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Since we're on the cusp of year 7, let's look back a bit. Which one was your most successful anniversary so far?

2022.01.26 18:34 NicoXBlack Since we're on the cusp of year 7, let's look back a bit. Which one was your most successful anniversary so far?

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2022.01.26 18:34 LazyComfort417 My Fav Emma Pics :)

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2022.01.26 18:34 bootylover100 We have applied to be listed on Safemoon swap. We will do great things together.

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2022.01.26 18:34 Due-Percentage69 Martian_Musk

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2022.01.26 18:34 SeagleLFMk9 Convertible Laptop with 32Gb Ram

Long story short, after (almost) 4 years with my Elitebook X360 1030 g3 i am thinking about buying a new laptop. The Elitebook is as good as new even 4 years later, but i am in need of 32gb ram.
What i need beside the usual stuff like a good keyboard etc is

  1. 32gb Ram. Probably the most important upgrade over my current machine.
  2. Thunderbolt 3/4 for an eGPU, so AMD laptops are sadly out (unless you know a 13" or 14" convertible with a GPU as strong as a rx5700XT)
  3. at least one legacy USB A port.
A no go is a soldered SSD, so the current Dell XPS is sadly out.
So far the few convertibles i know of that have 32gb ram include:
  1. HP Elitebook x360 1040 g8 / elite Dragonfly g3. Pro's: Since I'm very satisfied with my Elitebook, I'd obviously like to stay with HP Elitebooks. Con's: Pretty much the only downside is the 11th gen i7, for whatever reason the Elite x360 1040 g9 with the 12th gen Intel will only have 16gb ram max.
  2. Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga gen 7. Pro's: 32gb ram, Intel 12th gen P series. Con's: I generally don't like Thinkpads keyboards and trackpads, and i appear to be one of the few who actually really love the sure view function and matte 700nits/1000nits display of the Elitebooks, I'm not very impressed by Lenovo's privacy screen (a friend has a Thinkpad X1 yoga with one). And i much prefer the HP pen, its t h i c k e r.
Apart from those 2, have i missed one? Is the 12th gen upgrade worth it over the 11th gen to justify the (at least for me) downsides of the Thinkpad?
Or (i am not joking) should i try to "upsolder" the ram on my elitebook as this is the only thing pushing me to an upgrade?
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2022.01.26 18:34 Smart-Draw3393 The NYC Cargo Bike Wave: More Families take to the Streets

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2022.01.26 18:34 True-Ruin-1892 portugal is balkan confirmed?

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2022.01.26 18:34 Bippy73 [SPOILERS] Just Realized What is Really Maddening About Jonah S4

I just realized what is really pissing me off more than anything about Jonah this last season. All of his carrying on about Ben, who we never heard about and never knew him to be close with, but regardless, he needs to look in the mirror. I just realized the whole chain of events started with Jonah and Charlotte telling Erin the truth about Helen. Jonah stood in the living room and saw Helen look at the two of them when she realized that they told her daughter the truth and said that she just identified a weakness that she will have to fix. He was old enough to understand the repercussions of running his mouth to her daughter and telling the truth. Both kids knew.
He needs to look in the mirror as one of the reasons that Ben is dead. His BS running his mouth can get Ruth, who he supposedly wants to try to help, and his entire family including him killed. He knows that.
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2022.01.26 18:34 MaceWindows10 Thoughts on Product/Project Management vs. Banking?

I've been struggling a lot on the idea of making a career change, but I think it's certainly time.
Background on Myself:
- Graduated in 2019
- Worked as a Wealth Management Analyst for a large bank (example; GS, MS, BAML, etc.)
- Recently transitioned to a smaller WM shop
This shop that I'm at isn't going to work for me long term. At the end of the day, I don't want to be an FA and the last thing I want to do is become pigeonholed - as a lot of people in WM do. I've always struggled with staying in this industry and at the end of the day, it's time to make a transition.
What I Want:
- A job wherein I'm learning every day and am being challenged
- A field that pays well and offers you steps/path to success
- A job role where I can still work with people and collaborate
- A job role that makes me an attractive candidate for exit opportunities if I make a transition
My Spiel:
All said and done, I've narrowed it down to two spaces; Product Management or Investment Banking.
If I stay in Finance, I can't really see anything other than IB. At the end of the day I can put up with the grueling hours, know I can do the job, have a way to get my foot in the door, and IB opens the door for a lot of career opportunities.
As for the PM route, I understand that I may not get a Product Management position right out the gate. If it comes to it, I'll start out as a Project Manager and make the transition. Though I'm not a PM, I have PM-like experience. Whether it's leading teams, structuring a product for a client, delivering on that product, or working within constraints/deadlines - I can speak on it. In addition, I've taken a few courses, one of which was Jira with Atlassian. My opportunities here are currently with Walmart but I'm exploring others.
Long story short, I think I would enjoy the PM route a whole lot more compared to IB. Whether it's the work environment, or the somewhat humane hours. IB would really just be to gain a lot of technical skills in a short period of time, save a ton of money, and have good exit opportunities. Pretty much how 90% on analysts in the industry feel.
My Dilemma:
I don't think I'll really get paid down the line in tech and see it capping out at $250k (since I'm not a codeengineer). I feel as though Finance just has more money because it's an industry that deals with direct transactions (M&A or RE Development for example). Entry level IB analysts can expect to go home with at $120k - $150k/yr. In tech, that seems to be senior level pay unless you work as an engineer for the likes of Apple.
What I'm curious to know is if anyone has insight that they can provide. Do I have this all wrong?
Any thoughts on the PM route?
Please note: This is NOT an attack on any one industry. I'm genuinely curious and am just laying out thoughts that I've had
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2022.01.26 18:34 schlab #441: Fluid.

