Jelly fish, me, acrylic, 2022

The Waverly Inspirations line takes it design aesthetic from the rich archives of Waverly designs of over 90 years,updates patterns for today’s consumer. Acrylic Nails is #1 in satisfying games and is the best ASMR girls nail woman salon around. Get your long nails done with beautiful designs, perfect paints, and of course lengths. The ASMR sounds will have you getting your nails done at the nail woman salon makeover all day. Official Works by David Hockney including exhibitions, resources and contact information. Includes 1 wooden easel with drawer, 24 acrylic paints, 12 paint brushes, 4 canvases, 1 wooden palette, 1 plastic palette, 2 sponges, 2 knives, and a 24-paged acrylic pad. Has 1 gift box. Easel's drawer has 3 sections. The newest members of the Airflyte family are acrylic awards. Hand-polished, cast acrylic awards are the hottest recognition awards introduced in years. All acrylic awards can be engraved with logos or artwork to fit any recognition program. January 8, 2022 January 5, 2022 by Tracie. Share this post! 680 shares. This acrylic painting tutorial will demonstrate how to paint “Winter Friends”. This is a cute “stylized” painting of a deer looking up at a cardinal in a pretty winter scene. The design was done on a 12″ x 12″ square canvas but it can also be done on a ... ProClassic® Interior Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd Enamel is a tough and durable coating that enhances the look of doors, trim, cabinets and furniture. Excellent adhesion, flow and leveling, non-yellowing and a unique wet and dry hide makes ProClassic® a perfect choice. Acrylic Plexiglass Polycarbonate Sheet Display Boxes Riser Tray many sizes, colors and thickness, free custom cut, no minimum order quantity, fast shipping, sneeze guard protective shield

2022.01.26 18:32 Healthisway Jelly fish, me, acrylic, 2022

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2022.01.26 18:32 um_cara_aleato meu amigo me mandou essa foto de quando ele tava jogando ent eu achei que dava um bom meme kk

meu amigo me mandou essa foto de quando ele tava jogando ent eu achei que dava um bom meme kk
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2022.01.26 18:32 parkstar86 Former NHL player Theo Fleury on The Ingraham Angle

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2022.01.26 18:32 captain_joe6 Autopoint Refills? Upgrade options?

Well crap, the eraser on my Autopoint All-American finally bit the dust, almost literally. Since Autopoint is defunct, does anyone know of a replacement eraser that will work? 1.1mm leads are also getting scarce for non-collector prices, if someone has a line on those as well.
Second to that, can anyone recommend a possible upgrade of similar style that is still made? Looking for something that is specifically not a drafting/technical pencil, and takes a thicker .9 or 1.1mm lead (but also not a 3mm clutch pencil).
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2022.01.26 18:32 Miserably-Salary Babydoll Cezara

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2022.01.26 18:32 Tucanonerd Bring a Friend Planetside

Bring a Friend Planetside

With the Oshur update, Planetside 2 will once again receive a major boost to population. For the first few weeks, thousands of new and returning players will try out the game again and this initiative aims at increasing player retention for this update.
• Invite your friends to come check out Planetside 2 and the new update. Recruit them to your outfits, and run a small squad with them, presenting all the chaos Auraxis has to offer.
• Veterans are invited to adopt a new player, either talking on mentor chat or just lost running out from the Warpgate. Next time you see a low BR struggling out there, offer some help.
• To help with publicity for the new update, the community can mobilize to raise Planetside’s Steam reviews. By leaving many positive reviews, we can bring Planetside 2 to the front page, and increase visibility by a lot.
• Outfits are encouraged to boost recruitment, by running public and mentor squads and platoons, to accommodate for the influx in population. Giving new and returning players a good Platoon experience might just be the most important aspect in player retention.
Planetside 2 is a game we all love and despite all our grievances, all of us would like to see it succeeding. The Oshur update is another opportunity at a high increase in population and popularity, and as a community, we can do a lot to help. Consider inviting or mobilizing your outfit into the initiative, spread the word. We’ll see you all on Oshur!
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2022.01.26 18:32 dawnofthedez Winston, OR

Hi hi! Hubby and I are looking to relocate to the Roseburg area. We found a house with a nice plot of land, corner spot near a park, in Winston (we like the distance between neighbors and the rural-ish feel). Was hoping to get some feedback from anyone who is familiar with the town/area to provide some insight on living there. :) TYIA.
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2022.01.26 18:32 smurf_fry Cursed_milf

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2022.01.26 18:32 sinisterpierogi Watching Helicopter and…

Why can’t Bluey go to Honey’s house anyway? Or Chilli could say, “Let me call Honey’s parents and see if you can still go while I take Bingo to gymnastics.” I get that it’s for the story but we know she does unsupervised play dates because of Octopus.
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2022.01.26 18:32 iamcalifw 🔥 BitDAO Just stealth launched now |Renounced Ownership ✌️Exchange Listing ✅ Audit & KYC ❌ Anti-Dump CG/CMC incoming |No Airdrop | GEM x1000 moonshot | LP Locked 1 year

BitDAO aims to use its significant financial and talent resources to foster and invest in innovation, collaboration, and growth across DeFi.
Telegram :
BitDAO decentralized Binance Smart Chain Token our mission is to bring people an ease bsc transfers, strong community, and sustainability. It's a 100% community token, every holder should promote it, if you want to pump your investment, you need to do some effort.
Alright guys, you all are so early 😍 Huge profit coming..... Yes... We make sure all is ready and safe and in few mins time ... We will be renouncing ownership soon .... Great time to bag more, Perfect time if you are getting this now.🥳
Mission Bringing people together through the ease of our Bsc transfers, strong community, and push for sustainability. We may be strong apart. But we’re better when we’re grow together.
This is safe. Liquidity is locked and ownership is renounced. No way of a rug pull! Dev seems transparent and trustworthy.
Don’t you miss the goood old days of bsc? When projects could actually survive without a rewards contract selling and buying pressure not being able to keep up? When people actually HELD and had the patience to not dump for little profit. Come join us now!
✅ Buy & Sell 0%
✅ Locked Liquidity
✅ Verified Smart Contract
✅ Promos after launch
✅ Based Team
✅ Stealth Launch
✅ Liquidity locked
✅ Total supply 100,000,000,000,000
✅ White paper is out, see website
✅ Black hole with 50% burned already!
Telegram :
Contract: 0x02b4e569a9e3c44d5ae070cc21e64e192619fa4b
Pancakeswap v2 :
Chart :
Renounced Ownership :
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2022.01.26 18:32 Jib_Butt_Kiss99 2022 Royal Rumble: Who Should Win The Big Matches?

