LFG 1 for ranked BR plat must have been diamond before 18+ w/mic

2021.12.08 02:59 ITZ_Inosuke LFG 1 for ranked BR plat must have been diamond before 18+ w/mic

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2021.12.08 02:59 Ubatselsema_kun Anyone looking for a friend? I'm at Hollyberry server!

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2021.12.08 02:59 Impressive-Coyote612 Lmao

told you finals should be online McGill admin sucks
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2021.12.08 02:59 pisces9526throwaway I messed up

I messed up bad, and I realize that it’s on no one but me, but I need to be able to say what I did to the fullest and uncensored.
I’m in the process of getting a divorce and I very stupidly slept someone else I met at a bar while very intoxicated. Missed my period, figured it was stress from that and recently losing a close family member and guess who according to the due date calculator is 5 weeks pregnant?! With this guy’s child and not my soon to be ex’s? Me.
My emotions are all over the place, and I hate knowing that I fucked up. My first pregnancy, birth, and postpartum were awful. I almost died and this would be considered a high risk pregnancy. I’m considering an abortion, but I’m not leaning towards it because I don’t feel 100% sure on it. I told two of my best friends and my mom, but I hate feeling this way. I’m honestly hoping for a miscarriage so this will be an awful, distant memory. They keep asking me if I plan to tell the guy, and he doesn’t seem like a safe person so I’m heavily debating it although I decided to wait until week 12 to possibly say anything.
I fucked my life up bad, and now my kid(s) have to pay for it too, I hate myself and literally want to die.
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2021.12.08 02:59 jamesisntcool Renting Burroughs football field?

Is it possible to rent out the football facilities for a sporting event in the evening?
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2021.12.08 02:59 slayer9981 Feedback or Advice

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2021.12.08 02:59 marty6001 Scammers

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2021.12.08 02:59 Waloogiboi I have decided to do a Tatsumaki (One Punch Man) tier list next. Give me your best and worst (with connections).

I have decided to do a Tatsumaki (One Punch Man) tier list next. Give me your best and worst (with connections). submitted by Waloogiboi to DeathBattleMatchups [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 02:59 MVPARLLAR45613991 Seven Awkward Gems by Milky Boy Blue(some of of the gang gets hit by 7 sins and hilarity ensue

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2021.12.08 02:59 Action-Leather Need formula for newborn.

bills are lapsing, husband got laid off work and new job pay cycle is still adjusting, I’m at home with my newborn. thank you .
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2021.12.08 02:59 Macalodon Just a normal log stack...(Mid city build)

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2021.12.08 02:59 Ultra_boomerFN Most Substantial Exploit

Was Clix’s face-North zero day wall-taking trick the most influential / career-making exploit we have seen? If not, which one would you consider the top?
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2021.12.08 02:59 JaneJeckel Woman succumbs to COVID before getting a chance to meet her grandchild

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2021.12.08 02:59 Bob_The_Builder00 💯🔥

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2021.12.08 02:59 shumster_ 'Brrrr' PTSD. Help save my play-through! 30+ Stable Hours on SX LO starting to crash more and more frequently

Hey friends - really appreciate this community - just wanted to say thanks to all of you.
It's been a pleasure getting back into skyrim and having a break from competitive games that stress me out. Skyrim is an awesome relaxing escape.
I had a great LO going based on u/rollanotherlol's last SX LO(thanks so much). I was getting super into my playthrough, didn't have a crash for 30+ hours but now i'm starting to get more and more CTDs. It started as 1 every few hours but now it's becoming a few every hour.
They seem to happen randomly walking around either inside or outside. Normally I could reload and continue but I finally ran into a persistent crash at Fort Neugard. I feel pretty crushed because I was really enjoying my playthrough and I spent a lot of time on this LO getting it right.
Looking for any advice on what to do...Should I give up on it, attempt to fix the LO and restart? Should I try and play through the crashes (I'm starting to get PTSD from the brrrr sound). Does anyone have any ideas on anything I can do to save this playthrough?
Here is my LO - I have not modified my LO in any way since starting.
Again thanks so much to this community. I haven't really posted before, but since I am now I wanted to express my thanks. Just lurking around has taught me so much and I never thought I would get back into Skyrim since playing it at release on my xbox 360!

