Senza di loro come faremmo

2021.12.08 04:09 Enough_Stranger750 Senza di loro come faremmo

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2021.12.08 04:09 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - Ibec presses for State subsidies; power price league; and Paschal Donohoe interview | Irish Times

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2021.12.08 04:09 thatgingerjosh Why would you put that like that on your body

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2021.12.08 04:09 cligey_ Choose ur sex toy

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2021.12.08 04:09 Cellyst Don't cry, Timmy. Your mommy is right here and she's fucking _________.

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2021.12.08 04:09 Adi_MSFS If there's one general aviation steam gauges aircraft that you'd like to be added into the game, what would it be? Given that it is not currently being worked on or has not been made for MSFS already.

I'm planning on working on a general aviation aircraft over the next 3 months between my mid term and final exams, so I would love to hear suggestions on which aircraft to make :)
I don't have any prior experience with the SDK (for aircraft), but I have worked with several freeware development groups in the past for modelling and texturing. The reason I'm not going for a big airliner is because it's simply too big of a task to go for as your first aircraft and for a solo (for now) project.
Any comments are appreciated! Thank you!
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2021.12.08 04:09 Lemon_Cries Was thinking about getting the game specificity for coop, does it have Bookworm-2CEA2BDC thing in this game too?

Played fc5 fine with friend bought new dawn purely for the purpose to play with each other couldn’t because of this “feature”. Wanted to know if I should bother buying fc6 cause it’s literally a make it or break it for me as I won’t play the game alone.
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2021.12.08 04:09 westernguy339 I'd rather have a brutal Orwellian surveillance state than a world with prisons in it.

I understand how prisions were a thing before cameras and the mass surveillance state was a thing. I also understand how cutting a thieves hand off was a thing before we civilized it up with prisons.
Nowadays tho, any criminal can be tattooed or microchipped and that tag can activate surveillance in say any store if they're a thief, or within a mile of their spouse if they're an abuser, or within 500 feet of a school if they're a pedo. Ya its horrible. We'd need cameras everywhere, and a whole cyber tracking infrastructure. So dark right?
I contrast it with our current system. In the US at least. We could pioneer it. 1 out of 100 adults rotting in jails and prisions. The figure stands at 80 to 180 billion a year to do that. And that's monetary only. Our system puts pedos with pedos, gangsters with gangsters, and nazis with nazis all in one big building and cycles them in and out constantly. That's the recipe for a criminal underworld. Confining criminals with other criminals is the worst idea anyone's ever had and however big a hole you blow in my ideas justice it probably won't be bigger than the current plan does to support organized criminal enterprises
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2021.12.08 04:09 Bluetigercloud Is this an appropriate message to send

Context: So I had a sneaky link in college and we haven’t spoke in a few weeks. But this was due to me not responding to the last message he sent me. I left him on read because I felt disrespected as we had been intimate and his replies went from minutes into days. I told one of our mutual friends about us in confidence and I suspect she told him as he stopped talking to me as much soon after.
What I want to send:
Hey X, know we haven’t spoke in a few weeks but I just wanted to let you know I did feel a bit hurt about how the whole situation ended. Idrk what happened and it has been weighing on my conscience. I did tell one of the girls about you, as I thought I liked you at the time and just wanted to share that with someone. I’m sorry about doing that. But then it suddenly I started getting mixed signals and removed myself from the situation. Now looking back that was immature of me to do instead of voicing how I felt. It would be nice if we could talk soon, let me know
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2021.12.08 04:09 C-Beck86 Hero Rifleman DNA infatuation

Yall MFers didn't tell me how BEAST this thing is for a 60 ton mech. 2 gauss rifles, absolute headshot machine. Easily my favorite mech around that weight class. 10/10 recommend add to your lance.
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2021.12.08 04:09 DiamondDuece911 Hi

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2021.12.08 04:09 anonymousanonymous62 How do I order a package online without my parents finding out?

I want to order some stuff from wish 💀, but I dont want my parents to find out what it is. How do I get away with it. Theres no option for shipping instructions so idk what to do.
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2021.12.08 04:09 Puzzled-Leadership-4 Us west

Anyone know the most populated us west server?
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2021.12.08 04:09 mayo_deftin Wenn ich das schaffe chan, schafft das jede!!!

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2021.12.08 04:09 TheWestphalianGwent On the first day of Yuletide Winter Queen gave to me...

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2021.12.08 04:09 Qumalo A "BionicPig" (YouTuber, livestreamer) copypasta

hey pig why do you always have to be SO much louder than the video you're having us watch? can barely hear the video without being deafened by you?? like I don't understand
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2021.12.08 04:09 Ghonaherpasiphilaids [OC] La Portal Comic, part 2: The faith!

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2021.12.08 04:09 misfitme4 Smartphone green tint on the sides because of the curved display

Dear all,
I recently bought a OnePlus 8 Pro. I hadn't used curved displayed smartphones before. I normally do a lot of reading on the smartphone and this curved feature basically seems to distort the first and the last few columns of text on the right and the left. Overall, this phone is worth the price for me except this curved screen feature which was a real disappointment for me. But I have noticed one thing though. I guess the tint is more pronounced because of the clear screen protector it comes fitted with. Does anyone of you removed that protector and hence this problem was lessened to some extent? Thank you so much.
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2021.12.08 04:09 MVGMoe Custom Charizard Vs Custom LvL9 Dark Pit and Palutena [Smash4K]

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2021.12.08 04:09 sususmoongus #unbansussusmoongus

unban me from the nintendo community. Get this trending. make this hashtag popular throughout reddit. i am in dramaaaaaaaa!!
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2021.12.08 04:09 oswaldsumbrella Ad Astra Per Aspera

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2021.12.08 04:09 TiMisterMi I got this on my first encounter !

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2021.12.08 04:09 ClickForNothing Just got a shipping notification for my Monopoly board! Kind of unbelievable that Kith actually shipped it quickly!

This might be the fastest I’ve ever had an item from Kith get shipped. I was definitely expecting a 1-2 week delay at least. Kith is on top of shipping for this drop! Out of the 3 items I ordered, only one hasn’t been shipped yet. (The stadium Coca-Cola bear) Super stoked I’m gonna be getting the board before Christmas!
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2021.12.08 04:09 gel_arthoe MATHILDA , ihatepeanut_arts , vic ballpoint pen , 2021

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