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2022.01.26 18:32 AmazingGoat7211 day 2 of asking apandah to play waluigis pinball without commentary as a full main channel upload

hey guys, i want to start this off by apologizing for what i said yesterday. i completely understand why my post was banned and i now understand the gravity of my word choice and how it affects others.
today i feel like going down a different path and instead giving my top 10 reasons why apandeh should play waluigis pinball without commentary as a main channel upload in this post.
10) bc it would be awesome
9) because i said so
8) i will let apandah get his first and probably last kiss if he lets it happen(from me ofc (B](
7) i will complain until it happens
5) if he doesnt i will say mean things about his mother
4) he should do it
4) L+ratio+youre kinda cringe+didnt ask
4) i will take his kidneys if h(both of them)e doesnt comply with my demand
3) i will eat his vegetables for him
2) please
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😂G̭̺̙͔̦̖̭E̞̫͙T͕͇😂̩̩̭̗O̝̗̯̖͍͙̬͎U̲͎͕̳͓̱̖̯T̤😂̞̮͓̙O͍͉̥̻̣̺̩̗F͔̜̻͙̥̱ͅ😂̦͖͚͚̺͚M͙Y̘😂͉̝̘̖̮̜H̱̬̲̯E̘̗̥̹͚͕ͅA̠̰̳͇̻̖͇̬D̩͍̩͔̭͓😂͖̹G̻̞̺̬͓̫͙͔E̻̫̙̞T̹̙̹😂̞͙͔̣̪̩O͙̪̹͙͈̪͖̘U͍͚̱͖T̫̫̝̰̝😂̫̤̥̱̖̳̜O͎̼͔͖̥̩F͇̫̳͔̝😂̬͉M͎̙̤̦̰̱͙Y̫̭̜͚̦͈̰😂͈̖̰͎͉H̳̳̬͔͙̲ͅͅE̻͇̹̬̰̜̖̱A͈̜D̜̣͕̫̯̻̝̭😂̰G̠̲͔̻͔̙̯E̯͚̙̘T̙̜͍̳̩̣͕̭😂̠̪̪͎̱O̹̰̺͙̘̪̭̞̱U̻̮͔͈̠ͅT̫͍͖̪̞͚😂͎̖̥͇O͕̩̯̠̹̜͖F̗͉͚͈̤😂̘̠͈̲̦͉̠M̝͈̰̥̹̗̯ͅY̻͕̳͔̠̟̼̙̣😂̜̗̩̼͓͖H̪͍̞͓̟̠̼̻E̥̰͕̳̣͉̪̭A͔D̗̮😂͔̜̜͙̤̹̩G̗̤͙̩̤̳E̜̗̥̼̲̺T̫͇̞̺̞😂̭̩̦̹̹̭O̭̯͉̫͎̻̮U̮͇͇͔̗T̞̭̦̼̗̹😂̜̪͖͍O̰͓͎̘̜̙͕F̞̝̖😂̩̟͖̭͍̦M̺̖̙̺Y͙̫̤̺̠̰😂̞̫̩H̖̤͍̣͔̟ͅE̞̹̞̗̭̳Ḁ̗͚͔͖D͓͇̱͍̖͙ͅ😂͈̳G̟̫̣͎̞͖͔͇Ẹ̘̦̭ͅT̩̻͎̹͓̭😂̺̦̞͔̫̟O̫U̪̪̩T͉̻̰͎̙̹̣̯😂͍̲̰̟O̞̬͚̻̞̹̪̳ͅF͚͓̤͓͕̱͖😂̦̟̣̖͇̦͕̞M͍̬͚̠̪̙Y̖̮̟̜̗̻̺😂̪H̬̝̬̼̫̺̗̦E͈̱A͈̗̜͚̭̱͇̙ͅD̳̻😂̫̣͚̭̪͉͔̲G̠̼̘͖E̥͎̯̥T̲͎̭̱😂̟̻̥͈̹͙O̠͍͖̥͍͓U̖͇͇̫T̤̯̳̗͔̣͇̳😂̳̮͈̭̠̖̬̠O͈̩̻̟̤F͈̱͕͈😂̣͈͍̜̖̺M̰͍̙̺̗͍Y̖̬̜̗̝̦😂̟͓͈̦H̝͔̪̣