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2021.12.08 03:51 Intr0vrt wicketJAM

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2021.12.08 03:51 Plane-Operation6391 I hated UniMelb Engineering.

This was the most restrictive, exhausting, and creativity-crushing course I’ve ever attended, run by people with seemingly no vision for what a 21st-century education could and should be.
Our university’s approach to education is horrifically outdated. In an age of instant and personalised communication, we still drip-feed subjects at a one-size-fits-all pace. The default teaching method is the hour-long monologue, like we’re in Ancient Greece. We emphasise standardisation and submission to the teacher’s initiative – being a good student is about competing to be the fastest worker on the factory line. Mistakes and failures are treated not as a normal and necessary part of personal growth, but instead as a permanent stain on your intelligence. Nobody would choose to learn any other skill in these ways.
So you’d think that any university course worth its fees would be trying urgently to modernise away from its archaic traditions. But in UniMelb Engineering, hardly anyone seems to have noticed – if anything, we’re going backwards.
For a start, students are made to shoulder a pointlessly exhausting workload. The course handbook puts a standard Engineering subject at an optimistic 200 hours’ work, which means a standard semester takes 800 hours. A standard semester is 17 weeks long, from the first day of Week 1, to the last day of exam period. So, even in the theoretical best case, where your exams finish on the very last day of semester, you’d still have to work 47-hour weeks, for four months straight, just to get by the content – this sort of commitment would earn you a windfall in overtime at your average company. If (more realistically) your semester ends halfway through exam period, then that number goes up to 52 hours per week. So, ever wondered why you always end up too swamped to do your assignments justice or to engage the content properly, no matter how you plan? Apparently, it’s by design.
It might not be so bad if these hours were at least being put to effective use. But another recent teaching trend is to micromanage even your private study time, by burying you in “educational/continuous/nested/homework” assessments. I’m talking about the assessments that are intended not to measure your ability, but instead to “make sure you keep studying”, to “help you learn”, or to “provide feedback”, collectively worth too much of your grade for you to ignore, but not worth the time it takes to complete them. The problem is not that these assessments are all necessarily pointless – it’s that you don’t even get a choice. You might be perfectly capable of self-directed study, you might be struggling with a different topic, or you might be overloaded with work already (I once had 12 hefty deadlines in a single month when I was only halfway through semester). Hell, you might even point out that your marks are not meant to be used as bargaining chips to control students’ day-to-day behaviour. Nevertheless, if you don’t conform to this top-down, one-size-fits-all study schedule, then you’re punished with grade deductions. It eventually feels like a stress-driven office job where you’re churning out useless paperwork for the sake of your tutors – except that you’re the one who’s paying.
The reason usually given for such ham-fisted policies is that it “raises the average mark”. But even this reasoning is problematic, because our marks don’t tell much of the story, do they? In nearly every subject (including most “project-based” subjects), your evaluation is still dominated by the timed paper exam: that assessment where your skill as an engineer (that is, your ability to think deeply and creatively about open-ended problems, to conduct research, to consider real-world issues, and to coordinate a solution with various stakeholders) is measured by how well you can guess, in approximately seven minutes, the exact method, solution, and level of detail envisaged by your individual marker, on a series of black-and-white, pen-and-paper problems that (if you’re lucky) represent a partial sliver of a cross-section of twelve weeks’ content that you have memorised for reflexive regurgitation now and never again, all at one arbitrary moment in June/November, where pure speed is massively overvalued down to the second, and where research and collaboration are banned.
Is it any wonder, then, that those who filter through to academia have a reputation for being petty and sheltered? Is it any wonder that any half-intelligent person knows not to read into your grades? And is it any wonder that UniMelb Engineering graduates are notorious in the industry for having no initiative or social awareness, to the point where the Faculty has actually started forcing its students through a crapshoot of remedial programs (albeit programs that, true to form, miss the point and famously waste everyone’s time) aimed at teaching us How To Think And Talk Like Normal Human Beings? We’re not nurturing or selecting for the best engineers. We’re just running a bizarre ranking system based on how compliantly you can parrot one-off memory tests while locked in a shed. Does anyone else feel like they’ve barely had a chance to use their brain at university?
At this point, you usually encounter the cop-out chorus: “other unis do the same”, “we’re researchers, not teachers”, “something something university run like a business”. But whether you buy those excuses or not, the Faculty’s actions haven’t been those of an organisation that is apologetically going with the least worst option – they recently doubled down by turning our exams into hurdle requirements. So, you might have spent all semester labouring painstakingly over your masterpiece of a project, but if you have a single bad morning, or if you just get thrown for time (because, I don’t know, maybe you’re a meticulous or imaginative type who tends not to do all your work at a sprint), then it’s an instant fail grade for you, and you can look forward to repeating the whole circus next semester – here’s your invoice. And when the COVID era showed that our exam conditions are divorced from reality to the point of being unenforceable, the general response was not to rethink our assessment methods, but instead to double down on the difficulty and time pressure – which, far from stamping out cheating and “collusion rings” (what is this, a drug bust?) has only turned them into a necessity.
Of course, you can try to explain to your subject co-ordinators how they might facilitate greater student autonomy. But even in response to low-hanging fruit, such as…

