Do y'all think this girl is really interested in me

2022.01.26 17:28 ArthurTheSeal Do y'all think this girl is really interested in me

Alright so I don't think of myself as anything close to attractive. Like I'm nice and stuff, and somewhat intelligent, but I'm also not that good looking (even though I got pretty great hair), and especially akward. The other day I was in my philosophy class, and was debating with the teacher as usual cause I really enjoy defending my ideas and POV in a conversation. Suddendly this guy tells me and goes like "yeah dude you got a chance with this girl, she likes the way you talk" As my confuse self, I can't tell if he's trolling since he's a pretty mischevious guy, but that seemed a little outta nowhere, you gotta be really bored to come up with a scheme like that. Anyone got advice on how to tell and maybe how to approach her if this is legit
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2022.01.26 17:28 Immediate_Energy_711 Someone asked for some more fanart on this sub so.......

I can't draw to save my life. But I can write. Enjoy this story about a last stand and the discovery of a bit of magic you all might know. And yes I am fully aware that this is the LOOSEST definition of TDP fanfiction as it is mostly stuff I made up, but I don't care. Enjoy.

The bell was ringing. That meant two things. One, an enemy army was marching on the Fort. Two, something just as bad was happening. And knowing that there were six Dark Mages with a wagon’s worth of Unicorn Horns within his walls, Titus knew it could either. He dressed himself in warm clothing and pulled on his chainmail before fastening on the plate. His helm, winged with a T slight, was held at his hip opposite to his sword.
He left his quarters and looked down to see the gate opening. Lalion, one of his rangers, was returning. The half elf had an arrow in his shoulder and a face of red from exertion, but he was alive. Titus felt that this could not be said of the two others in his party, knowing how the elves treated their half breed cousins if found wearing military clothing.
He ran for the gate, and arrived after it had been closed. The apothecary, a woman named Nymeria, was tending to the half elf’s wounds while Samson, his second, and two others stood and mocked him. Samson was born a Katalon but his family had migrated to the Empire. And it showed. He towered over Titus, and Titus was by no means a small man. His dark skin and golden eyes clued into the reason why. The Katolans were renowned in the human lands for their bravery and feats of courage and strength. Granted, most of the warriors from their lands Titus had met were bravado sick and would be felled in a real fight, but Samson wasn’t like them. And Titus liked to think it was Imperial upbringing. But one thing that had carried over was the Katolan loathing for their elven neighbors.
“How do we know this isn’t some elven ploy, get one of there’s inside so they can just open the gate for them,”
“They hate my kind as much as you hate me,” Lalion said. Despite having shaved down his horns and ears, and growing out his hair to cover both, it was clear as day that Lalion wasn’t purely human. His fifth fingers were stunted, half the size that they are supposed to be. His face, while not as pale as a pure blooded Moonshadow, was clearly elven. Feminine to the point of beauty. Even the scar on his face, an old one from a knife fight in his youth, where on a human face would be ugly accentuated his features in a way that enhanced them. But while his face was a marvel of beauty, all it was to many was more proof of his mixed heritage.
“So….” Samson began to say before Titus spoke. “Enough, Lalion is one of us unless I say otherwise.” He turned to the Half Elf, “Report, what cost your comrade’s their lives?”
He winced as Nymeria stitched his wound. “An army, Fireskins and Antler faces,”
“Says the antler face,” Samson muttered. Titus allowed it to slide, the irony of a man who’s father was a Moonshadow Elf using the slur for them was funny in a way.
“How many?” Titus asked.
“Elrond said he counted three thousand of the Sunfires and a thousand Moonshadows,”
“Four thousand elves? We can scrape together what? A hundred? Maybe a hundred and ten?” Samson said.
