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Owl Say Hi

2022.01.26 17:22 BlackRose90Store Owl Say Hi

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2022.01.26 17:22 scarface319 Marblez Gameverse

🌕 Marblez Gameverse 🚀 | Building a one-stop Gaming Ecosystem 🔥 | KYC’d and Audited by Techrate ✅ | Whitelist Contest LIVE NOW | Cash Prizes💰
Why Invest In $MARBLEZ?
Marblez Gameverse is a decentralised ecosystem for blockchain games. We aim to create a Gameverse where users can play multiple blockchain games published by either MARBLEZ Studio or other game publishers. Everyone who loves games comes together to build and contribute to the ecosystem while at the same time, earn some income.
With the NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) technology, there would be cross game assets for MARBLEZ Studio’s games. Items acquired in game can be used in some other games to boost its value. This cross functional feature will increase the NFT’s demand as users from another games will be interested in the NFT too.
Ultimately, MARBLEZ Gameverse aims to connect users from all games to interact with each other to build a strong, healthy and united family.
What are our key features?
MARBLEZ Studio - Our talented game designers focus on creating games of different genres. We aim to create a huge game library- card games, simulation, RPG, action, shooting, sports, MOBA etc that satisfies the needs of every player.
Games & Game-FI - Players can play the game either on-chain (Web 3.0) or off-chain (Web 2.0). Our games are fun to play and also play-to-earn. There will also be tournaments or competitions that users can play against each other for prizes
NFT & Marketplace - In game assets that players can earn or buy during gameplay. There will be various ways to acquire these items- PVE, PVP, tournament, blindbox etc. NFT can be traded at the marketplace as well.
📢 Contract Address
2% Reflections to holders
7% Automatic Liquidity
📄 Token Details
Name: Marblez Gameverse
Symbol: $MARBLEZ
Type: BEP-20
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
🔗 Links
Whitelist Contest 📝 - https://sweepwidget.com/view/48848-nlbg1dxj
Website 🌐 - https://marblez.io
Twitter 🐤 - https://twitter.com/MARBLEZGames
Telegram ✉️ - https://t.me/MARBLEZGameverse
Facebook 📘 - https://m.facebook.com/MarblezGameverse
Discord 👾 - https://discord.gg/aFaBk3a9
KYC 🔐 - https://auditrate.tech/certificate/certificate_MARBLEZ_Gameverse.html
Audit 🔐 - https://auditrate.tech/images/pdf/MARBLEZ_Gameverse_0x0423b912495Bd4C8bCB843f62aF76bBF343d6E8c.pdf
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2022.01.26 17:21 Sasakintuh D.Gray-Man Chapter 243 English Translation by me

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2022.01.26 17:21 WarmNewspaper5824 Is it spring yet? Off to walk my dogs

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2022.01.26 17:21 Icthyphile How it started in 2010 to now. My OG kitty friend.

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2022.01.26 17:21 Hado0301 Elliot Page has set the internet on fire with a selfie & an emoji. How does he do it?

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2022.01.26 17:21 kingbigv Eagle FC 44: Pre-fight Press Conference

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2022.01.26 17:21 FishForsaken1970 Should I start a new team? *toxic exp*

ETA: sorry for the double post, I didn’t know what “make most live” meant (thought it meant to post lol sorry) — mods feel free to delete one, not my intention to break any rules :)
Should I start a new team? toxic leader exp
I stayed in my first club for roughly 10 months. I didn’t know that teams could get 20+ (instead of 4-6) coffees at meeting time.
When my club’s members got other obligations (still appreciate them and wish them well), the team was no longer as competitive as I needed to feel successful.
I joined another team (my second in close to a year), and I instantly relished the 25-30 coffees daily. But…the culture/attitude is bringing me down. To be honest, I can’t wait to leave after this DL (put too much in to not stay a few more days).
I’ve seen great teams advertised (they’re usually by the time I find them lol), and I make myself remember this is a GAME. That means the following to me 1) a break from reality, 2) fun and relaxing, 3) competition counts but 4) strategy gets you a long way, and 5) respectful, contributing members are key.
I’m tired of my current “leader” using possessive terms to acknowledge his “followers.” I’m sick of his hype man that can’t think for himself. I’m over being told to play in competitions we (seriously) can’t win.
Personally, my temper has been boiling for two weeks when told I (and other new members with opinions) could leave because we were all replaceable. Pretty demoralizing.
I see posts of people sharing toxic experiences. I’ve led a team in another highly competitive game. Is it “insane” (as current leader suggests) to start a new team?
With that thought…
TLDR — 1) what makes you join or leave a team?, 2) what about your team (or ideal team) is most valuable?, and 3) would you stick with a building team with positive culture in favor of a high-scoring but negative team?
Thanks for any advice. Looking to love junes journey like I used to.
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2022.01.26 17:21 AnnieDufresne Placer un e en plein milieu du il - Presse-toi à gauche !