  1. Reconciliation (USSEP Incl)

  1. Survival Mode Ussep patch

  1. Survival mode settings

  1. ScryUI

  1. Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers

  1. RDO

  1. RDO - USSEP Patch

  1. Unread Books Glow SSE

  1. Evolving Value Economy

  1. XB1 Dragon Remains

  1. Extended Encounters

  1. Immersive Patrols (large battles)

  1. Civil war patrols

  1. RASS

  1. 50 PCT more perk points

  1. Ordinator

  1. Apocalypse

  1. Apocalypse - Ordinator compatibility

  1. Odin

  1. Subtle But Imperious

  1. Quieter Dungeons and Caves

  1. Haze Lights - Torches Cast Shadows

  1. Supreme Aegis Weathers

  1. Brutish Argonian Males

  1. Feminine Argonian textures

  1. Masculine argonian textures

  1. Masculine khajiit textures

  1. Feminine Khajiit textures

  1. Basspainter’s beauty bundle

  1. Unp - specular sporty

  1. Fatherland Children

  1. 360 Walk and Run Standalone

  1. Xp32 maximum skeleton + realistic rag doll

  1. Mofumofu combat animations

  1. Mofumofu block animations

  1. Leviathan animations AIO

  1. Vanargand AIO

  1. YY Animations Neutral Jump

  1. Dual Sun one handed

  1. Side Kick Bash Replacer

  1. Rumple dual wield idle

  1. Movement and behaviour enhanced 2.0

  1. Violens

  1. Super immersive looting

  1. More tavern idles

  1. Head tracking

  1. Dead body collision fix

  1. Septentrional landscapes

  1. Hyperborean snow

  1. Disable snow shader

  1. Blended roads redone

  1. Blended roads redone - bridges

  1. Northern Shores (1k)

  1. Skyrim remastered - glaciers

  1. Oblivion tree overhaul WIP

  1. Kyne’s grass max

  1. Cathedral 3d rocky shores

  1. Cathedral 3d mountain flowers

  1. Cathedral 3d pine grass

  1. Landscape fixes for grass mods

  1. Mari’s flora AIO

  1. Grass Lod noise green tint

  1. No more dead shrubs

  1. New haven weapons and armour overhaul lite

  1. New haven weapons and armour clothes

  1. Lite guard armour overhaul

  1. Unplayable factions armours

  1. Civil war amour

  1. Nordwar race armour expansion

  1. Kozakowy’s falka + saskia armour

  1. Isilmeriel LOTR weapons

  1. Lustmord vampire armour

  1. Dark brotherhood armour

  1. Nightingale primes remastered 1k

  1. Real bows 1k

  1. Ks jewellery

  1. I want better arrows - updated

  1. Clevercharff AIO

  1. Quarantined Mountains Geode

  1. Skyland Whiterun Cobblestone

  1. Redbag’s 3d solitude market

  1. Orignal mesh fixes bundle

  1. 1k stockade

  1. 2k hq puddles

  1. Smooth soul gems

  1. Enhanced blood textures

  1. Natural forces bundle - dry

  1. Cathedral smooth transparent foamy water

  1. Leafeater’s 3 in 1 tree overhaul

  1. Trees in cities

  1. Stocked shops

  1. Convenient horses

  1. Silvaas raan creatures

  1. Dwemer automations glow mapped

  1. Dwemer pipework reworked 1k

  1. Dwemer tech glow mapped

  1. Skyrims dead

  1. See enchantments

  1. Beards

  1. Amadiaha’s ks hairsyles 2

  1. Ws modules for lighting mods

  1. Lux - ussep free

  1. Claralux sse

  1. Vigor

  1. Wildcat combat and archery overhaul

  1. Inigo

  1. SDA

  1. SDA - RDO Patch

  1. No horizontal glow fx

  1. Face light

  1. Weapons on back AIO

  1. RBE enhanced 1st person camera

  1. Display enhancements

  1. Busty skeeters

  1. Horse camera tweak

  1. Open civil war

  1. Insignificant object remover

  1. Bijin aio

  1. Kallilies NPCs UNP

  1. Pandorable males 1

  1. Pandorable males 2

  1. Subsurface scattering WIp

  1. Dynamically disable eye adaptations

  1. Immersive follower framework

  1. Immersive follower RDO patch

  1. Civil war aftermath se

  1. Skyrim is windy

  1. Alternate start

  1. Cheat room

  1. XB1 character editor

  1. Ars Metallica

  1. Double beds are for two

  1. Seranaholic 1.5

  1. CLO Custom Lighting overlay
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2021.12.08 02:59 livvyrozay Little Manga Haul🤗

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2021.12.08 02:59 OniomV1 I don't think college is right for me.