“And that would be putting a sword in everyone’s hands,” Titus began, his eyes drifting towards two squires who were fetching water from a well, “Even the children,”
“They’re here for the Dark Mages, I say we give them to em,” Nymeria said as she finished bandaging the man’s wound.
“And what?” Lalion said, “Wait for the next city to be threatened by a dragon. We got lucky that Magister Ziard was there to stop that monster the Xadians call a king, and even then it cost him his life,”
“The half breed is right,” Samson said with a grimace, “The only chance we have as a species is for the Dark Mages to figure out how to fight back. And if these ones say they are close, I believe them."
Titus didn’t join the conversation. His personal opinion on the matter was to throw the Dark Mages to the elves and be done with it. Sol Regem was universally accepted to be on the extreme, even by Elven Standards. Granted, the size of the extreme seemed to grow year by year but the majority of the Elven Kings and Queens, the ones with power at least, still kept their radicals in check. And the Magisterium in the Capital had been doing just fine researching methods to fight the dragons, well before this Virinius and his followers had massacred a group of Unicorns.
“Lalion, go fund one of the good cots and get a rest. Samson, wake up the unit commanders. I want a constant watch. Seal the gate and put guards on the secondary exit,” he stormed off and Samson asked, “Where you going?”
“To talk to the pond scum that plopped this mess onto my desk,”
Virenius, despite his Imperial sounding name, was a Delebaran, a Westerman as some called them. He was tall for one, but his shoulders had the broadness of one of their ilk. He also had the rat like face of a thief, the face that made Titus very tempted to reject his request for shelter. Had he known the man’s cargo before letting him in the walls, he very much would’ve sent him and his on their way. Now he was banging on the door of the Dark Mages, screaming “VIRENIUS!!! OPEN THIS DOOR YOU LOW BORN SON OF A PLAGUE RIDDEN CHURL!!!!!” the door opened and the man appeared. His hair and beard were ragged and the lines under his eyes made it seem as though he hadn’t slept for days.
“What do you want?” he asked.
“Your massacre is going to get every man and woman in this fort……nine rings!!! What is that stench?” he forced himself into the room and saw two dead Dark Mages on the floor, their hands missing and burn marks at the tips of their wrists. The stench and the flies hinted they'd been dead for days. “The pursuit of knowledge requires experimentation,” he said, “Vladamir and Naomi knew this, and with their deaths we are closer to unlocking a weapon that will save us from the threat of the Dragons,”
Titus made a sign of the gods to ward of the evil in the room. “There is an army four thousand strong marching on this fort…..”
“Good, it’ll be a fine test for our findings,” the man said.
Titus got into his face, “Give me one good reason to not give you to the elves when they arrive.”
Virenius smiled, “I am close, very close. Give me a few days and you will have a weapon that can not only win you this fight, but scare the dragons and elves from ever imposing their will upon humankind again,”
Titus glanced at the dead man and woman. Part of him screamed to put the man in chains. To round up his comrades and their bounty of Dark Magical components and give them to the elves. He and his counterpart across the river Talos, a Moonshadow Elf named Reyna, were on….not good terms, but better terms than one would expect from officers in opposing Kingdoms.
He imagined if he threw the Dark Mages before her and requested an end to the fighting, it would happen. But then he remembered his dead rangers, a man and a woman who died for the crime of their breeding. He thought of the city that nearly died because of Xadian bigotry. The lives that will, not may but will, be lost when the wars start proper. Humanity had no chance against the dragons and the elves, but whatever this man was making might be the edge needed to achieve victory.
“Give them a burial, and if this…..whatever you are doing gets my people killed for nothing I will make sure the Forgotten Ones throw you into the Ninth Ring and leave you there,”
“Trust me, you will not regret this choice,” the man said with a smile that Titus did not trust in the slightest.

