Flanker you evil man

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2021.10.20 16:55 TheSauceManWithPan Flanker you evil man

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2021.10.20 16:55 NovaKevin [I/V/R] Panther VR ($13.99 / -30%, Early Access)

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2021.10.20 16:55 s_sur pacific standard heist xbox one

need a crew for pacific standard heist on xbox one gotta do all the setups gonna try matchmaking in the meantime, send me a message and i’ll invite you my gt: sabastiano0o0o
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2021.10.20 16:55 BePostiveeveryday HAHAHA!!!! SO TRUE!

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2021.10.20 16:55 Agentcooper1974 Adding Video loop and it cuts off half my face every time.

Is there any way to add a video loop that doesn’t cut off my half my face every time? Tried it a few times and it automatically crops it so terribly.
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2021.10.20 16:55 Pitiful-Aspect Who was the best SpiderMan actor?

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2021.10.20 16:55 A-Bomb_Reddit How could I improve my survival base?

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2021.10.20 16:55 DarkGremio [NGD] 2021 Les Paul Standard 50’s

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2021.10.20 16:55 explosive_vegetables My Gameboy collection so far.

My Gameboy collection so far.
Title says it all. I've always tried to focus my collecting solely on games that I absolutely love. At this point I've got a lot of what I'm after, though there are maybe 10-20 games I'm still looking to acquire physical carts of. I absolutely love the Gameboy library, the green Pocket is from my childhood, complete with a little ding on the top left corner from when I dropped it on concrete. It sat in my mom's attic along with Donkey Kong Land for about 20 years, and it still works perfectly to this day. Getting that back sparked my desire to collect again and I've been riding the wave ever since!
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2021.10.20 16:55 Cadaverousdragonmeme AAR 10/19/21 [Isle of Dread] || "Geez, you kicked that snake so hard all his friends got a lisp"

LFG: https://www.reddit.com/wayfarer_inn/comments/qab05w/lfg_tuesday_october_19th_630_pm_cst_this_whole/
Adventure: Despite everything, we need to finish what we started. We're going to further investigate the Zehir worshipping Dimkarthen cult around the volcano. There are more chambers to explore and more entities to fight. Please lend me your assistance.
u/ricecatexe - Lilee "I'd rather not be lava dunked, thankss."
u/AwefuI - Dalira Dalaghath "This is my egg now." - leveled!
u/TalyaStorm - Geneviève "Oh, so you dream of other hot women now, huh?"
u/Archmagio - Luuka Corona "Watch me gaslight this elemental!"
u/ColonelSander - Steaks "Hey Lox-bro, wall gotcha pushin' pencils?"
u/Cadaverousdragonmeme - Cinder "Whatcha got there? A rock."
Results: Snake slaying progresses on schedule.
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2021.10.20 16:55 BoneslyGrifter I Am An Addict

I posted in here a couple months ago. You can read it here.. With the title of this post in mind, its almost painful to read now. I blamed everything else: my ex, my ADHD, my depression, etc. And those things contributed, to be sure. But they are not the main reason I struggle.
But the main thing, that I just finally realized today, is that I am an addict. I'll preface the rest by saying that I was turned onto Bright Line Eating by someone else, and as soon as I started reading about it, it clicked. It's not really a diet, its a 12-step program (without the God bits), developed by a former addict for addicts.
It didn't start with food. It started with cigarettes, at age 14. By 18 I was smoking over a pack a day. I got into drugs around that age as well, basically a Frank Gallagher situation where it was "whatever I could get and if it wasn't something illegal let's just take whatever's in the medicine cabinet." Luckily I never got into alcohol, I guess. Almost 7 years ago now, I had something horrific done to me (as a result of hanging around a bunch of other drug addicts), and that snapped me back to reality, and I got sober after a nice hospital stay on my 24th birthday. Went back to college, got a bachelor's and then master's degree, done several musical projects... Haven't touched a thing except nicotine and caffeine since (and I quit smoking about 5 years ago, just vape now). And sugar.
I have replaced all those drugs with sugar. Since my last post, I fell off the wagon about 10 more times. I thought just having it in moderation within CICO limits would be ok. I cannot do that. I am not a person who can moderate the things I am addicted to. Even weed, if I buy a gram to last a week, it becomes "sure, sprinkle a little crack on top of my 18th bowl today for a little extra pizzazz" within months.
And just like all other addictions, it has taken over my life. I'm tired and sluggish and fat, which prevents me from doing the things I want to do. I just sit around all day. I am currently unemployed (that teaching job was horrendous, that's another story you can find in my previous posts but not really related). I reach for the sugar to give myself some sort of stimulation.
I'm not going to outline my goals or anything right now. I'm doing the Bright Line Eating program and cutting all sugar, period, forever. I can already hear some people angrily clacking on keyboards "restriction leads to you falling off the wagon, its not sustainable, blah blah." Stop. Thinking I can solve my addiction with moderation is what has led to the past ~4 years of binge eating cycles and weight gain. I am simply not someone who can moderate the things that I am susceptible to. They have to be replaced with something better (and I mean, food is better than a drug cocktail and cigarettes, at least to an extent. It's still gonna kill me). I'm not gonna talk about what I'm replacing it with yet, either, because I haven't figured it out yet. I am just following the program and letting my choices be made for me for now.
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2021.10.20 16:55 DaG4merBoi i know the title needs effort but i have no clue on what to put here

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2021.10.20 16:55 NeUserShit Whats the type you tend to get along more with?

