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Bi tane flood vardı şehit evine gidiş anneye sakinleştirici verilmesini anlatıyordu onu atsanıza

2021.10.20 15:40 Atomkom Bi tane flood vardı şehit evine gidiş anneye sakinleştirici verilmesini anlatıyordu onu atsanıza

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2021.10.20 15:40 fromwayuphigh [I made] wholemeal sourdough (mini) baguettes

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2021.10.20 15:40 Unit02151987 Leatherface no chainsaw bug

Anyone else had an issue when playing leatherface where it locks you at 0 charges and makes it impossible to use chainsaw? Just had it and it basically ruined the game.
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2021.10.20 15:40 MrJFrayFilms Finally I got this beautiful boy, I already have a 4 star normal Stunfisk but I’ve been trying to get the Galarian version forever

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2021.10.20 15:40 Betaolive 🙂😭

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2021.10.20 15:40 maccreally No bike lanes, can’t use the sidewalks!

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2021.10.20 15:40 Steff_De_Teken "OC"Cute Azurill

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2021.10.20 15:40 FarSwordfish5024 Blackberry crosses 200 day average for first time since last year!

In trading on Tuesday, shares of BlackBerry Ltd (Symbol: BB) crossed above their 200 day moving average of $10.66, changing hands as high as $11.74 per share. BlackBerry Ltd shares are currently trading up about 14.5% on the day. The chart below shows the one year performance of BB shares, versus its 200 day moving average:
BlackBerry Ltd 200 Day Moving Average Chart Looking at the chart above, BB's low point in its 52 week range is $4.44 per share, with $28.77 as the 52 week high point — that compares with a last trade of $11.40.
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2021.10.20 15:40 Used_Personality8017 I got her mega full of pics and vids hmu! 3$

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2021.10.20 15:40 CanIJustGetSomeUh Apollo meeting in a dream.

I've been messing around with secular witchcraft for a bit, but this was totally unexpected. He was in the same pose with the same size as the Abe Lincoln statue, except he had one of his legs crossed over the other. When I saw him, I got a strange feeling I'm my gut, and something told me to take things at my own pace, to accept his presence when I wanted to. I reached out to his gigantic hand, and when I touched it, my palm was warm, and I didn't want to leave. I asked him if he truly wanted me to speak with him, and he replied with the definitely not daunting answer of 'it depends on if YOU want me.' I've been seeing signs of him for a while, but suddenly he reaches out and allows me to touch him?
What should I do now?
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2021.10.20 15:40 Echolothic666 When you become a starwars fan and studying electric lessons.

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2021.10.20 15:40 KorZod Creeping Frost League Starter - Negative Resistances?

Hey all,

Working on my leaguestarter right now and was unfamiliar with an interaction so I wanted to ask around. I'm working on a Creeping Frost Occultist that uses Secrets of Suffering and Cold to Fire to get large Scorch numbers in the attempt to get massive negative resistances on the enemy, and then use the Eye of Malice unique to multiply that.

Currently, the gist of the build is to use Void Beacon - Exposure (23% minimum from to masteries) - frostbite - ele weakness - Scorch - this gives me 20+23+46+39+30=158% resistance cutting before taking into account the 25% increased curse effect I have. And then we add in the %increased cold resist from the helm, and even Sirus, with 50% cold resist, should have around -162% cold resist. Similar math for the fire side, minus the 20% from Void Beacon. Having said that, I'm sure my math is missing some small interactions, such as the best way to calculate Sirus' less effect of curses. I'm using a lot of increased ailments and the Legacy of Fury boots to make sure I can get maximum scorch and brittle values on bosses, and I appear to have 900K Sirus DPS, flaskless.

I have another 6link open in my staff for the new twister skill since Creeping Frost is a proj, and that will likely be my true "single target" skill if the early media teasers end up being accurate. On the defensive side, I have ~3,700 Life, ~4,400 ES, 51% block, and 30% spell block without flasks, in addition to being cold/freeze proof. This seems generally decent to me, especially with the -10% damage from malediction, -10% from nearby chilled enemies (Creeping Frost ground and skitterbots chill still counts as chilled even with secrets of suffering), and 2% life and ES on block.

It also appears that some of the new masteries aren't calculated yet, but I figure they are all generally positives. I also know that I appear to be overcapped on mana reservation, but I believe that's because the Impresence isn't being accounted for. Currently, I have all 3 curses + skitterbots, which would be 135% reservation. However, an impresence drops that to 100, and then I have the new "30% increased mana reservation efficiency of curse aura skills" which makes me think that I should have more than enough mana. With GG gear, I'd likely get a flam on hit ring as well instead of the replica Tasalios so I can squeeze in another herald for more damage, or maybe discipline if it works. I also can get a much better staff, but I figured a unique was a safe place to start before trying to craft something wild.

Will link POB in a comment because I can't figure out how to shrink it right now. I know it has 123/123 allocated, but that's just more messing around to see what it's like. I already know that the cold and caster cluster on the right side of the witch start will be the last ones to go in, and I can usually get to 90 pretty safely most leagues even on scuffy builds so I'm not overly worried there. Thanks in advance for any comments, and feel free to be mean!
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2021.10.20 15:40 SpookySpace Body is tired, brain is wired

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2021.10.20 15:40 EarthWarping O’Toole and Trudeau to talk Wednesday after Speaker announces mandatory vaccination policy

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2021.10.20 15:40 Papa_Glide Created by yours truly

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2021.10.20 15:40 Frogspocket reminder. none of us like this. but...(if you are serious about wanting a relationship with a quality man) you HAVE to meet a lot of men 🤢. finding hvm involves luck. if you go on as many dates as possible 😢you will increase your bleak, terrible odds.