The air was cold that night. Titus wasn’t surprised when it began to snow. He had wrapped a fur cloak over his armor, as did many of the fort’s garrison. He had put weapons in the hands of everyone, and armor on those who it would fit with what spare armor they had. Lalion was in a cast, but that hadn’t stopped him from bringing up arrow and javelin quivers. The young man was a soldier and a human through and through.
The ground began to thunder to the beat of eight thousand feet. The Elves had come. The armor of the Sunfire’s glowed, heralding their arrival and even from a distance. Titus could see the Moonshadows flitting through the trees. The Sunfire’s formed ranks two hundred meters from the wall, just out of effective range of their weapons. The Moonshadows sat within the tree line, their glowing eyes causing the hairs to stand up on the back of his neck.
At the head of the Sunfire Formation was their leader, a General as her detailed armor gave away. Marching from the woods came Hunt Mistress Reyna, and he could feel her scowl from the distance. “Time to talk,” Titus told Samson.
“If they kill you, I’ll make sure they bleed for it,” Samson responded.
“I can’t say for the Sunfire, but, for an elf, Reyna has honor. She’ll let me return,”
“I’ll keep my bow on her, just in case,”
He marched down the stairs and made for the side entrance. He came out the side of the fort and approached the pair. “Reyna! I hope you’ve come to surrender!” he yelled.
“I would say the same to you, monkey,” she shouted back.
He smiled at the slur, latching onto any sense of humor to push out the dread and cold. “I would tell you that this….joint exercise crossed the border, but I imagine you are smart enough to know that,”
“And I imagine you are smart enough to know why we are here,” the Sunfire elf said, revealing that she was a he, a surprise from the matriarchal Sunfires. “Do your subordinates know that they are following a man, or do you speak with a high pitched voice when giving orders?” Titus asked, for no particular reason other than he felt like it.
“You are speaking to a Prince of the Ever Burning Throne!” the Elf spat reaching for his blade. The Hunt Mistress put her hand in front of him, “Save those mockeries for later. I would prefer to avoid needless bloodshed,”
“That has passed Hunt Mistress,” the general spat, “These humans ranged into our woods and massacred the Unicorns of Clan Un Amar Anlath,”
“For your report,” Titus told Reyna, “Until a few days ago I, nor anyone in this fort, knew anything about that. We took in a group of Dark Mages, with a writ of travel stamped with the Emperor’s approval, allowing for trade with Xadia. It was only later, after I allowed them into the fort, that we learned of their actions. And by law, I cannot expel them without just cause,”
“Massacre of Unicorns isn’t just cause?” the general yelled.
“Virenius claims they were found on the side of the road. And with no evidence, I cannot act,”
“You know he’s lying,” Reyna said.
“Then turn him over to us. We have a grievance, that should…..”
“It would if he didn’t convince me to fight and die for him,”
“What?” the Moonshadow said, shocked, “I would’ve never thought……until you uttered those words I was certain you were an elf’s soul in a human’s body,”
“He says he can create a weapon that will end all wars. That will keep Xadia from attacking us again,”
“Sol Regem was an extremist,” the general said.
“Yes, as is the Lady Morathi, the Laughing King, the Scoia’tael, and others. All extremists. When there are that many such individuals, either all elves are extremists or you are a people divided,”
“As divided as you?” Reyna said, anger hitting her voice, “Your Empire has conquered how many of your neighbors? Enslaved how many dozens of cities? Killed how many thousands of your kind?”
“Better to die by the hand of war than by the hand of extermination,” Titus spat back, “The conquests are necessary to preserve and strengthen the Empire. The Southern and Western Realms know nothing, prepare nothing, for you and the rest of you bigoted magbloods. Because of your kind, our peoples are on a razors edge. The next Sol Regem will not be stopped. He or she will burn a nation to the ground simply for existing,”
“For practicing Dark Magic,” Reyna spat.
He laughed, “You would kill a million men women and children for the act of one person?”
“As opposed to the thousands killed by Virenius?”
“To save millions. And to kill Virenius and his fellow mages will mean those lives were wasted,”
There was an impasse. “You have an hour to turn over the mages, then we will take them,” Reyna said.
“You have ten minutes to leave before we loose arrows,” Titus countered.
“Then we have nothing left to discuss,” Reyna told him, “I will say, it will bring me no joy to kill you Titus,”
“Nor I you. But I will thoroughly enjoy plunging my gladius into his heart,” he said, gesturing at the prince. He lunged at the captain, but Reyna stopped him. Titus smiled as he returned to the fort, and readied for battle.