̜̪͔͉E̩͖̞͈̲̦͇̠A̤̰͍̟̝̳̦D͎͖̬̟̠̤̦̙😂̦͖̪̗̥͔G͓̲̥E̙̣T̠̱̝͉̦̬̪̟😂̞̼͕̥O͍͎̗̺͙U͉̦̞̼̪̳̹̼T̲͚͓̙😂̙̯̗̞O̘͇̟̩̯F̝̟😂̟̱̬M̖̭̲͇̩̘̗Y͇̯̘̱̳̥̖😂ͅH͔͔̰̺̬̙E͇͈̮̠͚̫͉̻A̘̻̰̳̦D͓ͅ😂͚͈̜̝͕̺G͉̙̺̞̰E̳͈̯̗̞̮T͙̯̺̺͍̯😂̮̩O̰ͅU̖ͅT͍̜😂̪̫̘̠O̯̘̹̮̮̞̟̤F̱̲͇͙😂͎̺͉̞̝̰M̼͓̰͎͚̯Y̭̬̟̜̮😂̪̘̩H̬̹͎͓̞̺͉E̬̬̦A̪͈D̜̖̖̫͈̝😂̼̹͖͕̥̺̠͎G͎̜̯̗͇͓̮E̖̤̜͓Ț͇̭͉̳😂̙͚̙͖̠̹O̫͚̞U͔͖̭͕͇̭T̫̜̬😂͇̥̳O̮͓̟͓͚F̦̟̲̣͇̙̬̦😂̜̬̭̱̯̳ͅM̼̝̰̤̻̪Y͙̣̘ͅ😂̜̮͇̪H̺̘̱͍͖̠̳̣E̻̦͎̝̠̙̬̖̥A̺̻͈͉̤ͅD̟̺̮̭̗̹😂̟̺̠̪̣̲G̬͚̠E̱̥̱͍̝͕͎͓T͇̪̗͙̟😂͉͈O͕͉U̫̤̫̞T̼̯͉̹̳͓̫̬😂̭͍͙̣̹̪̼̙̜O̹̱̠͈̥̰ͅF̫͕͍̪͓̙̰😂̝͎̣͇̹̫̞̩M̳̻̟̫Y̪̲̞̝😂̖̯H̺͉̲Ḙ͕͓͎A̹͕̹̩D͓͚̗͓͕̼͕͇͍😂̱̝̥̜͉̟G͍̤̦͎͇͍E̠͙̫Ṯ̭͖̳̘͖😂̩͚O̞̲̠U̖͚̳ͅT̜̤̯̤😂̤͇͔̮̯͎͓͖O̳͉F̯͙̭͕̬ͅ😂̬̜̠̪̲̟M̙̼͉̪̲̗͙͓͈Y̯̦̩͈😂̪̯̬͙̟̳H͈̯͖͍̪E̲̹A̺D̠͍͖͚̫͍̰😂͕͉͎͕̙͕͓ͅG͎̰͇͕̦Ẹ̮̥̹͎̯Ṭ̘̻😂̳̠͓͔̻̟O̻̘͓̭̟͙̹̣U̮̭̭͙͙͍̯̘T̻͔̥͙̠̬͇ͅ😂̙͙̜ͅO̪̯̺̤̮͈F̙̺̖͉̞😂͍̻M̬̟͇Y͈̖̰̭😂̘H̤̬̪E͕̟͙̱A͇̪̗̤̼D̪̟😂̠͈̙̗G̫̘̪̖̼̦̭͎E̼T͚͕̟̰̼̭̬͕😂͕ͅỌ̙U͕̦̳͍͔̭͕̦̝T̥̺͓͍̺̭̥😂͚O̰̤̰ͅF̻͉̞͚̱͓͓̥ͅ😂̣̩̪̠̬̝M͕Y͈̫̩̼̲̱̪😂̲̼͇͕̠͈̼H͉͚̬̥̮ͅẸ͖A̱̘͙͚̱̥͇ͅD͚̪̥̮̲̹̱😂̜̠G͙̘͚͙̮̫E͎T͔̝̳̬̗̗͓😂͎͕͎̞͖͚̱̣̲O͔̮̪̭̣̼U͙͚̫͕T͚̝̯͔̮̱ͅ😂̗̱̥̝̥̻̩̩O̫̞F̩͇̻͚̪̰͙😂̱M̘̻͖Y̰̝̠̫̱̥̺̭😂̭̜̮͉H̫͖E̜̝̜͎͍̲͙̮͍A̺̼̻̱̝̜͎̙D̯̭̝😂̘̹̱G̗̞͔͔͎̼̟̩E͚̗̤̩̹T̗̤͓̭̱̦ͅ😂̻̙̖̱ͅO̹͎̙̺̰U̞̣̰͙͇T̖͓͉̗͕͇̰̳😂̩̠̮̞̫ͅO͎̟͚̞̙̼͎̖ͅF̰̱😂̪͙͉̗̗͖M̫̤̝͔Y̭͙͙͈͇̳̤̤̩😂̼̥̥H̻͍͓E̲̦͙̘̰͚A̙̞D͎̪̭͓̮̝͇͍😂̰̹̱͖͓͉̲G̩͓͍̠̘̱E̼̩̗̮̲͕T͙̙̤͖͓̝̬̺😂̮͙̰̙͈̗O͚̟U̠͍̫̙̲͍̫͓̝T̻😂̦͖̫̞͉̟͕̣O͍̣ͅF͚̹̩😂̭̮̦̖̰̦̳̭M̭̱̝Y̻̯̗͚̻😂̭͔̬̱H͙̠E̩̼͔͓̣̣̯̝A͈̱D̖͉̥̜😂̵̧͔̖̩̻̹̥̲͍͇̳̻̺͉͍̯̱̠̫̯̹̰̲̪̦̠̺̘͖̹̳͖̙̄͒́́͌̐̋̆̀̄͑̾̃͐̓͗͂͘͜͠ͅͅ█̸̡͍̹̭̮̩͈̖͙̞͖̠̬̞͎͚͖̫̭̞̠͍͕̩̭̪̖͚̌̑̉̑͛̓̅̏̽̔̈̆͂͊̃̾̔̃͊̎͊͆̿͗̊̽̓́̓̋̇̈́̇̋͋͒͘̚͜͝͠͝█̴̧̡̨͉̝͉͚͖̭̘͎̭̲͖̘̲̹͙̰̩͔̠͈̭̫̙̼̘͑͂̃͑̍̂ͅͅ║̸͉̦̺͓̫̬̞͈͔͖̯͈̼̤̟̿̃̃͌̀̓́͒̽͗̈́͒͆̂́̑͊͜͝͠ͅ░̴̧̧̪̘̱̥̝̬̹̺͉͇̻͓̙̥̫̹͙̄̈́͑̇̀̽́͋͋͌͒͜͜ͅ░̶̧̧̹̣̺̪͔͖̙̳̹̬͔̼͇̘̔̑͊̀̈̈̂̾͛̓̎̚█̶̢̮̜̖̬͎̭̝͔̦̉̆͂̒̌̍̀̌̓̃̆̄͗̓͛̉̓́̾̈̆͋͌̄̏̓̔̕͝͝͠͝͠ͅ█̶̨͖͕͖̬̗̞̫̐̇̅̂͋́͗̀́̿̓̔̕║̷̢̡̣̘̣͎̘͇̦̰̪̖̳̗̑̈́̀̈̔͌̑̆̌̾́̉̑̒̄̏̕͘͠͝█̴̡̢̛̠̱̼̪̝̣̩͖̭͖̰̯̺͇͍̤̻̻̥̜̘͉̠̫͓̜̤͕̻̖͚̫̞̲̃͋̊̈́̈̎̍̒̓̋̄̑́̒̀̕̚̕͝͝͠͝ͅ█̶̛̛͍̲͇͙̭̠͇͉͊͊̂́̽͌͑̐͛̄͌̔͋̀̉̏̿͐͑̈́̋̕͘̕͝͠͝█̷̡̢̧̨̛̙̝̗̣͖͚̲͍̖̫̲̘̺̱̜̩̖̰̹̙̞̉̒͂̍̿̽̅̇́͋̔̐̀̔͐̐͒́̐̋̉̚͝█̶̨̛̩̰̘͍̤̥͇̖̻̠͚͓̈́͆͐̐̉͐͗̐̈́̑͛̾̾̏̆̉̓̀̓̏̇͆̆̚͘̕͝͝͠͝