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were there any celebs who "died" and were found alive?

2022.01.26 16:46 switchgames were there any celebs who "died" and were found alive?

watching a video of a hoax iceberg and one of the parts was celebrities still being alive. for example, michael jackson, tupac etc... but my question is, were there any celebrities who reportedly died and were later seen in some other country many years later? maybe to escape their career that they had enough of? there are just alot of these types of celebrity conspiracies that seem ridiculous, but maybe there was a real situation where people saw that the idea wasn't so far fetched.
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2022.01.26 16:46 Ajozel Looking for international friends

I’m 29M from the Netherlands and I’m really passionate with anything with an intentional flavor, like traveling, culture, history, languages, you name it.
I would really love to get to know some of you, I think it’s one of the best experiences to interact with people from different backgrounds than your own. 😁
I’m not the best at introductions but some things I really love doing are watching shows, video games, going out and exploring new places, making stupid jokes, and a whole lot of other things I’ll gladly tell you about when I think of them lol
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2022.01.26 16:46 Gatekeeper1310 HS Mercenaries - Solving 3 primary issues with a "Trinket" system

The Issues Issue #1 - Excess Coins
Once a mercenary is maxed, coins for that mercenary become useless. As more of a player's mercenaries become maxed out, farming bounties and buying packs for coins feels worse and worse until a player realizes its not worth the time or money to continue playing or they literally run out of things to do (when all tasks have been completed).

Semi-related to this issue is that PvE content itself, especially more difficult content, is not rewarding enough.

Issue #2 - Deterministic PvP Combat
There is not enough variety or randomness in PvP combat, so facing the same compositions with the same optimized strategies and targets becomes deterministic and boring. Other than speed ties, nothing else is random.

Unlike mercenaries, traditional Hearthstone and other similar card games have natural randomness through card draw. The overall experience of playing against the same deck will still feel similar, but the order in which you and your opponent draw cards is completely different every time. This creates just a enough randomness to make for an engaging experience.

The simplicity of mercenaries makes it so natural randomness like card draw is not feasible to implement, so adding more customization options for each mercenary and composition is key.

Issue #3 - Nerfing Overpowered Mercenaries
I totally understand why the developers are hesitant to nerf overpowered mercenaries. Players that spent money and/or time to obtain coins to craft/upgrade a mercenary and then spent time doing its tasks, would probably be pretty upset if that mercenary was suddenly nerfed.

However, leaving overpowered mercenaries unchecked in the game can have negative PvP consequences. Players frustrated by facing and losing to the same overpowered mercenaries may just quit the game altogether. Simply releasing new powerful mercenaries to counter overpowered mercenaries sets a dangerous precedent of power creep and narrows design space.

The Solution Trinkets function similarly to equipment, but with effects similar to PvE bounty treasures that boost stats, add additional effects, or offer new abilities.

Trinkets would be accessible from a mercenary's collection page. The trinket slot would have a gold circle border. While each mercenary only has 3 specific equipments, every mercenary would be able to acquire dozens of unique trinkets. However, just like equipment, each mercenary can only equip one trinket at a time.

While some trinkets would provide a new ability, here are some examples of what passive effect trinkets could be:

How to get
Trinkets can be obtained from treasure chests at the end of PvE bounties or by buying them directly from a trinket vendor in the village.

The revamped reward for completing a bounty is mercenary coins AND a trinket. Similar to the mysterious stranger, you must choose between 3 mercenaries in the party to receive the trinket. If all mercenaries in the party have the trinket, you'll be presented with 3 other random mercenaries instead.

The pool of trinkets that is associated with each Bounty is static. Heroic bounties either reward exclusive trinkets and/or have a higher chance of rewarding a rarehigher-tiered trinket.

Having bad luck getting a certain trinket to drop? A new vendor in town allows a player to trade mercenary coins for a trinket of their choice. Raremore powerful trinkets cost more coins.

How This Solves the Issues Solving Issue #1 - Excess Coins
Mercenary coins can now also be used to buy trinkets. As new content is released and new trinkets are added, spending coins on trinkets as an alternative to farming the trinkets means coins will always have value. Tying trinkets to bounty rewards also makes farming specific PvE bounties more enticing and exciting.