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2022.01.26 18:34 PatoDG2004 got prime rijkaard in my icon pack, is it any good? Has anyone used it?

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2022.01.26 18:34 RocketFan2021 How is this possible?

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2022.01.26 18:34 Skyler-sky Hi y’all

Hi Zen community just wanted to say hi Zen is one of my favorites support to play as I enjoy playing as support. Also recently this year I got Zen’s gold gun and I love it. I love his gold orbs it matches with his skins, baseball, octopus, Halloween skin, nutcracker, and everything else just seems to match. Thanks for reading and have a nice day, night, afternoon wherever you are.
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2022.01.26 18:34 bened1kt Happy Mountain Day!

Mountains of trash everywhere. Fuck that.
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2022.01.26 18:34 MadCapLaughs_79 To the Love of my Life

I posted this in unsent letters, but then discovered this sub
Nine years went by so fast but it felt like a lifetime. I always remember when we met; I was scared, I was trying not to want you and yet, fate seemed to intertwine our lives. I remember the promises we made, that I would never give up on you like others did, how if we ever wanted someone else we would be honest and tell the other and not go behind each other's back. I knew though you were it for me, I just felt it.
We raised the kids together, we had our little arguments here and there, but we always loved each other. I remember when we bought that mattress and had to use sex rope to tie it to the car to get it home. I remember coming home from work at night late and laying on the floor of the apartment with candlelight, just laying there talking with you. I remember when we first started dating, one night I was so tired, but I came over to see you, just to kiss you.
I remember the way you looked at me, like I was perfect even though I'm far from it. I remember when you walked out of your job and came home and cried, I told you we would figure it out, ans we did. I remember the one night we got into it, and I was so scared the next day that I would lose you, I went to the reservoir and prayed, something I never did much, but I prayed to not lose you. I came got and you hugged me. We made love and made up.
I remember when your ring came from Ireland and I have engraved my nickname for you, My Drop in the Ocean. That one person in a million that stood out, and you cried because no one ever cared for you so much. I remember the day before we left for our wedding, walking through the house, thinking of all the bad that happened in my life; broken relationships, abuse from childhood and teen years, abusive women, and how in the years of my life and the darkness, you became the light I never thought I would have, you and the kids. You are the only person ever to make me cry happy tears, the day we married. You were the most beautiful person I have ever laid my eyes on. You were the light I never thought I would have.
I remember the years after were hard, we had to move where we didn't want to, but as long as you were there, and the kids, I could make it. I remember working at the coffee shop, the same one we had our first date at, I hated it there, but having the memory of our beginning helped me. Our first anniversary, when I turned 40, the fun we would have together. I remember it all. I remember last valentine's day when I made the best dinner ever for you, and we had it on our room, with the red light, and that outfit that made you steal my heart all over again. I remember ever gift you gave me, every card, and I have mostly all of them boxed up. Every piece of jewelry I have, and will always keep.
But the last two years my depression locked me out, memories of things that happened to me resurfaced, and left me cold and ddistant. And you felt that I didn't love you, even when I reassured you. Factoring in a job I hate, living in the house where much of my abuse occurred, seeing you and the kids sad, me not being able to be that husband/dad that could take you guys to great places added to it.
When you took that trip, I knew something was off; when I said romantic things to you, you didn't act your normal way. You were passive and cavalier, and you looked guilty when I dropped you off at your dad's for him to take you to the airport. I noticed your lingerie missing, and coming back smelling of perfume. But I didn't say anything. I let it go.
When you would be on your phone all night, angry that I was up, I knew. When you would wake me up at night for sex, I knew. When you ignored me during the day, I knew. But I still hoped. I hoped that I could bring it back again.
While you said things like "I love you, get used to it" and "you're stuck with me forever, I'm never leaving" I believed it, the way you would come into bed and wrwp yourself around me, kiss my neckz my head, and aay "i love you, baby", but felt it was a lie. And Christmas eve, when you said sadly with tears "we need to talk" I knew. When we went into our room and you brushed the hair out of my eyes and took my hand and said "I love you so much and you're my best friend" I knew it was over. I remember you crying your poor heart and eyes out. I remember doing the same. I remember asking if I could lay there with you and you grabbed me and said yes. We cried so much that night. I remember when you went to bed and told me I could sleep on there with you, and I did. And you held my hand and pulled me close to you, and we made love, one last time. I have every, single sound, look, movement burned into my mind.
And remember you telling me the truth that you met someone else from your past. That you felt I didn't want you anymore and it just happened. I knew, though.
And I am happy for you, My sweetheart. You had a rough life; bad parents, abusive men, sadness. You deserve that person who will love you like they'll never see you again. I wish it was me, because I love you more than you'll ever know. You gave me the feeling of hope, you gave me the sense of love that I never had from anyone. Everyone before you was what I could do for them, or to them. You loved me for me, you loved me in a way no one ever did before. You made me feel like I was "home"
And I'll forever regret you feeling unloved. I feel guilty they you ever felt that. I never wanted to hurt you, and you say I didnt,, but I did. I remember promising you that night in December 2012 that I would do anything to make you happy. Letting you go was the best i could do for you, My Love. And that made you happy. I promised if you ever wanted to leave, I would let you go. I promised you that I would never give up on you, unless you gave up. I kept my word. We both promised to never cheat, and if we ever wanted someone else, we would just say it. I kept my word, and I know you didn't me. But I don't hate you, I can never hate you. You deserved better than me. Someone not damaged. Someone not tainted. Someone not broken.
But I'll always love you, and a part of me will always be in love with you. I'll always be your friend, because I made a promise to be there for you, no matter what. And I'll see that through. Thank you for loving me, for giving me a family, for being the best thing i ever had. Thank you for caring for me,then and now.
If you ever want to try again, you're the only one I would with. But, like I said our last night together, if not in this lifetime, the next. Because I still feel you're my soul mate, my one, my Drop in the Ocean. I love you.
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2022.01.26 18:34 willambros so what type am i?