͝█̸̨̢̢̢̢̝̱̩̼̺̳̩͇͉̙̲͇̞̗͇̣̳̱͓̜̗͙̞͖̪̥͕͈͔̀͌̏̈̃̓█̴̨̢̢̧̢̛͕͍̳̼͍̦̳͈̬̗̳̦̳͕̣̪͓̳͇͍͙̣̞̏̀͂̃̋̈́̔̒̎̆̎͂͑̂̃̇̉̋̿̓͋̾͊̚̕̚͝͠͠█̸̡̛̼̙̙̗͚̱̯̤̯̹̹͆̑̓͊͛̄͗̀͒̇͝͠║̵̢̢̤̘͓͕̜̫͍͚̘̞͕̊̌͐̐͐̿̃̄̇̎̎̋͗̿͋̾̓̄̂̎̓̾̄̇̓͐͗̌̑̉̏͛̀̈̅͘̕͠͝╚̶̧̥̗͙̣͉̹̟͓̼͍̟̜̩͖̹͎̦̼͖̘̬̰̻̜̞͈͇̩̼̙̠̠̖͇͚̠̩͍͚̺̭͊͊͗̔̑̀̋͒͆̽̌̌̈̅͆̌̓̉͌̿̑̿̈́̈́̃̄̎̏͗̕̕͝͝͝͝͝͝͠ͅͅ█̷̡̠̘̭̓́̃̈̀́͒͌͆͌̍̉͂͆́́̉̇̐̾̓̀͒̄̐͗̓͘̚͝͝█̸̨̧̡̨̧̢̖̰͈̪͍͓̙̲͚̥̖̙͙̻̪͓̹̹͍̲͙̙͔̟̝̙̻͚̺̮̱̦̹̰̼̇̈́̊͐̓́̏͆͐̽̊͒̐͑̎͋̌͘̚͜͝ͅ█̴̡̧͚̲͙̜̮̳͎̗͖̥̳̺̱̭̼̫̬̦͍͚̳̪̈͌͊͒͐̅̃̈́́̚͜͜█̴̢̛̤̜͈̠̰̹̻̖̺̺̖̆͌͋̈́̒̔̓̈́͛̍͌̔̈́͐̃͌͆̋̆̏̓͘█̸̢̡̺̫͇̣͍͇͕̺̪̲̯͉̥͔̐͒̅͂̐̂̑̅́̈́̿̓̾͑̿̀͗̒͛̋̏̓̏͂̿̏̊͂̃̚̕͜͜͠ͅ╗̴̧̧̙̱̟̮͈͙̼̻͚͕̥̤͇̠̲̗̟͙̫͍̤̟̫͗̍͛̉͛̃̓̇͊̋̀̏̽͒͊̍͜͜ͅͅ░̸̨̡̡̡̨̢̨̛̘͖͍̜͉̠̦̱̙͇̙̩͎̘̳̪̥̪͙̲͔̺͈̯̟̬̳̱̠̙̩̦̺̀́͊̅͂͌̈́̉̌́̓̋̈́͗̓͊̆͋͛͛͒́̓̆̀̓̾̏͗͐͆̽̍̋̈́̐̓̇̕͜͝͝ͅͅ█̸̨̧̟̹̠̰̞̀̋͒͌̂́̏͊̉͂̂̌̾̌̐̽͒͒̆̋̏͝͝ͅͅ█̴̢̨̳̗̝̲͉̤͎̱̖̘̟̖̘̞̹͔͓͎̹̈́̍̉̐̉̌̀̊̄̀́̈́̂͋͑͐̃̂̇̇̓̈̽́̌̑͛̓̅̓͜͝͝║̵̡̻̺̂͌̽̑̂̆͗̐̊̄̓̍̀̊͐͌̀͋̈́̍̔͊͗̏̒̽̐̇̂̓̈͑͐̽̔̀̿̀̚͝͝░̸̡̢̨̨̛̩̱̤̯̱̱̠̥̼̞̖̟̳̠̺̼͎̗͔̗̟̱͚̳͉̯̻̹͉̻͉̣̗̞̥͉̣͇̤̔̃͗͛͒̃͑̓͌̌͋̄̍̎͛̈́̀̐̐̓͛̅̑͋̏̐̐͛̄̇̔̋̊̈́͘̕͜͝░̷͔͓͙͔̣̃̈͑̌̃̓̓͆̈́̓͐̌̈͋̈́̑̿͑̎̊̊͐̄̆̎̈́̓̿̌̂̈́͆̂̕͠͠͠█̴̨̨̡͓͕͍͈͕̗̗̣͈͚͚̥͆̑́͒̃͋͒█̶̢̨̨̡̨̡̡̛̛̝̠̰̹̝͍̲̱̗̩̩̬̞̜͎̗̞̟͈̳̟̫̳̙͙̙̯͍̼͙͙̭̬̥̹̜͛͌́̋͛̆͑̋͐̈̃̀͛̑̾̄͌̋̀̌̉͋̄̽̏̏̓̑̀̎͛́̒͒͊̈́̑̚͝͝͠͝║̶̢̝̻̻̭̲̫̗̖̖͎̰̣̼͕̳̮͍̻̤̻͍̳͙̬͎̪̥̙̀̐̓̇͐̈́͊͋̔̆̈͒̍̄̽̈́̉̎́̉̈́̋̏̋͒̎̿̋͗͘͘͝ͅ█̷̢̛̼͍̜͙͎̫̺̱͍̰͍̺̩̖͙̖͛̔̅̿́͂̿̍̾́̑̀̑͂͑̓́̕̚█̵̝̬̦͚̙̤̦͎͕̝̪͙͖̝͈͓̖͎̩̘̾̒̊̓͑̀̋̈́̐͂̌̈́̓̍͛̃̀͑̾̆̃̎̒͘ͅ█̷̨̢̢̧̧̛̖͉͍̗̳̣̫̟̟̯͉͓̱̫̗̯̝̩̪̻̩̥͚̤̘̃̃͒̈́͂̋̂͗̽͐̄̏̍̆͋̊͋͂͐́̅̽͌̓̏͊̈̈́̔͊́̂͘͘͝͠͝͠█̸̢̧̘̤̜̫͚͍͈̜͉̰̞͖̭̘̓͐̏͗͐̈́̄̌̔̐̀̓̑͌̎͊͊̓̍͒͐͗̋̓͂̈́̑̏͒͆͘͘͠ͅ█̸̢̧̢̢̭͕̤̰̘̬̭̹̣̰͈͍̹͚̺̟͙̪̺͙͙̯͔͐̇̏́͛̏̆̒̈́͒̿̈͐̊̃̓̅̈́́̓̇͋̇́̈͊̈́̕͝ͅͅ█̸̡̩̰͓̳̞͉̞͇͗͌█̶̢̢͈͙̖̮̹̦̹̟̫̭̺̱͙̔̃ͅ║̵̨̖̪̗̦͔̂̀̐̓͆͑͐̆̅̌̐̅͗̽̓̈́̽̒̐̔͛̒̐̈́̿͆̕̚̕͝͝͝͝͝͝█̸̡̡̢̨̡̛̺͔̳̳̳̙͖̖̫̳̳͙̣̻̺͉̘͓̩̟̹͇͖͓̭̹̠̼̲̩̜̯̝̘̼͍̮̘̗͗́̒̈́͆̾̽̑̎̒̀̍͑́̾̉͆̒͆͑͒̈́̀̿͠͠͠͝͝͝█̷̛̛̱̤̭̝̬͇͍̖̦̗̠̭̤̟͈̯̘͇͉̱͙̺̤͔̹̟̺̘͍̪̱̣̇̑̀̈̈̅̈͌̄̅̈́͌̆̔́͊̌͘͝█̵̨̯̦̲̟͚̰̗̻̤͚̰͇͎̭̬̙͉̣͇͕͔̘̙̯̘͉̞̣͇͇̼͕̣̘͙͖͋͒̑̽̂͊̎̆̆̒̐̆̊̔̄̅̒̉̒̿̚̚͝͠█̷̧̡̧̡̡̛̰͈͔̬͖͍̩͖̥͖̲͈͙̜̖̻̠̖̹̭̙̫̤̮̺̭̼͕̤̟̻̥̖̜̺̝͐̆̂̈́̒̇̋̑̽̔̔͗́̓̿̀̋̇̀́͋̉̏̿̔̋̈́̏̕͜͠ͅ█̷̨̡̡͔̬̫͖̮̜̗̯̦̟̥̠̻̦̗̺̰