More than one source for actors/actresses

2021.12.08 03:42 ramdad69 More than one source for actors/actresses

Just noticed that there are some actors/actresses that show up twice, or possibly more times. And when pressing the name it shows the movies that they are in. Each one giving their own results.
I have refreshed metadata, fixed matching etc. but it still finds these variants :p How do I fix it, or is it something that Plex or agent needs to fix. I use Plex movie scanneagent.
I see from the url in from both Ryan Renolds that the "actor-ID" or something differs.!/media/ea8ac2bd1b71303210dc704398f5d6aa09727021/com.plexapp.plugins.library?source=1&key=%2Flibrary%2Fsections%2F1%2Fall%3Ftype%3D1%26actor%3D1166&pageType=list!/media/ea8ac2bd1b71303210dc704398f5d6aa09727021/com.plexapp.plugins.library?source=1&key=%2Flibrary%2Fsections%2F1%2Fall%3Ftype%3D1%26actor%3D60707&pageType=list

Processing img 63c00p4qk9481...

Processing img xo20uwlxk9481...

Processing img wg5xqr71l9481...
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2021.12.08 03:42 Sochillguy Quick Question, Genuine Or Fake?

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2021.12.08 03:42 Sunnu22 Does Red Raspberry Leaf Tea help ease menstrual cycle?

Did anyone try this tea and it has helped them with menstrual symptoms? Or any other benefits you had from this herbal tea?
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2021.12.08 03:42 MisPai Pulled Rainbow Zard 2nd pin collection box lol. Chase streak continues lol.

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2021.12.08 03:42 leonfook Ayamas new chicken. Looks good, remind me of some Japanese thing.

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2021.12.08 03:42 LASTLSAT Checking my balance after submitting apps

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2021.12.08 03:42 gellerross086 Post-Matric Scholarship for Scheduled Tribe Students, Nagaland 2021-22 [Win variable award]

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2021.12.08 03:42 diente_de_leon Found in r/HermanCainAwards

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2021.12.08 03:42 aximell PLATINUM WOOO

i platinumed the game today and looking at the trophy dates i realised i played it for the first time exactly 2 years ago. im so glad i got back into it its such an amazing game definitely one of my tops
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2021.12.08 03:42 seekup40 What are these for?

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2021.12.08 03:42 AyyBuddyGuy How bad do you smell?

Showers and baths are a special treat instead of the norm, so how long do you go between cleanings?
What about nonexistent deodorant? Do you "smell like nature?"
I live near a river just to stay clean
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2021.12.08 03:42 The_Reddit_Squid Extended battery not working

I bought the extended battery a couple months ago and it was working completely fine up until now. My quest doesn't detect it, and when I unplug it and plug it back in, it shows for a second and then disappears. I charged it for a couple hours too, and it didn't go up a single percent
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2021.12.08 03:42 sadboi2021 void* or function template?

Let's say I have two structs, where the first few members are identical, such as

struct S1 { uint8_t m1; uint8_t m2; uint8_t m3; //unique members }; struct S2 { uint8_t m1; uint8_t m2; uint8_t m3; //unique members }; 
I wrote a function for populating common members like this:
void populateCommon(void *S) { S1 s1; s1.m1 = s1.m2 = s1.m3 = 0xFF; memcpy(S, &s1; 3); } 
But would it be better to do this?
template  void populate(genericStruct & s) { s.m1 = s.m2 = s.m3 = 0xFF; } 
The second solution seems more elegant, however when I try to cout one of the member values after populating it, I get a blank value, so I'm guessing I did something wrong.
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2021.12.08 03:42 Relevant-Ad4808 It's not me it's the AI

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2021.12.08 03:42 TNT_buster123 who up fondling they meat rn

i gotta wake up in 7 hours
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2021.12.08 03:42 -BigAl__ Girlfriend needs space to process family issues