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2022.01.26 18:34 HayleyKJ A couple of questions about this game

I got the director's cut of this game for cheap and I'm about 3 hours in. First off, is there actually ever anything to explore and find in the open world? Items, secrets, different enemies etc? Or would I be wasting my time exploring? Secondly, does the gameplay ever actually pick up? In the first few hours of the game I have spent most of my time watching cutscenes. Does the gameplay ever get a bit more engaging as it goes on? I'm already a little tired of not being allowed to play because I'm watching a heavy-handed cutscene all the time
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2022.01.26 18:34 Poppa-juice [XB1] H: Trades W: Legacy NU lasers, flamers, or GP

-AA50H15 Vats fill
-QE 1A
-BE 1P gp
-Wood LA Cham/Sneak/1P
-Wood RA Cham/sneak/1P
-Wood Chest Cham/sneak/ap
-Wood LL Cham/sneak/1A
-Wood RL Cham/sneak/ap
-Uny/Cav/1L heavy combat LL
-Leather Coat
-Let me know what you need and I’ll tell you how much I have
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2022.01.26 18:34 n0sleephere How do you handle/manage supply chain stress?

I’m 3 months in the supply chain industry with 0 experience. I can’t help but feel impending doom or like I’m going to get fired when I’m hit with huge lead times.
I then start to overthink a lot.
Any tips?
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2022.01.26 18:34 delarro [XB1] W: Shielded Casual UA mod H: Caps

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2022.01.26 18:34 Anker_avlund New British superweapon has Putin cowering in his boots 💪😎

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2022.01.26 18:34 dank_flier Are more reserved and modest bottoms a thing? Most of them seem to be very promiscuous.

Is it just more or a most bottoms these days very promiscuous and slutty? They sleep around with multiple men, often taking it raw and many seem to enjoy being degraded or humiliated during sex (I’m just a hole sir 🥺). This seems to be most of the attractive ones as well based on my experience, there are more reserved ones but usually it’s because they aren’t hot enough to get a lot of dick.
If you are promiscuous all the more power to you but personally I would not be interested in someone who is like that but it feels like if I want to date someone hot I have no choice. The whole “he’s handsome but doesn’t know it” trope seems non-existent amongst gays, if anything everyone is overly confident and thinks they are much more attractive then they really are.
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2022.01.26 18:34 goatnamedfelicia666 was the vessel commentary album art updated? i remember it just being the regular vessel cover art. am i late to the news or sum?

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2022.01.26 18:34 dibrancelikuu Non dico niente

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2022.01.26 18:34 Ok-Cardiologist-8925 Could anyone recommend a good budget friendly, battery operated tire inflator?

I am in desperate need of a tire inflator for my vehicles. I have a bit of a budget around $80 max. I am specifically looking for one that is battery operated. I came across the 'AVID POWER' brand tire inflator and that seems like a good product, but some of the reviews had me questioning it. Has anyone on here ever used this tire inflator, if so was it any good or should I pass?
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