̯̦̥͓͔͓̼͚͍͔͖͍̠̰͖̦̠̯́́̂͊̃̀͗̓̄͊̓́̊̆̏̑̏̔͆͆̕ͅ█̶̧̡̨̫͚̗̫̳͍͔͎̳̭̬̫̺͔̮͎͇̈́̾ͅ█̸̱̯̗̲̺̗̖̤̰̖͈̄͊̽̄̋͋̈̄͗║̶̸̢̨̡̧̨̡̢̨̧̢̢̧̧̛̻̱̤̖̬̪͕͔̤̺̦͙̝̰͇̟̪͓͚̣͔͙̪̭̤̘̘̹̯̪̘̱̬̗̻̥͍͉̻̯̼͚̲̖̞͖̟̖̣̙̺͔͕͙̠̪̞̪̉̿̓̄̏̋̒̀̓̌̎̈̒͆͊͋̍͋̎̇̏̍̃̈́͐͘͜͝ͅ█̶̧̛̱̠̟̠̞͎̭̞͎͍̙̳̝̝̘̗̘̰̲͋̉̓͐̈͋̒͊͊̒̔͐̾̈̌̎̄̉̊̊̂̋̚̕̚̕̕͝͝ͅ█̸̢̢̧̡̛̛̖̖̗͎͍̟͇͎͇͚̟̣̱͔͍̖͔͖̮̳̜̜̭̙̦̮̱̺͍͑̾͑̓̆́̎̾̈́̇̋̅̓̀̌̿͊́́̔̎̋͋̔̃̚̚͜͜͝͝ͅ║̸̨̯̘̞̐̋̊̍͌͑̋́̓̍̏̉̅͊̔͐̆̈́̑̄̓̀̇̽͑̎̓̿̑́̕̕̚̚͝͠░̵̧̡̡̧̢̡̡͚͈̭͔͚̭͕̱̪̺͇̠̘̟̩̟͕̖͙͔͖͎͉̗̣͚̥̫̳̹̣̞̞̻̂͆͗͗̂͛̔̂̿̄͊̏̀́̍̃̔̔̍͘͜͜͠͠͝░̶̛̣̭̝́̈̀̒̂͐́̊͌̎͒̍̀͂̀͑́̌̓̋̔̋̀͑̅̕̕̚̕͠͝͝█̵̧̨̢̧̢͍͇͕̬̞͖̯̙̤̻̫̖̩̞̼̈́̀͋̈́́̅̀̓͐̆͐͜͝█̵̧̙͓̻͍̞͖̱̩̖̥͖̝̈́̋͐̈║̶̢̡̨̢̬̣̮̘̺̞̘̥͓̯͓̺͙͇̯̲̞͖̞̱̣̭̫̠͔̘̠̼̎̀̉̈́́̆̎̐̇̎̀̈́̈́̏̔̾͠͠͝█̶̨̧͙̗̼̪̟̱̣̼̦͇̠̥̞͕̗̩͎̻̣̻̺̩̻̦̟̫͓̝̱̥̱̖́̌̌̄̓͗̄͒̓̈̒̈̏͐̀̆͒̆͐̔͘̕̚͜͜͝█̷̢̡̧̨̧̧̛̛̟̗̞̬̥̖̠̱̩̫̹̫̼͔̞̫͕̝̪̫̣͉̜͖̱̟̹̯̙̣͕̄̃͑̃͌̅̌̇̈͌̿͆́̈̉͒́͊̃͑͂̅̀͋͌́̿͊͛̒̊̾̚̕̕͜ͅ╔̷̧̨͕͍̬̜̻͕̝̪͔̖̗̳̯̺͎̜̤̗̹͖͕̘̼͉̥̪͎̭̰͔̗̖̘͖̣͕̘̈́̉̇̓̅̈́͛͑͊̅͑̆̄̾͐͌̿́͌́͋͋̾̓̑̋͂̒͋̈̈̚̚̚͜͝͝͝═̵̛̯͖́̆̾̾̍̄̍̇́̔̔̾̃͐̎̑̀̂͊̓̍̒̊̈́͛̌̏́͑͒̋͋͘̕̕͝͝═̷̢̛̛̛̛̳͈̩̘͈͉̹͒̊͑̂͊̈͆̌͆͛̿̆̉͂̈́̑̾̒̄̔̂͛͛̀̌̊̈̃̊͛̅̋͛̏͛͊̚͘͝͝█̷̛͚̀͑̓́͊͂͆̒̈́͘̚█̵̧̨̨̲͙͖̞͉͕͈̬͕̹̥̜̩̼̫͕̳͂̈͊̽͋͘ͅ║̴̛͍͈̝͈̬̮͉͉̳̤̰̱̟̠̌͗̐̓̿̊́̃̈́̔̂̿̇̍̄͆͂̇̐͆͑͊͛͒̿̾̿̓̇̈̓͗̏̕͘͘͘͜͠͝͠ͅ░̶̡̨̧̡͚̘̣͎͇͓͔̬̹͇̝̖̖͈̖̦̠͖̳͔͕̯̯̤̘̅̓͘͘͜͜͠͠͠͝╚̷̨̢̧̨̛̛̛͚̖̲̞͈̩̭͙̟͙̥̱̠͚̪̟̞̺̟̖̗̻̥̹͉̀̍͊͑͌̉͛͆̈͛̂̏͑̌̍̈́̌͋͘͘̕͜͝ͅ═̴̧̺̤͉̲̝̭̬̥̭̱͎̬̋͛̋̍̈́̎̐̎͌̆͘͜͝ͅ═̶̨̢̧̢̡̛̥̻̯͓͚̘͉̘͇̻̻̲̩̫̯̼͉͔̜̠͇̟̹̺̭̪̜̟̱͔͚̣̻̹̞͎̱̈́̋́̒̄͠ͅ═̷̢͙̼̙͓̮̞̠̼͓̪̲̀̌͗̾̒̽͆͗̍̋̓̀͆̎͛̍̂͆͋́͆̇̓̓͂̋̓͘͘͠͠͠█̷̙̻̱͇̇͒̐̃̈́̃́͒̈̐̌̆̃̊̑̚͝͠͝█̴̧̧̛͚̠̝̪̻̤̲͈̳̯̮̫̪͇̻̙̘̞͙̞̬͔͕̝͎̹̱͙̜̼͈͚̪̦̉̉͋̍͆͒̈́̋̍̉͛͒͌̌͒̀̆̊̇́́̓͒̈́̈́̒͐̾͆́́̕̚̕͝͝ͅͅ╗̸̧̧̨̧̛͔̯͈͖̯͚͖̪̹͈̥̮̘̙̦̻̗̭̠̲̤̫̜̤̲̺̫̲̼̙͚͕̦͂̊̿̓̈͊͆̿̉̂̉̆̊̐̑̂̄̈͊̈́̈́̚͝͝█̸̨̢̛̩̫̮̹͖̭̺̺͙̩̮̳̞̲̤͗́̅̆̓͐̃̎͑̀̋̈́̉̓̄̋͒͌̀͑̆̓͑̏̓̂͌̈́̾̔̇̚͘͠͠͝ͅ█̷̡̨̢̨̛̖̮̦̯̦͍̰̰̪͕̬̻̰̣̝͎͎͎͔̫̊̔̐̍̆͊̔̑͌͒͂͒̓̾̍͌̊̓͒̓͋͑̋̓̓̂̊̃͛̌̏͌̍͘͜͜͠║̷̮̤͔͓͎͖̱̗̠͇̜̳̖̮̗̬͙̹͔̜̜̬̹̯͛͒͋͑̚ͅ░̵̨̛̮̙̹̪̣͙̪̩͈̰̜̗̠̘̱͕͖̺͚͈̠̤̼̳͕̝̂̽̀͛̒̒́̆̀́́͛̒̿͑̇̒̐͂́̈́̒̆͋̔͛͆́̆͐͛̑̕͘͜͝͝░̶̛̛͙͉̙͇̞͖̳̪̦͖̳̘̘̖͇͉̻̥̖̖̖̬͚̖̃͛̀̈́͐͆̆̄͗̈́̅͌̇̏̈̽̂̆̓́̕̚͜͝͝͝ͅ█̴̨̢̧̛̻̖͙̹̜̝͚̠̘͙̱̗͔͍̱̪̼̩̞̤̪̯͙̖̗̺͉͇̞̬̦̱̱̲̘͊͒̄̏̀̀̑́̍̄̌̂̔͐̓̓̇̆͂͛́͑͊̑͂̃̓̊