(Partially) Solving Issue #2 - Deterministic PvP Combat
By offering an extra "flex" trinket slot for each mercenary, two identical mercenary compositions may feel completely different depending on what trinkets those mercenaries have equipped. While optimal trinket setups may be established, giving players more interesting, unique, and fun (meme) trinket options to customize their own compositions should reduce the number of deterministic outcomes.

Solving Issue #3 - Nerfing Overpowered Mercenaries
Trinkets can be released that do really unique and interesting things or that counter strong composition types and/or specific mercenaries. If a trinket is deemed too weak or too strong, it can be changed. Whenever a trinket is nerfed, players can go to the trinket vendor and refund the trinket for full coin value.
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2022.01.26 16:46 d49k New Music: Darren Hayes - Let's Try Being In Love (Official Video)

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2022.01.26 16:46 SteadfastAgroEcology Burning plasma achieved in inertial fusion

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2022.01.26 16:46 bw-photo-video [OC] Otters Fishing in the Saskatchewan Snow Jan23/22 [Z6ii]

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2022.01.26 16:46 Zudw90 I'm so f****ng salty

Defichain doesn't sync the whole day. Reinstall, loading snapshots from the whole world, another computer new install. Nothing worked.
I can't see new blocks, can't see the real aprs, sums etc.
Sorry. Just wanted to escalate to calm down.
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2022.01.26 16:46 thepawof3 I love when OJ looks at me like this!😻

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2022.01.26 16:46 Rare_Pineapple_4233 I mentioned my childhood sexual abuse to my long-term boyfriend and I regret it.

Yesterday I started opening up about this in therapy and it’s brought up some tough emotions. Yesterday I had a particularly difficult session. I went years not thinking about it/pretending it never happened to the point it became this extremely shameful secret I carry around. Telling my therapist made me feel humiliated and I had all these dark feelings all day. My boyfriend and I talked last night and I usually tell him when I’m sorting some things out mentally and he provides support/vice versa. I tried to explain what I was thinking about without actually mentioning it but I found myself wanting to tell him. I started to get angry I went through this traumatic thing and I couldn’t tell anyone because it’s “too much” or “disgusting.” I couldn’t say the words “Sexual abuse” but I did this weird thing where I beat around the bush until he figured it out. This was all over text because I’d never have been able to say it out loud to him. We have been together for a year and a half and I really do trust him. His reaction was saying he didn’t see me differently and I could share anything with him. Today I feel awful about it. I’m worried he’s thinking I’m damaged or gross or something. I just want to runaway and never think about this again. This darkness was forced into my life but by telling him I feel like I’m also forcing part of that darkness into his life. I’m spending the night with him tomorrow and I have no idea how to face him. Has anyone ever felt this way?
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2022.01.26 16:46 Zealousideal_Milk118 Slang names of European capitals.

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2022.01.26 16:46 im_rapscallion86 Horking Trav will solve your HR draught

I can’t speak enough on how profitable Horking Travincal has become. Yes. I know you have read this a hundred times but I just have to add my experience to others.
I started horking about a month ago. I’ve done maybe close to 600 runs. I’ve logged about 400.
Since I have started, I have found in Trav alone: Ber, Cham, Ohm x 2, Gul, Pul, Ist (Gul, Cham, Pul all horked)
Plus Mara’s (hork) Tal Ammy and Reapers Toll, and a near perfect Vmagi
It is absolutely worth your time to create a horker barb.
Gear: Arreats, Grief, Lightsabre, Skullders, LOH gloves, War Travs, SoE, maras, RF and Dwarf
I run whirlwind with hork at 50% plus 400+ MF from 2 offhand Ali babas one double isted
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2022.01.26 16:46 Amazing-Grape8391 Does anyone have a fightcade folder I can copy?

I've tried installing, deleting, and reinstalling every file imaginable. but something doesn't seem to work. If I could copy all of the files from a pre-existing folder that someone else has made, then it would work. If anyone knows how to send it over, or an alternative, Please let me know. Thanks!
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2022.01.26 16:46 Rafael586 ✳️ Are you new to Aleph Zero? Welcome! We're building a privacy-enhancing layer 1 with subsecond finality

