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2021.12.08 04:16 Copperhead6761 NR Painters I need you

I need someone to paint a few car sets for me in nr, I can’t pay nothing huge, but I can pay, comment if you can help please.
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2021.12.08 04:16 Reiner99 Robaron camisetas firmadas por Diego Maradona del local de las Madres de Plaza de Mayo

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2021.12.08 04:16 argiveajax12 Looking to Squad up on PC

Hey everyone, hope you are all well this evening.
I am looking for some squad mates to hang and play with on PC. (2042)

I am 31 and do occasionally consume some alcohol or even some dry vaped cannabis while I game. Happy to keep that private if you prefer but wanted to give full disclosure as I wouldn't want to have any negative impacts on anyone whose trying to avoid that sort of thing. That said it'd probably be best if anyone I squad with were 21+.

My origin ID is Viewness . Feel free to hit me up anytime or let me know your id
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2021.12.08 04:16 kwx33 Just ordered Grimes merch using Dogecoin, the future is now!

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2021.12.08 04:16 I_Am_Day_Man Fiancée is obsessed with Lana, trying to get her a Lana themed gift

Hi everyone, so I’ll get straight to the point. My fiancée is obsessed with LDR, like to the point she’d probably trade me in for her if she had a chance.
I really want to get her something Lana themed that she will love and so I’m asking for ideas, thoughts or anything you can think of! Her concert tours haven’t been announced yet and I don’t see that she’s on Cameo or else I’d for sure get her to give my fiancée a shout out.
Any ideas??
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2021.12.08 04:16 MyUsernameIsVeryYes Kirbo Anime

Where can I find the Kirby Anime, since KirbyStarRodHD deleted their channel, I’ve got no way to watch it again, I remember someone downloaded all of starrod’s videos and put them in a google drive (I myself decided to back up that google drive to my computer but I never got around to it), and I couldn’t find that post again, if someone could help me find the anime again, I’d very much appreciate it!
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2021.12.08 04:16 HiThereImNewHere Namjoon IG Story - 081221

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2021.12.08 04:15 possumosaur I am fiber arts meow

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2021.12.08 04:15 Efficient-Guide-4554 Task Force Blade Milsim: OP:ARCLIGHT

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2021.12.08 04:15 Andacar99 LETS MAKE A WORLD

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2021.12.08 04:15 Junior-Artichoke-130 Transformers FoC | Re-Graded Graphic Mod
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2021.12.08 04:15 No_Zebra8434 How do I quit Ativan

Hi- I’ve been taking Ativan for 8 weeks. .5 twice per day. I’m trying to use this to help me on board an AD as I have severe anxiety. I feel like I’m getting rebound anxiety? I’m not sure or it’s the increased anxiety from my med increase. How do I come off it please? Any advise would be great. 🙏🏽
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2021.12.08 04:15 Dral3m Request fulfilled for u/Xenogenix4405

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2021.12.08 04:15 FeatureAlternative1 $40 Free Bitcoin for $100+ deposit (BlockFi)

$40 Free Bitcoin for $100+ deposit (BlockFi) BlockFi is a great banking alternative which pays you interest for saving your crypto with them. Particularly, their 8.25% APY for stablecoins is just wonderful. If you sign up using my referral link and meet their deposit requirement, you get a $40 bonus in bitcoin. That is their normal bonus amount $10 plus $30 extra specially added if the person referring is a current BlockFi Rewards Visa Card holder, which I am. (Please see images below)
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  5. Bonus payout occurs every second Friday of each month. So just leave your fund and wait.
If you're not sure if your referral code is entered correctly, you can check on your "Referral" page in the line that says "Referral Code Used". If the code is missing, contact support via chat and ask them to add it manually.
I have noted some more helpful information about this offer on this page. For proof of my BlockFi Visa Card ownership, please see this video. Please feel free to DM me if you have any questions.
Thank you for using my referral, in advance!
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2021.12.08 04:15 cipikao81 Liber la distraktie! Am Ânvins!