Recently my girlfriend went a little MIA on me for a day, and although I assumed she had just been having a busy day, she messaged me the next morning apologising for not talking to me and saying that she’d had major family issues come up in the 24 hours beforehand. She added that she didn’t want to message me because she thought it wouldn’t be fair on me if she lashed out at me for what she was dealing with and she needed a bit of time to process what she was going through emotionally. She didn’t specify what happened, so I left it alone and figured if she wanted me to know she would have told me. It’ll have been 48 hours since we exchanged this as of tomorrow morning, and I’m really holding back the urge to reach out and check she’s alright. I know the right thing to do is leave her alone and let her reach out when she’s up for it, but the longer it goes without contact, the more I worry about how she’s dealing with it and that she’s trying really hard to work through something on her own that she doesn’t need to do herself. Is there any period of time where it might be okay for me to initiate and ask how she’s doing, especially since I don’t know exactly what’s going on?
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2021.12.08 03:42 SaukstasProto Taste of salmon in your mouth and in your head
"Not everything that you define is true". Yes, this again :) Denmark, salmon and consumer study.
When consumers tasted three kinds of salmon (conventional, organic and wild) without knowing which is which - wild salmon seemed to be significantly less tasty than other two, and conventional salmon seemed to be tastier than organic.
When consumers tasted same three kinds now knowing what they are tasting - the organic salmon seemed to have the best taste, followed by wild salmon, leaving conventional salmon in the last position.
These results align to the current opinion of what is a "better" food. This means that is I believe that food is better - then it will taste better. We can look at his from another perspective - if we believe that steamed vegetables are a healthier choice than macaroni with cheese - then vegetables will taste better. Just in an example like this there are issues with believing. People more often "force" or "pull together" themselves to eat healthy, and sincerely describe pasta as more tasty, comfortable and more filling food - which in no way strengthens the belief in vegetables.
Just saying, when working on your beliefs, you need more knowledge, not more willpower.
My name is Monika, I am health and nutrition psychologist. I help to deal with daily and difficult questions about behavior, thinking, emotions. I write, teach and provide psychological counselling. Book my session here: ||| Become Patreon:
Photo: congerdesign from Pixabay
#spoonfulofreason #psychology #beliefs #taste
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2021.12.08 03:42 Rana595 Vaiot

⭐⭐ Welcome To Vaiot ⭐⭐
🚀VAIOT combines Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to develop a portfolio of business-oriented Intelligent Virtual Assistants serving both consumers and business as a new, digital channel for selling and delivering products and services as well as making transactions. VAIOT is a personal assistant available on mobile devices via a simple natural user interface.
🚀High availability (24/7/365) and easy access to services and distribution channels as well as almost immediate contract generation. Enhanced user experience due to the utilization of a personal assistant with a natural user interface. Advanced security thanks to blockchain and cryptography. New data-gathering tools for enterprises. Greater speed and efficiency of both business and daily operations thanks to automatization and natural user interface.
💥For More Info: Website: Twitter: Telegram: Medium: Facebook: YouTube:
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2021.12.08 03:42 Ajsguns Grade 4-6 resources/tips for observation tomorrow.

Multiple principals and our SEIL are observing my class tomorrow, I'm a first year graduate and have only been observed a couple of times - so this is pretty daunting.
Just wondering if anyone has any kick ass warm up activities/games for maths/reading for a Grade 4-6 class? We are focusing on problem solving through the operations in maths and doing some revision around main idea in reading. Would also love to see any fantastic lesson plans, so I can modify mine and include things I've left out!
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2021.12.08 03:42 odinmudak Sunset

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2021.12.08 03:42 LuisMD19 Probably my favorite picture I’ve taken in photo mode

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2021.12.08 03:42 Mycelia_Universe Is this a San Pedro?

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2021.12.08 03:42 MrBeebins I've tried it works

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2021.12.08 03:42 Dev_Godhaniya_ Attack on Titan GAME in 3 DAYS

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2021.12.08 03:42 Wide_Cust4rd Trevor Noah Called “Anti-Vaxxer” For Questioning Big Pharma

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