When making friends I don’t tend to think about what type they are and mbti probably doesn’t have much to do with who we get along with the most but I have noticed that most of my friends tend to be sensors. Like Esfps, Isfjs, esfjs and isfps. Mostly high Fe and Fi users.
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2021.10.20 16:55 nopen0ttodaysatan Idk what’s going on in El Salvador to know if this guy is trolling me or not.

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2021.10.20 16:55 any-no-mousey Patrion Freebie 10/20

Here we go boyos
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2021.10.20 16:55 BallisticTick Looking for buying advice for a Daytona 675r

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2021.10.20 16:55 devilsamer 🦶 💅🏼 👠

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2021.10.20 16:55 papernahidikhaenge Either Facebook believes I'm leaning towards the right wing or it wants to convince me to do so. My Facebook "suggestions".

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2021.10.20 16:55 Maleficent_Pie_4388 Undyne sketch

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2021.10.20 16:55 Vitouman Be blunt 'M28'

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2021.10.20 16:55 TweetArchiveBot Helen Zille RT from Dean Macpherson: This is so embarrassing. Not only Cyril’s lying, but Fikile’s terrible responses.

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2021.10.20 16:55 SamoEmpalador “Pienso que la #MiscelaneaFiscal2021 va en la dirección correcta en varios aspectos”. Coincido totalmente con esta analista de El País, por ahora este caso, les comparto su opinión en twitter.

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2021.10.20 16:55 ryotaryoichi The Sea of Fog & The Rite of The Trees Guide & Walkthrough

For this event, there’s nothing complicated and I believe almost everyone can destroy the perches.
Just a quick tip that the electro particles can only be destroyed by elemental skill or burst.
Here’s a link for my gameplay:
I hope this helps
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2021.10.20 16:55 daliaferry My (48f) husband (54m) said he knew about both affairs I had during our marriage when I confessed to him last week

We have been married 27 years. I’m not an easy woman to deal with and I am fully aware of this.
I have been in therapy the last 17 years of my life and it has really helped me change a lot of things about myself that I always thought were just defining character traits that couldn’t change, most of all my anger.
I was abused relentlessly by nearly every male figure in my life. I grew up with a rage in my heart that would flare up and make me say and do terrible things to people I loved most.
I was cheated on, raped, and abused by several men I dated before my husband.
My husband was the first man I was with who did not abuse me. The early years were so surreal. I was discovering happiness with him, but at the same time I was no where near okay emotionally.
I’ve been having a lot of regrets lately about the way I treated him early on. My anger would flare up even at the smallest of disagreements. I would storm off on him and sometimes throw things at him. Twice I even hit him and shoved him during an argument.
But he never even raised his voice at me. He always just tried to cheer me up and call me down even when I was screaming at him and cussing him out.
His gentle voice telling me “it’s okay baby, it’s okay,” while I’m just telling and punching walls and throwing things would last until eventually I didn’t calm down. Then I’d be crying in his arms begging him for forgiveness but he would always say he wasn’t mad and that he knows I have a lot of anger but that he’ll always love me.
My husband is not like any man I have ever dated and that is why I think the affairs happened.
He is my soul mate and I know that, but there were two times in my life, once right after our first son turned 4 and again when I turned 39. I know it’s sick but sometimes I yearn sexually for men who remind me of the abusers from my past.
Neither affair lasted long because I soon realized why I married the man I did after spending just a small amount of time with the other men.
Anyway, the therapy has helped me finally get to a place where I can look back on all of this objectively. I’ve been having a lot of regrets about the hell ive put my husband through over the last two decades.
It took all of the strength I had but I confronted him recently and apologized about everything and told him about the affairs.
He just smiled and gave me a hug.
I asked why he wasn’t mad. He said he was mad when the affairs happened but that he has forgiven me for them long ago.
Shocked, I asked if he had really known about the affairs. He said of course he did. When I asked how he knew, he just said “Because you’re my baby and I can feel your heart always.”
I burst into tears at that moment and cried for hours while he sat with me and holding me.
I asked him why he never said anything and why he put up with so much abuse and mistreatment from me over the years.
He was quiet for a long time before he answered. He said “I’ve always known you to be your own person. If there’s something you wanna do, you’re gonna do it no matter what anyone says, even me. It’s why i fell in love with you.”
I don’t know what to do. I love him so much but I know he deserves better.
If any of my girlfriends told me that their boyfriends act the way I acted in my relationship, I would tell them to break it off.
So why won’t my husband break it off with me?
He always tells me he’ll never leave me no matter what, but is that something anyone in a relationship should live by?
We have raised three amazing children and have had an incredibly happy marriage aside from my angry outbursts in the past, but I would never tell anyone in a toxic relationship like ours was in the beginning to just hold out until it gets better like ours did.
I would tell anyone dating a person who acts like I used to, to run as far away as possible. Does that make me a hypocrite? Should I divorce my husband so he can find someone better, someone who would never treat him the way I did?
Tl;dr: I fear my husband deserves better.
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