“LOOSE!!!!!!” he ordered. Arrows flew into the Sunfires. They had been ready, but some shafts flew through the shield wall. Cries released as elves fell. The Moonshadows ran forward, loosing their own arrows at the ramparts as the Sunfires, at the order of their Captains, threw their sun forged javelins. Men and women cried as molten hot metal pierce their armor and sent them falling. Not even the stone ramparts protected them, the javelins punching right through.
“BY THE FIRST ANCESTORS!!! DEATH HAS COME!!!!” Titus shouted, plucking a Javelin from a bin and throwing it, “13TH LEGION!!!!!!”
“THIRTEENTH!!!!!!!!!!!” bellowed a dozen throats. Cries that died quickly from return volleys. The Sunfires were approaching now, ladders of enchanted iron being carried to the wall. Moonshadows flitted through their lines, their natural athletics allowing them to clamber over the walls unassisted.
“PULL BACK!!!” Titus shouted as the first Moonshadow’s scaled the wall. He slammed his shield into the face of one, surprising him and sending him back down. Titus didn’t take the time to see if the elf had been slain, he had more to kill. A she elf swung at him with curved blades, a strike he barely just stopped. She had to be a youth, no experienced elf would’ve given him the chance to strike. His gladius took her in the side, a few inches below her chest.
He slammed his forehead into hers and threw her off the wall. He swung his gladius into the side of an elf attacking one of his men, getting deflected as he expected, but creating an opening for the man to flee. The elf struck and Titus ran into him, shield up. It was unexpected, as he planned. He pushed the elf to the ground and kicked him in the face, before backing towards the stairs. The ladders made contact with the walls and he knew they were lost.
He and his men and women fled to the keep, leaving many dead or dying on the walls. He couldn’t see Samson among the retreating force. He gave a quick prayer for the man’s soul as he pushed the door shut and barricaded it. The Dark Mages were working in the center of the keep, a route that only could be accessed from this door. “We hold here!” he shouted. The defenders were beleaguered, and he spotted the nine squires in their too large armor and oversized swords. He wondered if it would’ve been a mercy for them to die early. He saw one of the horse tenders and two of the cooks. The others had probably fled to hide, or been felled on the walls.
“Many of us have fallen today, and many more will,” he told the gathered fighters, career and conscripted alike, “Our enemy looks at us as though we are pond scum. We will not be shown quarter or mercy, do not expect it. Our only hope, our only chance, is that the Dark Mages make a weapon that will save us,”
From down the hall he saw Lalion approach, a bowgun in his hand. The Dark Mages must’ve given it to him, as they had no bowguns in the fort.
“The only respite I can grant is that our ancestors smile on us today, on you! Warriors of the Empire, Legionnaires of the 13th Legion, Guards of Fort Tempestus, WE WILL HOLD!!!!”
A cry of desperation and glory erupted from his force as the door began to be battered. “SHIELD!!!! WALL!!!!!!” he bellowed, taking a place at its front. But the battle never came, and the only sensation to warn him of death was the purple that filled the sides of his eyes.

Bellona had hoped to surprise her father with her early graduation. Using his connections she had gotten assigned to the 13th. With those same connections she kept that from him. She was to join his fort in two months time, so when the call for aid was sounded she was both filled with glee and dread. She rode on the back of a draco lion, her helmet’s plume catching the wind.
The 13th Legion was a border force, twice the size of the urban ones for maintaining order in the Heartland. 10,000 of the finest men and women of the Empire marched to aid the fort. She envisioned a sight of her father and his fighters valiantly holding the line against the elves, her cohort leading the charge that broke a siege. What she saw instead shook her to the core. A field of statues and corpses were all that could be seen. Elves in different battle positions were trapped in stone, surrounded by their dead. On the walls, a similar story but with human’s among the dead. And when they reached the Keep, after shattering dozens of statues that obscured the way, they found them.
Her father and his warriors turned to stone, their last moments in a shield wall. They were moved with respect and care to create a path. A half elf with a bow gun stood behind the line, staring at a room filled with alchemical items. In the center were four petrified dark mages, around some sort of ritual. A book detailing their work was to the side, with everything up until the final reaction recorded.
She was not a magister, not even a philosopher. But she could clearly see what had happened here. Her father and the men and women under his command had fought to save a chance. A chance for humanity to win against the Elves and the Dragons. Through the tears, she smiled.
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2022.01.26 17:28 _Admiral_Trench_ The Jedi don't want to even consider the possibility of any guilt on their part. They are completely unused to and unprepared for the increasing pushback on their antics and outright lies. This is why we will win.

