs for the stations nearest to Cruel Space to maximise the protection of those within and without the phenomenon and facilitate the emigration of my people from the homeworld. Do you have anything to suggest to what you see madam?” Sir Philip asks and Lady Ticanped quickly flips through the papers and scans them at a blurring speed. O’Brian and Polido give each other a glance as the mental image of the Bimbo that wormed her way into a position she couldn’t possibly deserve takes a hit.
“Communication, construction, residential, manufacture, refining, mining, transportation, training... none of these space station designs have a dedicated area for diplomatic talks. Something many, many peoples will be clamouring for and it may even be seen as a form of insult if no such embassy stations are on offer. You’re also missing Luxury Recreation, although that could be folded into the recreational station design.” She muses out loud. “You could work a large indoor garden as part of the hydroponics in the luxury station to both help with the atmosphere and with the food production for more exotic or perhaps less exotic fare.”
“Colour me impressed Lady Ticanped, I had no idea you held such interests.” Sir Philip notes.
“Oh it’s nothing. Just a hobby at times.” Lady Ticanped waves it off and Admiral Cistern hides a slight smile behind another sip of coffee, perhaps this will not be an onerous addition to his duties?
First Last
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Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my laptop for music production. My current laptop has a lot of latency when recording. I want my artist to be able to hear themselves in real time with effects on in fl studio. What kind of specs do I need to achieve this?
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Soooo i just started my first ng+ playthrough to platinum the game, and i noticed that i suddenly need waaaaay more xp to lvl up. Like it took me forever to get to 1 lvl even tho i beat multiple bosses and mini bosses. This is very problematic as i still need a lot of lvls to get all skills. Is this normal?
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