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2022.01.26 17:21 Bueno_Times Kremlin media: Ukraine preparing to attack, not Russia

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2022.01.26 17:21 aspiringgentlefriend [LF] Throne (catalog okay!), Fishing-Rod Stands [FT] Bells, NMT, your wishlist, maybe

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2022.01.26 17:21 FluteNinja78 David Lynch's Eraserhead (1977)

First video in my David Lynch series where I edit my favourite scenes of his films paired with a great piece of music used in said film! I hope you enjoy! Also, if you enjoy, please consider subscribing because I'm going to be creating a lot more of this content!
David Lynch's Eraserhead (1977) - YouTube
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2022.01.26 17:21 sarabelle1995 Done with work now I get to relax

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2022.01.26 17:21 Junior_Ad_5064 2022/2023 is a great time to be a VR enthusiast, many exciting things are ahead of us, what is your most anticipated upcoming headset?

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2022.01.26 17:21 Cod-ed What’s the best light motorcycle for experience?

So I wanna learn how to ride a motorcycle and my dad recommend me to get a light a bike,but I don’t know which one,Anyone have any recommendations?
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2022.01.26 17:21 TiredGecko I took this image in Armenia. It was huge and soo delightful. Does anyone recognise this?

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2022.01.26 17:21 chrysohs First time Lou Malnati’s

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2022.01.26 17:21 blek-reddit Flogging a dead horse

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2022.01.26 17:21 Hairy_Car3119 Join https://garticphone.com/de/?c=03f0b788bf

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2022.01.26 17:21 Few-Refrigerator-294 Looking for a book about a female main character in ancient china.

Looking for a young adult book. Takes place in either ancient china or Japan (I think it was china). Main character is a teenage female who has training with a sword. It talks about the emperor getting a pearl sewn into his throat. There’s two books, in the second book I’m pretty sure the family clans are named after animals and a lot of people get killed for supporting the emperor. I’m pretty sure it’s an early 2000s series.
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2022.01.26 17:21 BottaFett Litwick WANTED

Hi people❤️. I have recently discovered that it is possible to connect to the Nintendo wi fi on pokémon BW. Since I was a child I always loved Litwick but never had the luck to find it shiny. Can someone upload it on the GTS for me? 😅 I mean, if u have an r4 with cheats u can easily obtain it lol hahahha. I know that this is a weird request, but I'm just playing pokémon for fun.
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2022.01.26 17:21 EDG723 How can I put all outputs that would appear in the terminal into a text file?

I have a script running that prints a couple of lines then calls a different python function in a different directory which also prints something. This repeats about a 100 times.
Now I would like to direct all outputs of the terminal to a text file.
I've tried changing sys.stdout to an opened text file but that did not work.
Typing > file.txt and nohup Both resulted in having all the prints from the inner function first, then all the prints from the outer function.
I could just run it in the terminal but there has to be a better solution. Does anybody have an idea?
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2022.01.26 17:21 damndaniel10 iPhone 11 Pro no service

I have a iPhone 11 Pro and today the cellular network just stopped working out of nowhere.. It has been fine up until a few hours ago, I have tried resetting network settings, hard reset, switching SIM cards and nothing is working. Any ideas what might be wrong? I have iOS 15.2.1 installed.
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2022.01.26 17:21 MasteryOrder Understanding Evil - Having A Grasp Of What Evil Represents Is A Vital Element Of Our Existence

