What insecurity stems from your childhood?

2021.10.20 16:34 BedAthlete What insecurity stems from your childhood?

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2021.10.20 16:34 bingbangboompepega Still no Holo Nite foren?

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2021.10.20 16:34 kubajbra A40 TR Software

So I instaled the software from microsoft store and after opening it without the mixamp my mic stopped working. How do I fix it I´ve already uninstalled it.
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2021.10.20 16:34 faskothewolf Mix of mini gt, one model, tarmac works, and inno 64, which is your favorite?

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2021.10.20 16:34 Sharkary It's time. Of all managers we've had since Fergie I've wanted Old to succeed the most, this is the end.

He needs to go, we've no identity, we get outplayed by every team. I'm sick to death of vibes only, sick of individual moments of brilliance rescuing games.
Ole isn't our manager, get rid of all the toxic shite players who don't want to be here or don't deserve to be here.
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2021.10.20 16:34 cheezballs1 Apple Watch - $100 Verizon Gift Card when activated?

I tried to follow the instructions to apply for the promo on Apple's site- but the link doesn't take me to an application form as it claims it will. It just goes to my Verizon account.
I talked to two people at Verizon and two people at Apple, who at various times pointed at one another who I need to talk to.... Apple claims I need to talk to Verizon, and Verizon claims I need to talk to Apple.
Has anyone figured out how to apply for the 100 dollar promo??
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2021.10.20 16:34 gory_at A Juggler's Tale PC | 100% Walkthrough | German | HD | No Commentary | 6...

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2021.10.20 16:34 crunchyjs Feel like god doesn't like me

Whenever i ask god for support and help with a situation it only seems to get worse and i can't seem to see any signs like other ppl do. I'm also skeptical abt religion in general but i want to learn more about Christianity and see why they love Jesus so much and what it's about.
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2021.10.20 16:34 UhhhWhatsup 18+| HOMIE| Help revive this dead ass server while i try to revamp it. Hopefully we can have game nights, vc's and movie nights

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2021.10.20 16:34 damngoodiam Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 78 Release Date and Spoilers

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2021.10.20 16:34 Main-Biscotti1931 my opinions

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2021.10.20 16:34 ohhidied Q&A Today on "Autograph Discord" with the Saw Producers at 1:30pm PST

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2021.10.20 16:34 Kazoo_le_Kazoo [Serious] What's a sign that someone had depression in the past ?

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2021.10.20 16:34 Stenv2 NFG F**ks up Canon Part One: Pilot