̅͆̀́̍̕͜͜ͅͅ█̵̢̧̢̛̛̠̥͚͈̜̻̦̬͕͎͓͇̗̲͖̪̣͇̮̳̙̣̫͈̳͔̜̥͇̥̹̙̬̣̪̭̙̾̄̐̅̍́͛̎͐̉͋́̊̈́̿̈́̔͂̈́̂̎͜͜ͅͅ║̴̬̰̖̲̲͈̳́̀́͆̚█̸̡̡̡̨̧̨̪̬͍͎̝̺͖͓͙̓̾̀̐̅́͂͋̃͗̑͆̏̈́͒̋́̀̒͋̔͆̋̃̕̕͘͝͝█̵̞͋̈͒̈́̇̃̉̒͂̈́̾̍̃͋̒̉͐̐̐̇́̀͌̆͊̚̚͘̚͘̚̕͝╔̷̢̢̢̢̛̺͖͖͍͇̳̗̗̼̹̲̰͍͉̙̳̯͇̪͇̝̼̬̗̣͇̮̣̣̺͉̬͉̮̠͕̆͊̎̑̍͌̋̋̃̆͊͂̽̌͐̑̏͛̍̀͘̕͝͝ͅ═̸̢̛̤̺̳̠̮̖͇̉̈́̆̊̍̎̒̈́͋́̑̌̓̎̄̿̊̎̈́̅̌̿́͆̌̈́̐̀͊̑͌̚̚̕̕̚͠͠═̵̡̨̨̛̲͔̤̼̝͇͎̩̌̆͗̾̈͗̈̅͌͊̿̔͒̂̊̐̀̇̿̉͐̈́͒̀̊̓̀̾̈́̍͠͠█̶̡̡̢̧̨̖̟̝̹͖̜̠͈̥̙̠̙̺͍͔̮̲͚͚̝̣͎̘͔̰̾̒̉̈́͒̑̋͌̃̉̃͜ͅ█̸̢̢̧̛̦̗͓͇̺͓̤͎̳͇̖̬̬̮̭̳͍͈̼̟̘̠̊̀͒͐̒̔̒̄̈́͑́̇͂͜ͅ║̸̧̢̧̠̫̟̬̬͈̣͓͖̣͙̣̲̱̤̤̖̖̳̠̰͍͚͉̱̩̭̝͙̥͔̩͎͗͛́̍͒̑̋̈́͒̅̈̆̓͐̈́̃̇̇̀́͋͗̾̐̌̓̒̿̇̈́̔̋̈́̆̈́͊̓͂͑͜͜͜͝ͅͅ█̶̡͇̲̭̦͎̮͔̜̤̘̎̅̅̅́͐͒̄̍̽̑̃́̈́̒͑͗̌̓͘͠͝͝█̶̢̢̱͇̮͓̩̜̪̞̺̗̰̺̪͍͍̠̭͍̘̘̭̥͎̺͙͙̙̭̣͊̇͒̍͗̎̑͗̌͑̽̀̔͛͌͑̓́̈̉́̓̇̔̇͊͑̋̍̏̎́͘̚͜͜͠͝╔̷̨̡̛̛̲͖͚̯̥͓̠͇̗̻̉̐̇̓̾͊͒̎̔́̇͆̋̆̃͠═̴̢̪̱͕̠̘̲̞̘͔̻̟͎̫̹͎̮̟̙͔̱͍̻̣̟͔͈̀̀̀̓̄̊̈̎̐̀̊̈́̍͂̾͘̕̚̚̕͜͝͝͝ͅ═̴̡̡̡̢̨̝̭̰͉̹̻͔̹͙̖̥̗͓͔̼̜͓̬̥̟̠͔͍̳̰̪̝̠̖̑́̈́̏̕͜ͅ█̷̨̯̯͍̹̬̙͍̙̞͈͈̲̥̜̾̇̓̀́͋͆̽̎͛̔̏̐̀͌̂̆̎̀̏̐̕͘͝ͅ█̷̢̨̡̛̖̲̰̣̪̲̼̫̩͓̈́̑̓̾͐̊͑̔͊̽̏̓́̀́͛̔̅͋͋̎̄̓̅̂́̈́͛͂̅̌͒̐̈́̆̊͐͂̎̚̚̚ͅ║̷̵̨̢̡̡̧̨̢̛̬͙͇̞̻̰͓̳̘̱͈̪̥̙̫̤͙͇͈̲͙̤̬̪̼͕͔̞̟̹̖̥̼͈̘͕͉͔͙͕͉̬̯͚̝̫̥͙̱̠̤̙̪̝̫̘̗͙͇̥̜͖̗̯̖͕̖̝͆̍̾̉͋͌͊͌̈́̂́̀̽̅̓̎̑̌̽̑̆̊̎̆͂̒͋͂̂̑̈́̍̒̊̈́͘̚̚͜͜͝͠͠͝ͅ█̴̡̛̛̛̛̮̩͉̺̦͈̾̄̈́͐̑͒͋̆̎̆̂̀̒́̓͌̆̅͗̍̌̀͂͌͛̓͆͑̔́̕̕̚͘͝͝█̷̡̢̢̛̛̝͍͈̝͇̹̯͙̣͖̖̜͎͇̺̣̰͙̗̖͕͙̯͈̼̱̦̼̓͆̍̀́̿̈̓̿͂̒̿͋̄̂͊̇̕̚͜͜ͅ█̸̢̡̢̢̨̢̛̻̝͖̞̣̙̣̯̭͖̲̺̥̦̘̙͎͎̥͎̙̤̟̝̙͚̐̋͑́̇̆̎́̄́̅͆̄̇́͆͂̍̆͂͋͒͑̈̐̍̈́̿̀͆͒͐͂̕̚̚̕͠█̶̧̢̙̤͔̩͕̥̹̯͙̗̱̼̙̝̺͕̤̬͉̗̬͓̣̣͚̜͕̗̗̩̜̞̠̼̗͙͇̳̦̆̈́͆͗̍̈́̌͂̃̾͌́̃̉̆̈́̎̈́̋̐̎̈͘͝͝█̴̛͎̮̮͚̰̼͖͕̗̖͆̾̑̏͗̈́͒͑̌̈́̄̈́͂̈̈́́͋̂́̃̏́͘̚̕͝͝͝ͅ█̵̡̭̠͉͙͖͈̻͇͇̘͙̫̱͓̮̺̼͎̲̦͕̉̀̌̌͛̔̂̄̈́͒̾͊͑͑͐̽̉̄̀̕͝ͅ╔̵̢̛͚̦͍͇̼̗̫̦̤̯̤͕͈͇̦͈͇̪̝͎̉̊͌̽͑̔͗͐̇̑͌̀̏̀̏͗̄̍̂̈́̈́͐́̓͘͜͜͝͝͝͝ͅ╝̷̧̢̨̙͕͎̠̻̞̺̯̗̼͔̯͇̳̙͔͚͈̞̟̼̬̰̜̺͙̙̋̄̀̊́̿̽͐͌͊̓̅̄́̌̾͒̑̚͘̕͘͜͜͠͝ͅͅ█̴̡̧̢̲͓͔͖̺̟̪͖̣̮̘͉̝̩͎͕̗̼̹̝͙̈́ͅ█̵̮̘̉̇̅̑͛̈́͒̂̀̉́̉͛̾̑͐͛̀̇̍̚̚͠͠ͅ║̴̡̡̭̩͉̰͕̘̘̹̼͈̪̬̖̥̭͉̺̭̯̦̜͙̣͇͚̥̰̞̰̑̇́̈́͊͑̌̀̉̄̑͊̐̓̍̀͑̍̾́̆̓̒̇̋́̅͂̽̏͝͠░̴̨̮̖͈͔̮͙̬͇̮͇͔̥͖͕̒̾̓̍͋̚░̶̡̨̡̡̛͖͉̫̦̟̦̼̠͓͙͎̮̠̘͕̜̽̆̀̈̌̊̇́̏̏̆̓̀̓̈́͋̈̏̆̾͋̂͌̉̑́͊̌̚͘͝͝͠͠█̷̛̜̞̪̲̝̲̩̤̬̣͊͆̎̿̒̐̔́̈͆̾͛̑̃̽̎̾█̸̢̛̮̉̾͋̎͐̈́́́͒̀͊̆͌̋̊̽͒̅̀̂͐̈́̋̒̏̓̾̑͛̃͂̀̿̚̕͘̕͝͠͝║̵̢̛̛̦̰