Customizations for Glock 17 Gen 4?

2021.12.08 03:54 idkrandomdude101 Customizations for Glock 17 Gen 4?

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2021.12.08 03:54 ZoobBot 191451

This is the 191451st time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.08 03:54 jubub9 codebreaker crafting problem

I just can't craft the codebreaker base even though I have the right materials and I'm up to date.
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2021.12.08 03:54 Hot-Cauliflower9724 How did you escape from your brain fog and the lack of motivation to use your brain?

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2021.12.08 03:54 pushinglilacs Rat terrier/chihuahua mix potty training help!!

We have a “supposed” rat terrier chihuahua mix. We rescued him a few weeks ago and they said he was around 6/7 months old. He’s sort of potty trained in that he can hold it all night in his crate, or can go a whole day without accidents, but other days he’ll go outside to pee and then pee on our floor 30 minutes later. Or he’ll pee in his crate overnight randomly after a few nights of nothing. We’ve never had a puppy nor a small dog before (we’ve rescued older big dogs) so is this normal?? Shouldn’t he be fully trained by this point?? We’re starting dog training classes next month but I thought I’d get personal experiences here from you lovely people.
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2021.12.08 03:54 whippedforcream Trying to find a photo of blue hair jungwon

I think he had blue hair,,anyways it is a mirror photo and he’s wearing a light blue striped(?) button up over a white turtleneck. I think he was making a peace sign too but that doesn’t narrow it down lmao
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2021.12.08 03:54 First-Chest-4617 Speed run Happy humble burger in

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2021.12.08 03:54 rashi1999 Colombia's Biggest Bank, Bancolombia Set To Start Offering Bitcoin Trading.💥🔥💥🔥

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2021.12.08 03:54 TheSexyArtist092 Wanna be cosplayer

So I recently got a steampunk styled mask for certain reasons. And I’ve always liked steampunk and always enjoyed the art that goes into it. But now I want a whole costume. Problem is. While I’ve got the mask gloves boots and the cloak which I’ll link down below, I don’t know what to do for pants. Maybe just black dress pants? Either way any advice would be appreciated
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2021.12.08 03:54 Cdn_citizen Ranked Player Balancing

Does anyone know if there's a script that automatically balances the teams in ranked when someone drops out?
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2021.12.08 03:54 Individual-Pressure8 Friend decided to tag Emily!

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2021.12.08 03:54 Erics_Gay_lol "😑"

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2021.12.08 03:54 Patient_Jello3944 What just happened in Mumbo's recent video?

Do phantoms laugh? I've never heard anything about phantoms laughing before? Since when did they laugh?
Also are there any explanations for Grian's changing skin? Besides sleep deprivation, of course
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2021.12.08 03:54 burner982982 LF Evolution trades

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2021.12.08 03:54 Sad6But6Rad6 (Recurring nightmare) Imprisoned where it’s always bright and sunny and i’m unable to feel fear from the danger that i know i’m in