(To make a long story short, the next chapter of Meta Ruby isn't ready yet, and I want it to be good. So I am going delay it until next week. But it will come out next week. Don't worry this isn't a new series, and you likely won't see much of this series, but I hope it at least gets a chuckle or two. I just felt bad about not being able to get Meta Ruby's next chapter up. So enjoy hopefully.) Vale Time was frozen for an instant, as a portal opened, and an innocent girl known as Ruby Rose, without knowing a thing was whisked away and swapped out with another version of herself. Who was dazed and confused, she looked around, silver eyes angered. She looked much the same as Ruby, but somewhat bulkier, she still sported a skirt, tights, and boots, but from there, she wore a black Vest with red buttons, underneath a black jacket with red fur lining, and the cape seemed much the same, however, there was fur around the edges, and she was wearing her hood. Crescent Rose from what little it could be seen underneath her cape, attached to her belt, had a more heavy metal look to it, and seemed bulkier in the rifle form, and other little details could be seen in her cape, little pockets, with modular pieces that looked like they belonged to Crescent Rose, were resting comfortably in the cape.
A tap on her shoulder in such alien surroundings almost made her lash out, but she reigned in her anger. Instead glaring at the man, making him flinch and back away just a bit. Making him reconsider whatever he was going to say, it was then she noticed that the other men that dressed similarly to the man with red shades seemed to be doing some pilfering. “Are you robbing this store shitstain?” Ruby asked in a low gravelly voice, the voice of a frequent smoker, yet there was still a touch of a young girl beneath it all.
“Yes?” The man was unsure of what to do, he was completely off guard by this random girl.
“Heh. Well, that makes things easier.” The mysterious version of Ruby smirked devilishly, her teeth looking razor-sharp in the lighting. The man didn’t even have time to gulp as a kick to his face sent him flying, and then the red hooded girl caught him by the ankle, and his aura glowed red. He had no clue of what was happening, after all, how could he know that the girl was overriding his aura with her own, and was now using him as an actual weapon?! Ruby rushed through the store, petals trailing around her as she moved lighting fast, the old man was blinking in slow motion in the corner of her eye. Not that it mattered to her, as she thwacked the remaining thugs with her makeshift weaponized thug sending them flying in the air, she then saw teacup looking like it was going to fall from a shelf, briefly letting go of the thug, she raced over, and gently caught the teacup, and rearranged it back on the shelf.
Still, in a slow-motion esque state, she noticed the ginger with a bowler hat, moving a bit faster in the slowed downtime. Based on that, he was likely stronger than the mere thugs, more than likely the man in charge. Taking out Crescent Rose, she cocked the barrel, and rose petals danced between the weapon, and a pocket in her cape, as it shifted, modifications being shifted. Then she fired off the rounds, four of them, in slow motion, as they unfurled into nets that captured the thugs, then while they were sailing through the air in slow motion, she grabbed them, and gently guiding the momentum, she opened up the door and dragged them outside. And not an ounce of collateral damage was carried out in the store. She then released a loud exhale of breath, as her molecules slowed down again. Shit… I am overexerting myself on a bunch of small fries. She huffed, her semblance Red Like Roses, allowed her to manipulate matter, including her own, she was able to move as a flurry of flowers, or speed up her molecules enough to move at an insane rate. That just left the boss himself.
“I don’t know who you are Red. But I must admit. You’re quite the nuisance.” The man raised his cane at her and fired. Said Man unknown to the girl was the number one criminal in Vale known as Roman Torchwick. The girl punched her fist forward at the exploding projectile turning it into a flurry of harmless rose petals. The cigar dropped from the man’s mouth in shock. Then before he could pull the trigger again, the Girl was instantly in front of him, as she tore the Cane from his grip, and then it glowed a bright red, as she slammed the cane into his knees, making Roman yell as he felt all his aura go out like it was being overwhelmed, she then caught the man, and forcibly turned him around, gripping one of his arms, and slammed his head on the counter in front of the old man. The counter was surprisingly sturdy, not showing any damage, the man cussed as his hat went flying.
“Two things. One you’re going to fucking apologize to the nice shopkeep. Do you fucking understand that cunt?” Ruby was demanding more than questioning the captive crook. When he didn’t answer she began twisting his arm, making him kick his feet out, but her grip held truth.