you’re typically met with tone-deaf dismissal and insecurity. They’ll pull out every excuse in the book, or they’ll baselessly tell you that “yours is not a majority opinion”, even when the whole point is that you don't need to do everything by tyranny of the majority. And the higher up you go, the more you have to put up with toxic narcissists whose reaction to anything short of having their arses kissed is to bluster and bully. Meanwhile, the University of Melbourne continues to lag in student satisfaction, and “cash cow” has become an everyday part of the student lexicon.
I stopped being able to take my studies seriously long ago – my efforts felt like a charade. After all my time here, the most noticeable things I graduate with are a fortune in debt, and clinical depression. It wasn’t worth it.
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2021.12.08 03:51 jsrrayburn A Fact About "A Charlie Brown Christmas" You May Not Have Known

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2021.12.08 03:51 Cupo_ Best Boy

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2021.12.08 03:51 DamLookAtDemTitties Is there somewhere you can scan your resume to help with getting past Taleo ATS?

Not sure if I can post this in this subreddit but there is a job that I am extremely qualified for and I applied for it a few weeks ago but had not received any response. The company uses Taleo. The job posting ended and the company posted the job opening again. I am 99% sure the reason for no response was I didn't get through the ATS. Is there anything I can use other than JobScan.co to help me with tailoring my resume better? I used JobScan.co and literally adjusted everything the report said but I can't score higher than a 70 on there. I wish I could just download the software somewhere lol.
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2021.12.08 03:50 Rylus1 UberX vs UberEats

After doing both I must say that UberX has the better fares but Eats has the better tips. The minimum for X is 3.60 for less than 10 minutes and a few miles. The only thing I want now is to have some deliveries sprinkled throughout my UberX trips. My legs get so stiff after three hours.
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2021.12.08 03:50 CocaColaStore How long does it take to get competent with synths?

I've been trying to write some synth music recently with the ES2 in Logic. I find it fairly simple to get a decent sound, but looking through the presets, there's so much more that I don't understand that makes a certain sound sound like it does. I've got ideas of synths I want, but even simple string esque sounds can be difficult to achieve. I get that I probably just need to play around more, but are there certain things I should do to understand what is actually happening to the sound better?
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2021.12.08 03:50 Muted_Fix_5961 Why you WILL buy Apple Glasses in 2022.

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2021.12.08 03:50 pallavidadhich Best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth

Every so-called Ayurvedic hair oil and hair care product touts the benefits of healthy hair while still containing chemicals that only treat your hair superficially and only for a short time. These chemicals can also destroy the internal structure of your beautiful locks, making your hair less healthy than it was before. Make sure you never allow such products take advantage of your trust!
Therefore, after extensive research, we have listed the best, natural hair-care remedies unique to every hair type. Plus, we will reveal the ultimate Ayurvedic hair oil and hair care product suitable for all hair textures-including yours.
Best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth
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2021.12.08 03:50 Effective-Income7780 Free NFT giveaway, upvote and drop your address, image is a mystery.

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2021.12.08 03:50 sid1097 Just hurts

I've been on a break from relationships since 2019 after my last break up. I've always been bad at love and decided I need some time. Through the pandemic, I've just been reassessing myself and been stone cold to anybody who approached me. But a few months ago, I fell for someone I wasn't supposed to, she was on a break in her relationship. She didn't lie to me or cheat me, but I put all my cards on her probably because I was desperately craving for some love and affection. Now she has to leave and I just feel broken. I'm scared I won't have any love to give after this cuz I literally did fall hard for her and I've been the best version of myself with her. Now I don't know what to do or who to talk to. I don't want to blame her, this is one me but God fucking dammit, it hurts so much physically 😭💔.
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2021.12.08 03:50 NecessaryAioli7813 My psychiatrist swore at me. Is this ok?