Aleph Zero is an enterprise-ready, high-performance blockchain platform with a novel, Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)-based consensus protocol that has been peer-reviewed and presented at an ACM conference sponsored by Facebook, AVA Labs, J.P. Morgan, and others.
The consensus implementation has been also audited by Trail of Bits.
✅ Raised $15M and now securing use-cases
To date, Aleph Zero raised $15m for continued development, joined the Substrate Builder's Program, and expanded the team to over 30 people. In 2022, Aleph Zero plans to enable privacy-enhancing features based on secure multi-party computation research and zero-knowledge proofs.
The mainnet boasts a 0.9s block production and finality time. The network theoretical throughout limit, tested on 112 AWS nodes spread across five continents, sits at 89'000 transactions per second.
Several use-cases are building on top of the network, Gatenox being one of them.
✅ Regulatory compliance
Aleph Zero is headquartered as a Swiss Foundation in Zug, Switzerland. The team has obtained a no-action letter from FINMA, a Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. FINMA has classified Aleph Zero’s business model as compliant with Swiss law and has stated that there are no authorization requirements under Swiss financial market law for the issuance of the $AZERO Token.
✅ Media coverage
We’ve been featured in a variety of industry media such as Blockworks, NewsBTC, Bankless Times, or Forkast, among others. Outside of the general crypto sphere, Sifted called Aleph Zero as "one of the hottest investments in Europe", NASDAQ featured our thoughts on regulating DeFi, PharmaPhorum and Economic Times described potential healthcare use cases, Yahoo! News published a piece on privacy by design, and Crowdfund Insider disclosed Aleph Zero’s total fundraise to date. We were also guests in multiple podcasts run by our partners and community.
Learn more:
👉 Business whitepaper
👉 Technical whitepaper
👉 Twitter
👉 Telegram
👉 Discord
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2022.01.26 16:46 Nikolaus_Schmand What the f*ck do words even mean

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2022.01.26 16:46 BoeJeam Kanye + Grateful Dead Mashup Painting: "Touch of YE Festival" featuring the dropout bears. Selling prints on my etsy :)

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2022.01.26 16:46 adultingadolescenttt which 2 or 3 eps should i reccomend to my crush to get him into black mirror?

pretty self-explanatory. planning to watch black mirror with my crush in a couple of days. he’s into history, tech, coding, maths, and attack on titan (lol). i have a few titles in mind but want to know what your opinions are, if any. feel free to comment bellow, hehe!
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2022.01.26 16:46 Astronomnomnomicon Day 9 of Grimdark (sometimes semi converted) Reivers: Dark Angels

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2022.01.26 16:46 CassiopeiaStillLife How 'The Power of the Dog' Subverts Western Stereotypes of Masculine Strength

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2022.01.26 16:46 Ecstatic_Constant_63 question on what to put as remarks when resolving an alert in a SIEM

when you resolve a notable in a SIEM; do you follow a format for your remarks or just type 1-2 lines based on your investigation that it is not a threat and shouldn't be investigated further?
if you use a template; what information do you put there. for example:

- src ip is not a threat and has no abused records as per osint - most probably just a port scan from x country - resolving due to no ioc found after investigating the syslogs 
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2022.01.26 16:46 afternoonskies Me irl

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2022.01.26 16:46 TheBBWLoverGUNNUT Reddit, what happened to the EMD GP60?

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2022.01.26 16:46 More-Swordfish5831 Hey mantis fam! I have noob questions. I just graduated my lil guy to small dubias and they buried themselves in the substrate. Should I feed my mantis in a separate container or remove the substrate or...? Also, I read somewhere that carrots are toxic... true? & what's the best food for dubias?

Hey mantis fam! I have noob questions. I just graduated my lil guy to small dubias and they buried themselves in the substrate. Should I feed my mantis in a separate container or remove the substrate or...? Also, I read somewhere that carrots are toxic... true? & what's the best food for dubias? submitted by More-Swordfish5831 to mantids [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 16:46 Biorno48 three tenths of the ways to awakened quake :)

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2022.01.26 16:46 Aggravating_Suit1495 Can anyone ID this shark? Caught in Long Island, NY around September

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2022.01.26 16:46 ImRemzy [DISCUSSION] Painted Electroshocks in Golden Moons Supposedly

As with another golden crate, it looks like they are continuing their pattern of releasing a new painted bm for us to trade. I don't 100% confirm this, but it seems like this is the case with the moons. If anyone sees a painted electroshock come out of these, please confirm this. I know painted electroshocks were super rare, and am wondering what you guys think of this.
also prof can finally get his burnt sienna electroshock if this is true :3
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