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I’m currently doing the NESTA kettlebell certification. What are some other online certifications I can do?
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I will be afk for like 4 to 5 hours add me rondog098
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how do you get quick exp especially for sniper because i find that very difficult to level up
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I wish to duplicate the design that I uncovered from underneath the paint and trimming of the hallway but I want to try and use the exact wallpaper but I don't know what the name of it is! Do anyone have any ideas? I want the exact name or at least have one that looks similar.
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/test/ *test*
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Things will be back to normal shortly.
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2022.01.26 17:28 greenporchlight considering going back to church

i was raised southern baptist which came with all sorts of trauma and baggage i will carry around for the rest of my life. i officially left the church two years ago at sixteen. when my family found out they overreacted to say the least. they took away all of my privacy, all of my friends, went through my entire room multiple times and all of my journals. around this time i discovered i was interested in woman and was slowly coming out as non binary. i was told horrible things and that i would be sent to hell for my decisions. they destroyed my relationship with them and ended in me hating god even more.
i’ve never been a big believer in god or religion. it was forced on me before i could even understand or oppose, or make that decision myself.
i’ve gotten over most of my anger and have been thinking a lot about going back to church and possibly building a new relationship with god on my own terms with my own beliefs. but i can’t tell if it’s something i actually want or if i’m just trying to find something to fill my pain and loneliness.
i don’t know how to go about this. i don’t want anyone in my life to know i’m thinking about going back. this is something i want to keep private for now. i’m considering going to a service tonight at a nondenominational church in my town.
i’m trying to figure this out completely alone and it’s horribly intimidating. i just want somewhere to go that i am fully loved and accepted.
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2022.01.26 17:28 PanamaMor3na I convinced him to go to the doctor, he is happy. When you go to the doctor, go specifically to a "urologist" they specialize in men's health and Erectile dysfunction. Type in "Urologist near me"