“Alright!” Roman yelled as he felt his bones creaking. She then pulled him back enough, so he could look the old man in the eyes. “I am… sorry.” He said through gritted teeth. She kicked him in the junk, making him squeal like a little girl.
“Be fucking specific! What are you sorry for?” Ruby said angrily.
“I AM SORRY FOR COMING IN AFTER CLOSING HOURS AND TRYING TO ROB YOU!” Roman said his voice sounding feminine.
“Are you alright?” She asked the elderly shopkeep, he nodded more than a little intimidated by the girl. But he had to admit… it was a nice change of pace, to see what was presumably a huntress not cause any collateral damage. “Good.” Then she dragged the ginger outside, making him wince with every step. “Secondly. You’re going to fucking tell me why you were robbing that store.” She said shoving him to a street post. And with surprising strength, she wrapped the post around him, restricting his movements.
“Why I was just looking to make some money.” The ginger said with a casual shrug. The girl held out her weapon, and it shifted into a scythe bigger than her body. The blade heated up to a bright orange that illuminated the man’s face.
“How fucking cute. But here’s the thing dandy cunt. You’re going, to be honest with me, because I can smell bullshit. And if you’re not honest, this is going to go right up your ass.” The man blinked, and the way the girl was grinning maliciously left little doubt that she wasn’t joking around.
*** A mysterious woman in red sighed as she waited in the escape vehicle. Said Woman went by man names in the underworld but was mostly known as Cinder to her associates. And right now she was waiting rather impatiently for Roman Torchwick to arrive with the dust. What is taking that man so long? She thought to herself annoyed, and then she felt the whole ship shake, and to her astonishment, the whole ship turned into a flurry of rose petals! She immediately blasted off dodging the rose petals, that when they hit the ground, they created craters, they apparently still retained the mass of the ship.
Cinder turned around mid-flight, to try and get a better look at her assailant, and then a blinding silver light. And Ruby blinked as the next thing that happened was the cunt in a red dress was writhing on the ground screaming, an eye having burst and she was missing an arm, blood dripping on the ground. What the fuck? I was just trying to blind her! Was she fucking part Grimm or some shit?! Ruby didn’t know, but she knew that if she wanted answers from the bitch, she couldn’t just let her die. Ruby walked over to Cinder who was still screaming her head off, and taking out Crescent Rose in its rifle mode, she hit Cinder’s head harshly knocking the screaming woman out, and then after hooking Crescent Rose back up, she reached into her cape and pulled out a medkit.
She got to work quickly stopping the bleeding of the woman and closing up the wounds with as many bandages as she could. And dragged Cinder back unconscious where Roman was still tied up, with no hole in his trousers, indicating he had indeed decided to not risk getting a burning hot scythe up his ass. Ruby tied Cinder next to Roman and was annoyed but there wasn’t much else she could do in the meantime. She reached into Roman’s jacket and took away from the protesting criminal a box of cigars, she sniffed them. “Fuck yeah that’s the good shit.” She grinned, and took one out of the box, getting ready to smoke when she heard a sharp tapping noise and turned around seeing a blonde woman, with piercing green eyes and holding a riding crop. “Look bitch, I am not into whatever kinky shit you got in mind, or if you’re one of the authorities, you took your sweet fucking time getting here. What did you spend too much time down at the BDSM club?” NFG said and then blinked as the woman’s eye twitched and she swatted the cigar out of Ruby’s hand. The girl snarled as her aura flared!
*** Ozpin looked at the two women seated in the cell. He knew the woman as Glynda who had a large blush on her face and was more than a little scuffed, her cape completely torn. While the other girl known as Ruby Rose was sitting in her seat, tapping her fingers impatiently. Ozpin walked in holding a plate of cookies and milk, the scowl on Ruby’s face lightened as she saw the sweet offering be placed on the table. “So Miss Rose, I trust you know of me?” He asked as he sat down and Ruby looked at him with a critical gaze, as she took a bite of one cookie, and then after a few munches, she then eagerly began wolfing them down.
“Yeah, I heard a little about you. Ozpin yeah? Professor Ozpin, what you don’t have a first name or something?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Let’s just say it’s a little archaic. And not important.” He cleared his throat and watched as the girl drank the milk. “Despite getting into an altercation with my vice principal. I must commend you, you not only caught the number one criminal in Vale. You also caught a highly dangerous person of interest, that’s quite impressive for someone your age.” He chuckled. Ruby shrugged dismissively making Glynda bristle.