I was asking her a question about why my memory improved after being treated for cptsd with my psychologist. My psychiatrist has been annoyed that I pursued cptsd because she didn’t think that was necessary and thought it was a waste of money. Anyways, it was worth treating the cptsd because it resolved a lot of my issues. But I brought it up with my psychiatrist and just thought I would ask her why my memory improved in a cognitive test assessment. And then I also asked her about a certain category (short term memory) I scored low on in memory and asked if it is something I should be concerned about because I scored pretty low on the test. She said “What the fuck could you do anyways (about improving short term memory).” I felt confused, taken aback, and hurt when she said that. I felt like it was aggressive but I’m not sure I’m projecting
Is she being firm or critical or emotionally abusive? I have a hard time telling when someone is being mistreating me.
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2021.12.08 03:50 pylmls I recognize what this sub is, but it needs to be said

Most people here do not care at ALL about people. This sub is not about "helping the world". It's like Jerry Springer. It's like a cult. It's a way for mentally ill people to feel better about themselves by getting off on the idea (key word here) of karma. And the funny thing is, most of the posts here are fake. Most of the posts just run with insane assumptions and leaps of logic. You all sound like crazed maniacs ready to murder someone that doesn't want an injection from shady institutions. You all act like you have mainstream media IVs hooked up to you from the moment you wake till the end of the day. Anyways, I'm sure this post will get banned because that's how these types of propaganda subs are.
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2021.12.08 03:50 Ufphen Picture I took while loading up my truck at a construction site.

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2021.12.08 03:50 chiapet123 Which side ROS? 0.5ppr

View Poll
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2021.12.08 03:50 jsake David Quadrelli on Twitter: Bruce Boudreau has the #Canucks doing a battle drill at practice where the goalies are allowed to score.

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2021.12.08 03:50 Raistlinseyes Grumpy Old Cat, me, Oil, 2021

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2021.12.08 03:50 Thomas_dsx Can someone please explain what kind of dream I had (long dream)

Bear with me here since I’m already starting to forget some details.
I could sense and feel myself getting up and waking around and knocking stuff over.
I clearly heard my dad come into my room and ask me a ordinary question. (can’t remember what he asked I just know it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary)
I heard people moving around outside my room in the hallway and in my brothers room that weren’t voices I recognized both female I’m pretty sure. Soon after I could hear them leaving and heard the door that leads to our garage close but it was way to fast so they couldn’t have been the ones who did it.
I got up to investigate and found some medical supply’s scattered throughout my brothers empty room, (my brother doesn’t live with us anymore only me and my parents)
I stacked some dirty cups in my room and they fell over spilling all over the floor so I used a towel to clean it.
I remember tossing and turning in my bed and my room but I didn’t have full control of my body.
Another important note is that I woke up from these dreams at least 2 times and became aware of the dreams but went back to sleep minutes after and they resumed. I remember specifically telling myself that these were lucid dreams and I started thinking about if I could control them. However I don’t think that’s the case since I couldn’t really control them it was more of paralysis although I wasn’t completely paralyzed and could still move around.
I could only stop it once I texted my friend and had a conversation with her about it.
I also remember seeing a shadowy figure looking at me behind the my door to my room.
This happened over the course of about 2 hours cause I remember going to sleep around 10 and waking up a little past midnight
Overall I think it was sleep paralysis but maybe I’m wrong that’s why I’m here. I was definitely I was not enjoying it at all
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2021.12.08 03:50 Connect_Set_8983 Would anyone like to trade me gmax gengar? I have gmax machamp, garbodor and Alcremie to offer:)

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2021.12.08 03:50 81bn No, look at MY cat.

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2021.12.08 03:50 jahxsh- when is this mf gonna drop?

future has always released every year but it's lowkey worrying how he's gonna be breaking the streak soon..
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2021.12.08 03:50 UkuleleAversion Can all Jak 2 mission areas besides the Metal Head Nest be revisited?

I aim to platinum every major Naughty Dog title and currently I'm working on Jak 2. Is it possible to go through every mission in the story except the last one and then do cleanup on all the Precursor Orbs missed in mission areas?
(I didn't miss the one in the sewers during the Mar statue mission, don't worry)
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2021.12.08 03:50 ThunderTaker1992 Are my fingers too fat?

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2021.12.08 03:50 Lexis_43210 A sketch I made last night because I couldn't sleep

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2021.12.08 03:50 sixgod24 what happened to women

i love bitches honestly. but wtf is going on right now.
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