When you go to the doctor, go specifically to a "urologist" they specialize in men's health and Erectile dysfunction. Type in "Urologist near me"
I posted in here before and will leave the links so you guys can follow allow through updates.
My fiance and I have been engaged a couple of months. We got engaged a month after dating, we just knew. The second date I wished on three shooting stars for me to marry him and he proposed to me the next month.
I didn't know he had Erectile dysfunction, but I tried hard to be supportive. In the beginning I was cool... However, over time I grew frustrated with him and how he seemed complacent with our dead sex life.
I bought an expensive penis pump that he used once, then let collect dust in the closet.
I bought cock rings that he said he didn't want to use... He can get erect, but has trouble keeping the erection.
I set up a doctor's appointment that he missed and I was beginning to lose patience.
Then we discovered something called Rhino Shots that you cab buy at any sex store. I was at the store buying a toy, and I saw a guy come in and grab one. I asked him "whats that" he said "Its like liquid viagra". I didn't have enough to buy it after getting my toy, so the man bought it for me and said "No need to thank me. Just helping a guy get laid"
So I rushed back home to try the Rhino Shots and it WORKED.
My fiance went from only being able to keep erect for a couple or few minutes, to at least 15mins, which was better than what we had before.
The Rhino Shots from the sex store Badd Kitty isn't FDA approved, so I told him that this is TEMPORARY until he can get to the doctor and we can get some re viagra. I suggested we schedule sex once a week.
Try this with your partner, sex at least once a week is the goal, and of you over that using the Rhino Shots, you'll feel accomplished.
Anyways, My fiance had the Shots but I notice that he wasn't using them or taking the initiative to buy them himself after he already knows this works. So I realize he has Low libido, he doesn't have a desire for sex like other men.
I spent money on cute lingerie and he was organizing the bookshell... I walked into the room, and he glanced over, said "That's nice" then went back to organizing the shelf.
I bought green lingerie and he had little response to that too. Both times we had an arguement because My feelings were hurt and his ED was beginning to te a toll on my self esteem. I was beginning to feel undesirable as a woman because the one man I want to look at me and desire me doesn't seem to desire me in that manner.
I get plenty of compliments in public, I also pole dance as hobby and have a banging body. So I'm not unattractive. I'm an attractive woman.
However, his low libido and the ED was making me feel undesirable. I know it's silly because it's not my fault or his, but over time when a woman isn't able to arouse her man, she begins to internalize it. We started fighting more. Twice we had a "break up" and they were both due to a big arguement we had over sex, or dates. We had several fights over sex where some cruel things were said on my part.
I also found myself fantasizing about other men, and having dreams about sex. Waking up horny and them angry because I wasn't getting my needs met and he didn't seem to care.
I told him about my sex dreams of being with other men. In the dream, myself and the man would kiss and the man would become erect, but I'd suddenly remember I'm engaged and stop before we went all the way.
When I dream about my fiance, I'm dreaming about him desiring me sexually and fucking me. I woke up from one such dream, a dream where he guided my hand to his member and told me to suck it. I woke up from the dream only to be horny and disappointed. I asked him, not aware I was dreaming "Want me to suck it?" And reached for it, And he said "Babe, what are you talking about? Go to sleep" I felt rejected and I often felt rejected by him. This takes a toll on a woman and you will notice she has more mood swings and gets angry over little things. She will pick fights with you more as her self esteem begins to deteriorate. I started becoming depressed and asking myself if my fiance loved me.
No one talks much about how ED affects the woman.
Women become sad, begin to blame themselves, feel undesirable, they may even cheat.
Anyways, my fiance broke up with me two days ago after an intense fight. In the fight I mentioned his Los effort to date me and I told me when I go out it's like I'm seeking validation of my beauty from others. I said what do you expect when I'm not being validated at home, I walk in front of you in lingerie and you have no response and it makes me not feel sexy. I'm a slut for you, I throw myself at you and our sex life is dead, you don't touch me. This fight was so intense that we ended our engagement. Its been two days and we are slowly recovering, apologizing, and showing affection to one another, but it's still unclear where we stand.
Today he finally went to the doctor. I scheduled him another appointment and he went.
I told him to mention the Rhino Shots, which is basically Bootleg viagra and tell the doctor that those work so he's more likely to prescribe you viagra.
My fiance is 38, the doctor told him that he's too young to have this problem. The doctor also said he's never heard of Rhino Shots. So he prescribed my fiance viagra, off-brand and he can use that while they run blood test in him to get to the root of the problem. To make sure he doesn't has tumors, prostate cancer, or broken blood vessels.
The viagra is a temporary fix while the doctors try to figure out whats really wrong.
When you go to the doctor, go specifically to a "urologist" they specialize in men's health and Erectile dysfunction. Type in "Urologist near me"
He is so happy that this doctor visit just Kay Kay what saves our relationship. HE broke up with me because I finally couldn't take it anymore and blew up and went off on him. He's so excited that he wants to go to the movies tomorrow and try the new pills he has 🥰 So... Sex tomorrow.
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2022.01.26 17:28 ZeusGato BREAKING: The SEC Approved Hedge Fund Disclosures 1/26 💎🙏🏽🚀🚀🚀 TLDR: Buy, hodl , DRs and buy some more! Buckle up! 💎🙏🏽🚀🚀🚀

BREAKING: The SEC Approved Hedge Fund Disclosures 1/26 💎🙏🏽🚀🚀🚀 TLDR: Buy, hodl , DRs and buy some more! Buckle up! 💎🙏🏽🚀🚀🚀 submitted by ZeusGato to WallstreetBreakers [link] [comments]