I have been in college for about 2 years now and about to end off this semester. While I was at my 2 year college, I had many episodes of anxiety and depression over the years and I have not been able to get over them. The courses I were taking then were not designed for a two year college and it ended up making me fail 2 of the required classes I need to move forward so I'm going to have to retake and play catch up. I was still able to obtain and associates in mathematics and move to a 4 year university and have gotten all the way to the end of my semester only just barely staying afloat with grades and new financial obligations like rent and other necessities. Honestly after going through all of these classes and meeting some very amazing people, its not enough to really justify my want to move forward in engineering and really either need a break from classes to relieve my mentality or drop out entirely. I've grown to love the entertainment and streaming industry so much because not only do I see people having fun, they are doing what they love and the amount of work they put into their passion is astounding. I would like to get into this if I felt there was an option to pursue that passion, but with the amount of work that school has put on me and the amount of time and stress that has been put on my shoulders keeps me from working on advertising, editing, streaming, recording, and overall make time for this trade. I'm not sure what I want to do with my life at this point and I'm too afraid to drop my classes and attempt to see if I can make this streaming/entertaining career work or if I should tough it out for a few more years and finish college if barely with my mental state continuing to take a hit. I would like advice from both points of view as a streamer and engineer for what they have done and what would be a good solution or compromise to my situation.
submitted by OniomV1 to Advice [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 02:59 jamesmauriarty In case Caroline will ever be recasted, the writers should have a good reason. This is my idea.

She is currently searching a way to stop the Merge. Let's say she discovers something she wasn't supposed to know (not necessarily related to the Merge) and she has to hide. Bonnie helps her get a new body, just like they did with Rebekah.
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2021.12.08 02:59 Angelsndv Órgano reproductor.

Órgano reproductor. submitted by Angelsndv to dankgentina [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 02:59 darksaiyan1234 Ok its that time for a stupid question (write in comments why)

View Poll
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2021.12.08 02:59 JetiAA Custom resolutions not working anymore after refreshing my GPU with WIN+CTRL+SHIFT+B

so i refreshed my GPU thought it was a good idea. Well now my custom resolution in PUBG for instance, does not work and i dont know how to fix it. also has messed up some overlays not coming to in game anymore.
any help is appreciated!
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2021.12.08 02:59 Big-Locksmith-902 Covid related question

If I test positive will I get paid by my DSP or is do I need to contact someone about it
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2021.12.08 02:59 Few_Success8845 #kyrrex #DeFi #KRRX #$KRRX

0.7 USD per KRRX is too good price for investors in Pre-sale, 30% cheaper than Public-Sale price, I think we should not miss this opportunity.
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2021.12.08 02:59 bot_neen Titular del Conacyt defiende ante la comunidad del CIDE el nombramiento de Romero Tellaeche

Titular del Conacyt defiende ante la comunidad del CIDE el nombramiento de Romero Tellaeche submitted by bot_neen to mexico_politics [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 02:59 AlbyGoa Galgibaga the Turtle Beach | Olive Ridley Turtles 2021

Galgibaga the Turtle Beach | Olive Ridley Turtles 2021 submitted by AlbyGoa to goa_trance [link] [comments]