Odată cu noua hotărâre a CNSU, virusul a dat-o la pace cu guvernul, promițând solemn ca în zilele negociate mutual, nu va deranja pe nimeni. Sărbători frumoase și ție, Omicron cel Bun!
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2021.12.08 04:15 Arabica_Dani_89 Please stop discontinuing all of good items

I miss the Loaded grillers and they keep bringing back and taking away the cravings boxes like Nacho (not -cho) fries boxes and Chalupa boxes. They keep taking away the best items and bring them back. So frustrating. Noticed this at multiple franchises. I'm guessing they are doing it on purpose to hype it up, they are a huge corp and know what they are doing but I also realize there's a supply chain issue in the US due to the COV19 I get that but man. I can't be the only one? Sorry new to the sub......
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2021.12.08 04:15 frikler /KOKODI/ Ethereum NFT project.

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2021.12.08 04:15 sunscets anyone else like, wish ford was a LI or is it just me??

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2021.12.08 04:15 i-dont-likeit-here just some mac n cheese n chicken I guess

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2021.12.08 04:15 DexCruz flag of local graffiti

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2021.12.08 04:15 travxss TV shows like Destroy All Humans?

Can anyone recommend me a show like Destroy all Humans? I am looking for a show with the same animation style and sarcastic humor. The only show I can think of is the Red vs. Blue series but I just can’t get into that. I first found the Destroy All Humans remake after watching a YouTube video that compiled all the cuts scenes to form one long movie, and I fell in love instantly. I’m happy to hear any suggestions.
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2021.12.08 04:15 El_Paletero Weapon crafting needs to launch with all/most weapons that have been previously obtained by the player, so I can clear my vault.

Hi DestinyTheGame subreddit! I am someone who loves to play destiny, but I literally have not played in like 2 months because I just got tired of managing my vault. I like collecting multiple rolls of weapons, armor, and exotics, it’s just how I like to play the game. I like making fun builds with crazy stat distributions on my armor. Doing this with 3 characters makes it so that my vault is almost always at capacity. Destiny is a game about loot, I should be able to collect more than just 500 pieces of it. If weapon crafting were to launch with more or all previously obtained weapons, I could delete weapons that are god rolls but do not use, and just “re-craft” the weapon if I wanted to use it again. A weapon or perk is always one patch away from being meta, and it’s soul crushing to see a weapon you recently deleted become meta after just one patch. I’d love to come back and play the game again for the 30th anniversary event, but looking at my vault right now reminded me as to why I haven’t played in a long time. Managing the vault is a literal chore. It keeps me and players like me from playing the game. So please, when weapon crafting comes in the witch queen, please launch it with more than just the new weapons. I hope that I am not alone in this sentiment.
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2021.12.08 04:15 Mysterious_Project_4 Wb reshiram adding 10 be online please

3973 1975 0491 or 6946 8954 3057
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2021.12.08 04:15 kovyrshin Bluetooth + Wi-Fi + Waterproof

Hi all.

Trying to kill all the birds with one stone. Want some portable speaker that can be used in shower or around and big enough to power small bedroom. Extra points if it can run on Wireless and not just on bluetooth. Spotify Connect will do it, but Apple Music, Pandora, Chormecast will be nice too.
Prefer it to be small enough so I can throw it into my backpack if needed.
Budget is flexible. $200-300. Can stretch it if needed, but at some point I'd rather buy station speaker for bedroom and bluetooth for shower.
I understand that sound quality will be somewhat compromised. It's portable bedroom speaker basically. I got bigger system in living room.
I found that Sonos Roam support pretty much all that. As well as Bose portable speaker at basically double the price ($400). Roam will run $200 or so. There's also Sonos Move, but I'm not going to carry 6lbs speaker. Sony RA3000 support all that, but not portable and not waterproof.
Is that really all the fits the requirement? No other brands created bluetooth + wifi speaker?
It seems that Roam is the way to go, just wanna make sure before I pull the trigger.
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2021.12.08 04:15 optia I was banned from my local gym after losing a lot of weight. Oh sorry, typo. I lost a lot of weights.

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