🤮 i know it's awful
i know you don't want to 😰
it's a warzone and i have been there to know how ugly it is. i know there are way more HVW than there are HVM and so the odds are not ideal.
but you have fds armor (you know the red flags, the safety measures, vetting tools), so you have a HUGE advantage over other hvw who are still stumbling around in the dark and wasting time on lvm.
my suggestion is to think of dating as a part time job that will require a big chunk of your time and energy. but remind yourself that you are just picking up this "job" temporarily. it's short term. you can do anything for a short period of time. lets say you commit to it for one full month.
in that month, accept as many dates as possible. clear your schedule from other things the same way you would clear it to make time for a second job.
that might look different for different personalities. i personally preferred to meet people organically out in public. so if that's you, then that would mean that during that month you have to remind yourself every day that you are working your new "job". so when you leave the house you'll have to be mindful about what kind of people you want to attract (which means paying detailed attention to how you want to dress, how you carry yourself, how open you are to the world etc). you'll have to attend events, join a club or group, take a class, go volunteer somewhere and spend lots of time in public places alone being receptive and open to people. if you don't feel safe being alone that is valid!!! if you need to be amongst friends that can be okay, but remember to put in the effort to stand out by being open and receptive. you might only end up meeting people who are too old, too young, or you might end up just meeting a lot of women. but it's still 'dating" in the sense that it's networking. so it counts. Some women prefer to use online tools like dating apps. whatever it looks like for you, just commit to it for one painful disappointing month and go hard.
that's not to say you should accept dates with men who haven't cleared the bars you have laid out! if in that month you can't even find an acceptable man to accept a date from, that's okay. the point is to try.
also try to remember: women are always saying they hate men (and honestly that's often valid and justified). but what no one talks about is that a lot of PEOPLE suck. like A LOT. a lot of people are self serving, insecure (and hurt you because of it), they're entitled, emotionally unintelligent and they refuse therapy or work on themselves. a lot of people are not capable of loving you the way you want to be loved. so when you say you "hate" men, you might just be at your breaking point with lv people. you might not have even met a hv man before.
but i promise you they exist. you will never meet them if you keep lumping them together with the losers and refusing to meet them.
sometimes i feel like this sub really needs this reminder: go out into the world and meet the men 🤢🤢
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2021.10.20 15:40 I_am_catcus How can I get rid of feelings for a crush?

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2021.10.20 15:40 ZoolShop Hunter's Moon and Orionid Meteors to grace Suffolk's skies

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2021.10.20 15:40 Pitiful-Painting-177 Sheer matte dupe for Clinique Black Honey or Elf Black Cherry

Hi everyone! I’m looking for a sheer matte color dupe for the infamous black honey lipstick. I really like the color of black honey/black cherry but I’m looking for a lip product with a more waxy texture + matte look. An example would be Glossier’s Gen G line (which I really like!), but I don’t think they have a color that matches black honey/black cherry, so I was wondering if anyone had any product suggestions that fit this profile, thanks!
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2021.10.20 15:40 VengefulNoobs3 [RECRUITING] Looking for active and non rushed TH14s interested in doing 5v5 tournaments and events!

Please DM with the following info! Discord is a must.
Timezone: Availability: Best attack style: Base builder yes or no?: Clips of your attacks yes or no? Available for trials yes or no?
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2021.10.20 15:40 SamCoyneFPL Chelsea Lineup Against Malmo 🔵

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2021.10.20 15:40 MustardDinosaur non US qustion for US application

to apply in a US college , do I need a GED on top of the SAT ?
and what is the difference between the two?
PS: I am not from the US , so I never went to a US highschool , so I dont having anything to provide as GPA ;
do I have any snowball chance in hell to get in a BS program to later try MD school (it is still a dream dont kill it yet) ?
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2021.10.20 15:40 TarvidD12 Recommendations to help teach someone about NB and singular they/them

So a friend ended up in a relation ship with a ftNB and he is struggling to wrap his head around the standard use of they/them pronouns. They are a linguistic student and although they know that it can be used as a singular, they keep getting nessed with their ADHD and other issues. Does anyone have any more formal education materials for this? I tried recommending some good posts, and blogs about this but he keeps getting distracted and annoyed by the informal writing style.
With me being mtF/NB, I have tried helping him but I really dont care about personal pronouns, and have trained to default my own speech to they/them for work. I have taught him about the struggle of trans, and possibly have cracked an egg in the process...
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2021.10.20 15:40 BearXW Need help. Information online seems so conflicted, and often really old info.

I am a new player. A reliable and updated guide site would be great to know if you don't mind sharing with me.
I have a few characters I'd love to invest in, but get conflicting information. I really like DJ and Meme but older topics say they are bad, and a recent community tier list shows them S-Tier. Same with a few other valks I have.
I understand there are a lot better valks out there, and I don't need to be a top player, but would still like to not completely smash my head into a wall trying to play with valks I enjoy.
It seems as though people were predicting a DJ buff a while back, and I REALLY love her playstyle. Are these valks worth investing in...at least for fun? At least into early endgame where I may replace to get a bit more competitive.
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2021.10.20 15:40 Brettx3ashley So excited for this guy!

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