“Some assholes were robbing a store, I beat the shit out of them for causing trouble, and one thing led to another. Seriously though, that chick I nabbed, she ain’t right. I used my silver eyes on her, to try and just blind her. But no she freaked the hell out, it’s like she was part Grimm, she lost a godsdamned eye and arm. Might want to look into that. “ She said, and then looked down at the empty plate, and then back at Ozpin. The headmaster then glanced at Glynda, who blinked and then sighed reluctantly, leaving the two in the room together alone, while she went to go fetch more cookies.
“That is to say. While I do think you could reign in your aggressiveness. I think you have great potential. And if you are willing, we could accept you into Beacon Academy.” The man said warmly, but the girl looked confused.
“Beacon Academy?” She asked with a tilt of her head. This guy is clearly a huntsman… but since when are there are academies? Usually, we just take an exam, and bam we’re hunters of various ranks, work in some teams, work alongside others, and that’s about it. Wait… the lack of people in Vale’s streets? Some crook I’ve never heard of… and Glynda sounds familiar… but she is using a riding crop instead of her usual weapon… and academies… Oh shit, I am in another universe, aren’t I? She thought to herself while Ozpin went into a monologue about the prestigious beacon academy giving a whole speech about hope and heroism, and the future, along with something to try and make her take things seriously. But Ruby was thinking of the vast implications of being in another universe. What happens if I tell someone? Would they believe me? Or would they just laugh it up? Well, so far it’s not a complete shit show. So maybe I should just take things easy, and see how it plays out. And once I get a good feel for this place, I will reveal I am from another fucking universe… though if I am in the place of this universe’s Ruby? Oh shit… I hope she’s okay in my universe.
“So what do you say? Would you like to attend the academy?” Ozpin asked leaning forward holding both his hands beneath his chin.
“Sounds good to me.” She shrugged. “Do you allow smoking on campus?” She asked.
“So long as it’s not in class, you may. Though I am surprised.” Ozpin’s eyes glimmered with intelligence, it was clear he saw something off about her. Ruby shrugged. Maybe he would figure it out on his own, but that didn’t mean she had to tell him just yet, something felt shady as fuck about the guy.
Elsewhere Somewhere in a remote part of Vale, a dark-skinned girl with vibrant mint green hair paced back and forth nervously. The girl was known as Emerald Sustrai. A master thief, and devout follower of Cinder Fall. Laying down lazily on a bed was a young boy with gray hair, and robotic legs, casually kicking a ball up and down in the air. The boy was Mercury Black, and he seemed more relaxed.
“Emerald chill. Cinder will be back any moment, and will likely order us to help out Roman with moving some dust.” He rolled his eyes.
“She’s never this late!” Emerald snapped back. And then gasped as a floating Seer Grimm entered the room looking like a demonic jellyfish.
“The little thief is correct. Cinder has been… compromised. The Grimm I had inside of her has been destroyed, and if you turn on the news.” Mercury turned on the TV and saw the news of Roman’s arrest. “It seems we will have to adjust our plans. Contact Neopolitan, and if it’s possible. We shall break out our allies, and if we cannot. Then we must further change the plan.” The voice had a dark maternal feeling to it, but the children didn’t want to relax around it, they knew at any moment the Seer Grimm could try and kill them.
“Yes, Ma’am.” Emerald stuttered out.
“Got it,” Mercury said nodding his head, pleased the Seer Grimm, floated out of the ramshackle building. “Shit!” Mercury cussed once he was sure that the Seer was out of range.
“I told you!” Emerald was panicking wondering just what could have erased the Grimm in Cinder’s body. Was she okay? Was she even alive?!
“Fuck! Well, you heard the demon witch, we gotta somehow get things rolling.” Mercury managed to regain his composure, but his master assassin’s mind began to run the scenarios through his brain. Without Cinder, we can’t threaten the white fang into submission anymore. After all, Emerald can only affect one person at a time and has to remain still. And that Neo… she scares me. Shit. If we’re not careful, we will end up dead in the water! He knew more than likely they were going to have to take a much more radical approach from here on out.
(If we were to return next time. Well let's just say Jaune would get a real harsh reality check, and it would be neat to see how NFG interacts with canon WBY. That's about all folks. Later!) submitted by Stenv2 to RWBYcritics [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 16:34 ExtHD Sanctions Are an Inherently Indiscriminate Weapon

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2021.10.20 16:34 smokingoccultist What would the love child of Morgan Freeman and Sean Connery sound like?

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2021.10.20 16:34 Kooky-Trainer784 Galaxian FAIR LAUNCHING NOW ON PANCAKESWAP

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