̣̙̳͉͓̥͎̟͈̥̘̰̦̯̖̮̻̫̬͙͖̗̠͉̦̼̜̠̮̑́͆̊̋̐́͒̂̏̿͗̇̉͂̄̿̂̑̈͛͜͠͝█̸̢̧̛̯͍̤͍̭̠͓̠̱̠͉̪̲̫̖͈͔͙̱̘̝͓̗̭̠̼̪̤̟͉̙̞͓͕̬̩͕̲̙̂̾̄́̏̎̾͐̈́̍͗͒̑̓͋͑͒͋̌́̋͋̏̐̇͌̍̇̇͂́̏̀͆̅̎͂̒̐͒̚͜͜͝͠ͅ█̶̢̯̤̍͆̀́̽̌̉͗̿́͑̋̆̑͑̀̉̽͋̌͊͑̈́͘̕͝█̴̰̦̭͖̹̞̱̩͇͎̜͉̖̗̙̖̳͍̼̞̩̈́͆̏͆̔̒̏̈́̚͜͝█̸̧̡̡̼̭͔̥̯̱̞̯̟͖͈̻̗̳̞̬͇̣̺̯͍̯͇̯̱̪̩̬̣͚͈̠͎̳̱͖̺̦̯̋̇͗́̉̌̀̈̍̿̌̓̽̿̉͐̽͊̄̈́͒̂̉͆͂́̓̄̇̔̅̋̚͜͜͠͝͝͝█̴̨̡̨̛͚̩͚̼̖͚̭͍͍̼̖̬̣̤̜̣̯̀̓̑̌̏̌͊͛̄͑͂̇̏́̓͗͘͘͝͝█̷̨̧̨̡̨̙̰̝͓͓̬̱̰̗̥̞̣̮̼̞̝̦̱͚̬͈̰͈̦̞̞̠̬̥̣͚̻͎͎̱̹̖̜̎́̍̽̎͂̈́̎̊̑̎̋͛̐̆̅̓̏́̾̈́̓̋╔̵̢̛̛̩͍͖̹͙̥̋̑͋͐̒͂̐͑̅͒̒̐͌̎̀̿͆̈̂̾̆̍̀͐͑̈̕͘̕̕̚͘͠͝╝̶̨̢̧͇͔̼̟͕̹͙̬̪͉̞̼͔̖̼͖̮͉̘͍͈̝͍̮̼̯̱̺̤̱͉̞͖̞͕̜̟̱̤̯̃̈̆̋͋͛̆͘͘̕͜█̵̡̡̧̢͍̟̤̲̮̙̜̺͕̜̰͈͉̬̤̤͇̠͎̺͕̣̀̐̂̀̃͌̏̎͗̍̆̃̒͒̇̒́̈͗̈́̅̉̓̓̃̈́͊̉́͘͝ͅͅ█̵̧̮̣̝̈́̉█̶̨̙̹̯̖̻͇̭̹̥͚͍͍̦̘͇̘͕̮̈́̇̍̂̿̾͌̉́̿̍̓̋̒̂͗̑̓͂͆͆̾̾̈́̈̀͆͑̆̏̓͆͘̕̚̚̚̚͘͜͜͠͝█̸̺͈̬̦͖̜̳͍̝̦̝̿̄̆̂͐́̎̾̅́̓̽̀͗͋̀͑̆̿̌̎̀̉̀̽̈́͗̑͆̈͛͘͜͠█̷̨̨̢̢̠̺̩̯̙̩̥̝̮͚̜̩͕̞̮̬̂̌͊̽̽͂͗̍͑̒͂̐̄̈͊̓̓͆̽̐̔̓̄̀̌̎̚͘͘͘̚̚͝█̴̛̛̤̼̮̮͉̦̫̩̖̜͈̰͉̘̩͎̫̝͇͇̤̭͖̺̹̔̈͐̈͒͆͗̐̽̀͑̈́͌̉͘͜͝͝╔̷̡̖͎͙̿͑̀́̄͊͛̉̐͑̊͆̈́̂́͊͆̂̾͋̃͛̔̀̓̇̏̏̔́̔͋̌̆̈͌̓͌̓̕͝╝̸̢̘͈͍̝̉́̂́͌̑̄̈́͗̆̒̿̾̿̍͌́̍̕͘͝█̷̧̢̪̝̥̩͚̰̋̒̀̄͗͑̽̾͗̀̀̆̿̽̓͑̏̀̌̓͐͆̌̿̔͐̒̔̃̈́̒͒͂͐͐̇̈͋̄̈́̽̆̿͛ͅ█̶̛̣̳̺̔͋͌̽̽̀̈̿͛̾͆͑̉̿̃̐̂̒͗̈̊̔̇̅̒͛̎̊̕͝║̷̨̡̛̛̜̹͙̦͖̝̩̫̜̗͖̞̱͚̟͔͙̹͙̫̟̤͔̘̜̺̣̹͎̞͙̖̩̰̟͑̄̀̍̒͗̆̃̓̉̓́̇̿̊͊̉̌̍̋̿͒́̉̀̕͜͠͠░̴̧̧̧̡̡̢̦͓͉̱̭͇̱̱͚̮̻̩̝̥̯̼̦͈̬̲͚͉͊̎̌͋́̈́͊͛̄̒͒̑̆̀͒̀̉͆̉̕͝͝͝͠͠░̶̡̧̲̼̰͈͉̳̳̦͉̹̖̼̯̗̘̪̲̜͚́̔́̊͌̂̍̄ͅ█̷̨̧̨̨̨̛̘̟̙̣̼̪͖̮̳͍̺̥̻̜̯̹̘͙̖̟͍̳̰̦̮͉̘̙͚̗̜͗̌̃̍̊̀̐͐̉̑̇͊̈́̆̍͋̔̀͑̇̔̈́̚͝ͅ█̴̨̨̹̝̙̳̰̖͎̣̬̩̤̥͔̠̩̠̯̩̖́̈́̇͂̋̅̓̅̌̈́̇̈́̚͝͠║̵̛̛͚̺̘͎͔̬̖͈͈̗̩̇̏́̑͑̒̿͜█̶̡̨̢̧̢̛̖̺̤̻̼͉͎̰̟̳͕̰̫͕̺̱͓̫͎̲̼̟̣̳̫̻͎̣͔̦̊̌͐͛͑̓͑̓̎̒̀̋̈́͂̈́̄͒̂̆̋̌͐̒̀̈̒͆͌̚͘̕̕͘͜͝͝͝͝█̶̛͔̥̘̲̪̏̈́̾̀́̄̀̍̌̿́͌̈́̅̓̆̿͗͐̇͜͜͝͝͠͠║̸̝̘͒̎͛͑̄̀͂̏̏̈́͗͂̈́̈́͗̀̏̽̾͊̃̇͊̄͑̚̕͘̚͜͝͝͠͝░̶̨̛̦̀̇̏̐̉̊́̄̈́̏̓̐̓̎̏̏̉̇̓̾͌̉́̍̏̊̐͘͘͝░̴̥̹̼̼̜̜̠̫̜̝̱̗̼̙̟͎͓̐̋̑̈́͂̈́̄͂̍́͐̓̏͗̏͆̍͂͋́͊̂̐̍͌̉̔̆̽̔͋̐̑̾̇̑̽̕͘͜͠͝ͅͅ█̷̨̧̛̩̦̪̞͔͓̯̞̥̲̗͉͎̜̦͉̻̜̤̯̝̰͍̞̰̙͚͔̹̱͍̆̓̊̏͜͜█̷̛̮̗̦̙͕̗̻̹͙͎̭̫̱̖̠̪̹̯̬̙̔̽̑̆̌̃̆̇̓̉̈́̈́͗̔̏̏̾͆̈́̑̀̅͗́̈́̾̈́̾͂͑̄͗͊͑̍̎̌̋͝͝͝͝
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2022.01.26 18:32 Arnadus [SHIB] Shiba Inu. Price ↘ -1.61% in 15 minutes