i (young adult, female) am a prisoner of sorts, along with several others (maybe 7-20) my age of mixed gender. these are sometimes unidentified strangers and sometimes people i know in real life. we are held in a large house with an even larger lush garden. it is always bright and summery in this dream. the only other person in the house is an older (maybe 55-75 year old) woman, she is tall and thin and elegant. white with grey hair, always fully pinned up and she wears dresses, silver jewellery, pearls, diamonds and makeup (including red lipstick). she doesn’t resemble anyone who i know in real life.
the dream always starts out with us in the house(/secure hospital?) kind of place and deciding to try to escape. we set off out the french doors and run across the lawn and into the lightly wooded area as it gives us a little cover. we find ourselves arranged into a line formation, i am always at the every back. we continue but as we travel this part of the garden, reality seems to become looser, we are lost, despite it being such a small area, and i can’t tell if we’ve been moving for hours or seconds and everything looks like i’m really high. we get tired from running and slow down. after an uncertain amount of time, we emerge from the woods, which is more like an orchard/bushes to be honest, and it is like stepping back into reality. everything looks clear and time makes sense again. we can now see the wooden gate which i know leads out of the garden and into a golden cornfield behind the house, where we can be free.
to reach the gate, we must cross a section of grass, a distance of about 7 meters, which is fully exposed to the house and rest of the garden. so we must army crawl across to try stay hidden. the front of the line set off, and it is at this point that i always see, and warm the others of, the old lady stepping out the house and calmly, leisurely, never looking angry or rushed, walking along the path towards us. almost dawdling. we have to be quick but i am still very tired out from the running earlier. when it’s my turn to start crawling, most of the other are already safe, but i am never near fast enough.
i don’t dream that she catches me, i just know that she does. that she catches all of us. we always try the exact same route out despite there being many better ones and we always crawl the last leg, despite the fact that just running for the gate would probably be far more effective. the truly strange thing about this dream is that it is not at any point scary. i feel panic when lost in the woods and apprehension when she catches me but i am never actually terrified of my life or safety in an extreme way. it is always a magnificently sunny day, the garden is beautiful and the lady is always smiling. weirdly, even though i’m not scared in the dream, i know i should be, but i’m not able to feel it, which is what makes this dream so unpleasant.
i always got the impression that she was playing with our heads. that it was her fault that we got lost in such a tiny bush, and why i was never scared like i should have been and it was always sunny. i never had a chance to think hard about this though, it was just a faint subconscious suggestion.
in addition to the normal plot of the dream, i recently dreamt of a continuation of it. this has only happened once so the details are more hazy.
i woke up in the house again after getting caught, everyone else was there and for the first time it was dark, nighttime. from then there is a gap in my recollection of the events. i know that i did get out, up the driveway at the front rather than through the garden at the back. i don’t know if the others left, i don’t know if i escaped or was let free. i felt nothing at this point, no relief or fear or joy or anger, just mild confusion and numbness, which made it hard to tell what had happened. i then found myself in my home, in the kitchen listening a talk radio channel, still at night and everything was strangely normal. then i heard the radio explain that the old woman, was dead, that she’s been murdered, by me. i didn’t recall why i did this and i didn’t know why i wasn’t worried, but i suddenly, starkly remembered how. we had stood facing when i had grasped her head, she didn’t struggle, i had pushed her skull between my hands until the her face started changing. the pores of her forehead seemed to enlarge and redden. then blood started pouring from them and down her skin. i never crushed her skull but i kept pushing until her face was streaming blood and she had died from the haemorrhage. it wasn’t actually that violent. it looked peaceful and easy. then, after remembering that, i was back in my house, in the kitchen, with the radio, at night, and it all felt the same.
this second part to the dream was relaxed and oddly comforting in tone, distant and detached, certainly none of the disconcerting not-fear of the first part.
it’s an odd dream. i think that part one is more meaningful than part two because it has repeated several times this year, it lasted longer, i remember it perfectly and part two seemed detached and patchy. does anyone have ideas on the meaning?
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2021.12.08 03:54 hunny_bun_24 When is the winter supposed to get tough?

I thought by now the winter would be a lot more snowy/cold. Are NovembeDecember usually like this? Is it January/February when the snow really picks up?
Also does anyone know how to check if power outages are common where I live? Thanks!
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2021.12.08 03:54 Adam-best New Fresh mix lithops bonsai - 200 seeds Have a "New Fresh 100pcs/bag mix lithops bonsai" with these little jewels. There are 100 luscious healthy seeds to cultivate. They are Perennials and love indoors or subtropical climates. Easy to grow and fun for the whole family. They bloom fully in S

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2021.12.08 03:54 Ralfop Sexy Women’s Cotton Seamless G-String Material: COTTON Obscene Picture: No Sexually Suggestive: No Panties Type: G-String Material Composition: Lace+Polyester+Spandex Gender: WOMEN Item Type: Panties Item Type: Women Intimates G-String String Gender: Women Girl Lady Season: Spring Summer Autumn

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2021.12.08 03:54 JustTheFishGirl Hi mom, I got married recently

I wish more than anything you could’ve been there. It was beautiful, small, and outdoorsy and he is such an amazing, supportive person and so good for me. I even wore the hat you wore at your wedding.
Life has been really stressful lately and it was an absolutely wonderful moment in the middle of grad school and health issues.
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2021.12.08 03:54 maxwellde What is Western about?