If the text is too long, feel free to challenge yourself with these ideas in video format on YouTube:
What Is Evil? Understanding The Concept Of Evil | Mastery Order
Evil… The element, the entity we learn from a young age that we need to oppose and neutralize. Evil… A collective dark element of our reality that strikes fear and rapid heartbeats upon mere mention.
Have you ever asked yourself, friend, what is this darkness that we commonly call evil? What does this force, which leaves you with the feeling of complete powerlessness, represent? And more importantly, how can you fight against it?
Throughout history, many have found refuge from this despair in faith and obedience to absolute value systems of religions and ideologies, which have provided some psychological protection from the evil threats of the world. As long as these standard values support your own values, this approach may feel to you as a protection against the negative effects of evil.
But I dare you to keep an open mind and observe, friend, that each generations’ climate dictates the perceptions of what good and evil represent. In the Stone Age, evil always has been associated with darkness and the night, leaving people filled with superstitious beliefs linked with the disappearance of the sun. In those times, people literally and symbolically associated the idea of evil with the shadows, with the darkness.
As the times evolved, evil was personified through different gods and symbols, representing the source of scourges, pests, and curses that the human culture suffered in those specific eras. With time, life was symbolized as a battle waged between opposing forces, between light and darkness, truth and deceit, life and death.
If you pay attention, friend, to our recent history, you can see clearly the representation of evil in the moral stories of the Christian or Jewish bibles, or in the Greek mythology. The tales of Jesus and the dark angel Satan can give you the most basic symbols for understanding human evil. In every culture, there are tales, fables, or myths that share basic concepts of what evil represents, but, can the stories and the symbols of the past protect us from the evil of our present time?
Keep in mind, friend, that your perception of evil is imposed on you by the conflict between what you hope life would be and what it actually is. You sometimes see the evils in the world with frightening clarity, but other times you do not see them at all. Your optimistic vision about the world and its beauty can make you ignore evil at great cost, and your nativity that can obscure the reality of evil can lead to wrongdoings enacted in the name of a good cause.
If you will ever embark on a quest of eliminating evil, keep in mind, friend, a question that you should always ask yourself. Are you sure that your perception of evil represents the objective reality or is the evil that you identify just a projection of your own fears, doubts, nightmares and ignorance?
There are many examples in history when people or even entire nations became possessed by the force of evil, whereby they identified with an idea, an ideology, or a leader that gave expression to their fears and inferiorities.
Fanatical fascinations such as religious persecutions, racial bigotry, scapegoating, or genocidal hatred can lead to projections of what the majority rejects, and the potential for extraordinary evil will be activated. The past century alone bears witness to these types of cruelties that reached unimagined proportions. From the persecutions in the Second World War to the genocide in Rwanda, tragic events like these were only possible through denial of evil and refusal to think about evil.
To avoid such catastrophes, you have to develop your moral strength and constantly find ways to think about evil, rather than living with the idea of a utopia, ignoring it until it is too late.
Keep in mind friend that viewing the world as a possible paradise and denying evil is a learned behavior. You have probably experienced evil since your early days, through the behaviors of others and through images from media, stories, or fairy tales. Since you can just bear so much reality, your mind developed explanations for what evil represents.
Your default adaptions to such frightening experiences removed the immediacy of danger from your life through ignorance and by looking the other way, but at the same time, the lack of guidance and the avoidance of looking into the darkness produced symptoms ranging from fear of the dark to debilitating phobic reactions.
Recognize, friend, the strength of the coping mechanism that you possess and how the idea of evil is always a subject of avoidance. It is hard to accept the idea that evil is a permanent part of the human condition, but such a denial is perhaps the most dangerous kind of thinking. Pay attention to your own tendencies of believing that evil is nothing more but the absence of good and that evil can be completely eradicated by good works.
Evil is a permanent part of life, merged together with the best of humanity. Never forget that the greatest misfortunes of our history have resulted when humans have become blinded to the full realities of evil, have pursued to create an imaginary perfect world, and have enforced miseries much worse than the evil they wanted to eradicate.
If you want to have any real power in meeting the challenge of the world’s evil, you must become the man who takes responsibility for the evils he might create and who is not afraid to look into his own darkness.
You have to recognize and accept that you are human and have developed an ego, a process that also created in you the potential for destructiveness and decay and the best way to combat this great force in the real world is to first acknowledge it in you.
Remember, friend, that your life as a man consists of inescapable opposites – day and night, happiness and misery, good and evil. You will never be sure that one part of you will prevail against the other, that goodwill overcomes evil. Your life is not a fairy tale. Your life is a battleground. It always has been, and it always will be, because if it were not so, your existence would come to an end.
I dare you to become the man that is not afraid of provoking his own incomplete ideas about evil. I dare you to become the man that instead of destroying others in his attempt to destroy evil, finds in him the strength to destroying the sickness within himself.
In your fight against evil, are you looking for confrontations in the world or in the mirror? The former may have an impact only on you, the latter may have an impact in the world.
Understanding evil means understanding yourself.
Are you able to face your darkness?
All the best to you, reader!
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2022.01.26 17:21 BlueIkat What are the best mortgage rates in Canada today?

If you're willing to share, please include 1) the rate 2) fixed or variable 3) bank or lending institution 3) province and/or city. For context, my mortgage is up for renewal in June, but we're thinking of renewing early. We are currently with BMO on a 5-year fixed at 2.24 per cent due to a discount they offer military members. However, the discount at the time was .35 per cent, and now it's only .14 per cent off posted rates, even after some negotiation. The best they could do (after a lot of back and forth) was 2.70 per cent on a five-year fixed. Is that the best that's out there?
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