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2022.01.26 18:32 Tolmo OST from Warhammer III?

Was wondering if the soundtracks and battle music are already available pre release. Couldn't find any so far.
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2022.01.26 18:32 NoMagazine4569 3 Piece in a tourney against GRINDERS #Shorts

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2022.01.26 18:32 PillboSwaggins So glad Mar Ishbia thought this guy was reflective of UWM’s ideals

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2022.01.26 18:32 Quintus_Aelius Torba, Lombardy, Italy. Fortification built around a roman tower, later turned into monastery and then farmhouse.

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2022.01.26 18:32 Parking-Initiative-4 Hastası olduğum Hailee Stainfeld (kaydırmalı)

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2022.01.26 18:32 Hot-Section-4868 Has anyone fully recovered from prostatitis?

I was diagnosed with prostatitis about a week ago and have been taking 500mg of cipro twice a day which has been helping. I’m 26 years old and I work out regularly, have been on a no gluten diet for bout 4 days now, and have also been doing stretches found on YouTube that relieve the pain somewhat. I was having intense testicle pain before taking the cipro but I still feel pain on the tip of my penis. I been doing 30 min sauna sessions for 3 days now and I feel a little better. But, is there anyone who fully recovered from prostatitis? And what helped?
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2022.01.26 18:32 RLCD-Bot [Pink Octane] [Octane: Shisa] [(Alpha Reward) Gold Rush] [Pink Stern] [Batmobile (1989)]

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2022.01.26 18:32 Lolomat_ Charles Grande upcoming Interview Squeezes, Margin and Naked Shorts

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2022.01.26 18:32 LettuceBenis How are you supposed to get this moon? Bullet Bills can't even get close to it

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2022.01.26 18:32 Mountain-Isopod-2072 does anyone have tips for doing well for EEC (taught by Dr. Alison Hamilton)? I'm struggling with it

EEC = evolution, ecology, and conservation
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2022.01.26 18:32 LukishA99 I'm curious about some things in S2

After I finished watching final episode of S1, I was a little bit confused. First, does someone know what is meaning of that snake which came out of Mother in the end of E10, I was mostly confused about that.
Second thing is when I watched trailer for S2, in one of the shots, Mother and Farther were, I guess, reviving what appears to be other versions of them, it's most likely going to be explained when S2 start, but is there some clues I didn't get or what?
Besides these two things, one thing I couldn't understand for the whole season, what is story behind Marcus Drusus, I thought I understood it at one point, like we saw him in E1 or 2, but then we see another guy getting his face done to look like him.
And last thing, how are episodes going to come out, every few days, weeks, or in some other formats?
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2022.01.26 18:32 AGreatUsernameChoice No subreddit searching/joining ability in triple-column preview

On the subreddit list, there is no join or search buttons for navigating subreddits. I have to manually go back to normal mode, add the subreddit, and then go back to triple column mode.
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