Absolutely love the song and some of the lyrics, but I don't get the big idea
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2021.12.08 03:54 autobuzzfeedbot 10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Spider-Man 2099

  1. A Dark Future
  2. Rewritten DNA
  3. World Of Tomorrow
  4. Timestorm
  5. Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man
  6. Connections To The Spider-Verse
  7. Exiles
  8. Harbinger Of Thor
  9. One Nation Under Doom
  10. Arachknight 2099
Link to article
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2021.12.08 03:54 MrBirb_ Fact of the day #49

Your body contains around 100,000 miles (160934 kilometers) of blood vessels.
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2021.12.08 03:54 PamNexoPromo test

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2021.12.08 03:54 Reciter5613 FNF Logic script: FNF soft

In Girlfriend’s apartment, a light flashed in the cursed mirror. Then out came what looked like Player but with different clothes and holding a paintbrush instead of a microphone. He shook his head and looked around.
Ben: Oh good! It worked! But doesn’t look like Pico came with me. Anyway, it won’t be long until she catches up so I better move.
Just then, he bumped into normal Player who was with his Girlfriend.
Player: Whoa! How did you get in here?
GF: Wait Player, this guy...looks like you.
Ben: Stay away from me, Grace! I don’t want...Oh, wait! Your not...
GF: Who is Grace?
Player: And who are you? Why do you look like me?
Ben: Well...your Player of this world, right? I’m you from an alternate dimension. Or AU overhaul mod.
Player: Really? I was wondering if there were more of those.
GF: We did run into the Minus versions of us but...they were not really interesting other than their designs.
Ben: Well, I think mine is more relevant has different songs and stuff.
Player: I can see that. So what’s your world like, other me?
Ben: First off, my name is Benjamin Fairest.
GF: You have real names? Lucky! Wait, is your Girlfriend named Grace?
Ben: Grace Dearest, yes. But I’m not with her like you two are. I’m on the run from her and my parents. They want to force me to be a musician but I don’t want to. I want to be a painter. I know it seems stupid but…
Player: No, I get you. I can see different versions of me going different paths.
GF: So what about your Girlfriend Grace?
Ben: She was a childhood friend and we were arranged to be married. But I don’t love her that way. I’m...actually in love with Pico.
Player: Pico?! I mean not that there is anything wrong with dating a guy cause I can see that happening too but...why Pico?
Ben: I know he’s a reckless and violent one can’t control who you love.
GF: I can get that.
Ben: Anyway, I came here to try and hide and…
Then Grace came out of the mirror.
Grace: There you are!
Ben: Oh crud!
Grace: Do you know how many universes I went through to find you? The Fever world with the psycho nun, The Salty world with everyone wearing grey, and don’t even get me started on the one with the Monolith! Now, will you stop running away from me, Ben?
Ben: Look Grace, I…
GF: Okay me with the cute ponytail, you need to lay off!
Player: Yeah, you sound like your going to Sky level crazy.
Grace: But we’re meant to be together! I mean you two are, right?
GF: Yeah...but that doesn’t mean it always works out that way in other worlds. Like I said to Tabi, you need to learn to take rejection.
Grace: What do you know?! Do you really want him to be with that gun-slinging Pico?
Player: So long as he’s not shooting at us.
GF: Obviously!
Grace: Enough of this! If you two get in my way I will rap battle you hard!
Player: Oh, It’s on!
Ben: Wait! This is not your fight.
Player: I like to stand up for those in need. Especially, if it’s an alternate version of me.
(Rap battle to “It’s Complicated”)
Player and Grace have a harsh battle with Ben watching concerned. During the battle, we see flashbacks of Ben when he ran away with his Pico. We also see clashes with Ben’s parents, Grace, and a giant monster that looked like his parents.
(End battle)
In the end, Player won and Grace drops to her knees crying.
Grace: Why? This is not how things are supposed to go. We had a perfect life in front of us.
Ben: They made that life for us but it doesn’t exist.
Grace: Why? Why with…him?
Ben: We…can’t help who we love.
Grace: Neither can I! How..could you do this to me?
Ben: Don’t be like that. We can still…
Grace then runs crying back through the mirror.
Player: Wow! I didn’t mean for her to be crushed that hard for losing.
Ben: It’s not your fault.
GF: I’m sorry it ended up that way.
Ben: It’s OK.
Then Soft Pico came out of the mirror.
S.Pico: Ben! There you are! I’m sorry I…
Ben ran up and hugged him crying.
Ben: Just shut up!
GF: Aww! This is kinda sweet.
Player: I feel odd and confused about it.
GF: That’s understandable.
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2021.12.08 03:54 ZXPHYRBEATS distrocore is the new wave for noise music

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